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the six million dollar man
10th June 2003, 14:56
Dear all,

I recently applied for a direct entry position as a CIS engineering officer in the army and air corps. I hold the relavent qualifications for the job and I believe well suited for it. What has me thinking though is that candidates must be under 38. Im 22 and straight out of college with no experience. Im wondering will I be at a great disadvantage being so young with no experience, or will the the army be looking for someone young they can mould easier into their way of thinking.

Would appreciate any feedback on this subject.

10th June 2003, 16:03
A mixture. It really depends on the number of candidates applying and the experience level of each. The no experience will be a disadvantage but your youth will be an advantage. However if they were choosing between someone aged 25 with 3 years experience and you they may go for the 25 year old. Either way as the saying goes if you are not in you can't win, so go for it and good luck.

the six million dollar man
10th June 2003, 16:34
Ya I suppose it all depends on what there looking for. Im also going the cadet route and im through to the second phase, but after spending four years in college, another two years of training doesn't appeal to me. Direct entry is the way to go.

Big Al
10th June 2003, 17:21
Originally posted by the six million dollar man
Direct entry is the way to go.

perhaps but your promotion prospects are capped if you going via direct entry

10th June 2003, 17:59
They are, unfortunately.

10th June 2003, 18:35
<font face="tahoma" color="#ff9900">Ah Fcuk it, at a staring salary of 38,000 a year and a Pension and Vast experience in the field by the time your promotion is capped you could probably go out on your own or look for more money in a cushy number!

Me being too old for the Cadets Would jump at the Chance (now where did I put that Degree)


10th June 2003, 21:03
<FONT FACE="TAHOMA" COLOR="FF9900">The INDO appointments Section about 2 weeks ago you must have a degree in IT or Communications to apply, Don't worry though Kermit the Competition is open until December </font>

10th June 2003, 21:26
Go for it gentlemen...although it will kill me to refer to kermit as Sir

11th June 2003, 01:11
If u join with Direct Entry....what Army training do you do before you take up your CIS (or whatever) position in the DF? Do you still do normal military training like other officers or do are you just like an IT worker only in a uniform?

Also, what is the pay? Is it the same as normal Army Officers or is it higher?

11th June 2003, 01:16
The phrase used for DE officer training is "Shoot & Salute" :D

11th June 2003, 10:19
Any idea what the salary is?

If anyone has a copy of the ad can you send it to me as well?



Big Al
11th June 2003, 11:47
salary kicks off at 38k, ring your bde manpower office they will point you in the right direction

11th June 2003, 12:04
Thats pretty good money.

I will give them a ring and see what the craic is.

I always thought direct entry was for medical personnel and engineers only...I didnt realise IT qualifications could get you in as well

11th June 2003, 12:51
They may have advertised on the military.ie.

11th June 2003, 13:03
<font face="tahoma" color="#ff9900">Hmm,

No its not advertised on military.ie, could be why they need a CIS engineer!!

Anyway I think its more Communications Engineering. Than IT!


11th June 2003, 13:10
Does it say what exactly the role would be? I am not too familiar with what CIS do!

When you say Communications Engineering what exactly do you mean? Is it installing hardware and stuff like that?

Big Al
11th June 2003, 13:34
fixing radios!! its a electronic eng degree you need, i dont think the add was for it qualifications but check and see, i'm not always right :)

11th June 2003, 13:39
I was goin by what Bailer said he read in the ad:

The INDO appointments Section about 2 weeks ago you must have a degree in IT or Communications to apply,

I will phone them and find out (if anyone else does that before me then post info here, thanks!)

11th June 2003, 14:08
<font face="tahoma" color="#ff9900">I can't remember my name half the time ICUN!!

I Remembered the Ad though becasue a mate of mine from the Unit is a Comms engineer for Irish Rail and was trying for the Cadets for years, and now has his chance to go DE.


11th June 2003, 14:37
As far as I can remember the qualifications included IT, Electrical and Electronic Engineering degrees. I think I remember something about membership IEE.

11th June 2003, 17:43
Originally posted by yellowjacket
The phrase used for DE officer training is "Shoot & Salute" :D

In the US they call it "Knife and Fork School."

Big Al
11th June 2003, 19:03
no its the IEEE

Truck Driver
12th June 2003, 02:18
Thanks for that... from all the above, I would seem that I am suitably qualified to go for this too... would make a change from my current job, anyway...

Did someone say the ad was in the Irish Indo???

12th June 2003, 14:02
One thing you should be careful of if you take the direct entry route is that you will never be regarded as a career soldier by your fellow officers who have gone through the Cadet School.
Nash-Kelvinator Specifications (http://www.dodge-wiki.com/wiki/Nash-Kelvinator)

13th June 2003, 20:16
According to the Competitions Section in the Dept of Defence ... the competition closed last Wednesday. Strange ... given that it was only advertised two/three weeks ago

16th June 2003, 14:55
IEEE membership is good if you live in the US. IEE and IEI membership should suffice. Anyway you can apply online if you need IEEE it's no big deal.
I think you start off as a captain with DE ?
The 6-week "sword course" and being capped at Lt Col is a small price to pay for engineer officer pay.
Good luck to all those applying

18th June 2003, 22:20
Does anyone know anything about DE in the Ordnance corps?
Has anyone else applied, have they heard back yet etc...