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3rd June 2003, 13:37
Got any good fitness links/strategies?

This isn't a thread about the standard of fitness in the DF, that topic is Here (http://www.irishmilitaryonline.com/board/showthread.php?s=&threadid=854&highlight=fitness).

3rd June 2003, 15:04
www.getfitta.co.uk used to be good but the TA have taken it down.

Eat less and exercise more/No one ever drowned in their own sweat

are the two strategies that work for me.

Goldie fish
3rd June 2003, 15:29
Trellheim ..ever hear of dehydration,lactic acid,muscle pairing.warmup,stretching even?
That is a ****ed up strategy designed to shorten your useful life if you ask me.
Bit like the "no pain,no gain" thing of the 80s..then they realised well actually that pain is your body screaming you to stop because you have just caused irrepairable damage.
Eat Healthy,exercise regularly,do not commence a programme of training without first consulting an expert in that area..

3rd June 2003, 15:37
Eat better exercise more. Get a diet which will help you get to your fitness goals. Mine is endurance and distance, so I eat less proteins than someone who wanted to be seriously "ripped" as they say. But yes, diet and exercise are the way forward.


3rd June 2003, 18:15
If you have a full time job or even a decent part time one you can probably afford gym membership and the extra 20 euro to get a schedule made up for you if you can't ask your unit PTI for help.
Getting info off the web is risky, even if the advice is sound your interpretation may not be.

3rd June 2003, 18:46
Originally posted by Come-quickly
.... if you can't ask your unit PTI for help.....

<font face="veranda" color="ff9900">What Unit PTI?? what unit are you in ?? and can I transfer??
One of my unit is qualified as a PE teacher and has given me a schedule which I have been following I don't feel any better and I've put on 2 1/2 stone!! in 6 weeks!. Bloody fitness my arse


3rd June 2003, 18:48
thanks GF ! :D

Yes you can warm up. nothing against a good warmup. It's people who hide behind it as an excuse for not doing anything that pisses me off.

nothing wrong with a good sweat and a wet shirt.

I've heard of all those things, and even VO2 max ...

He asked for strategies not for details.

5th June 2003, 01:58
www.avohk.org ( with a link to Running Fitness Magazine - good mag!)

Have a look at these & they should put you in the picture somewhat more.
But before you start training consult a specialist!!
Also Running Fitness magazine is very good,its not only for the elite runner but novices too & beginners with good tips on form,footwear ( important ) etc....:)