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11th June 2003, 13:44
From the military.ie site:

An offer of appointment in the ARMY is conditional on the passing of a stringent medical examination and physical fitness test.

What exactly is this medical exam? What are the disqualifications?

(If it's as stringent as the physical fitness test is strenuous -- 20 pushups and situps and a mile and a half is a warmup for me -- I imagine as long as you're not missing any limbs you pass. :D )

11th June 2003, 14:34
I think drugs, eyesight (including colour blindness), hearing and inherent deformaties are the failure areas. Could be wrong though, any medics out there?

11th June 2003, 19:49
<font face="tahoma" color="#FF9900">I was once told you needed to have 26 of your own Teeth aswell!!

So No Slack Jawed Yokels allowed!!</font>

Lost Watchdog
12th June 2003, 08:19
Things must have changed since the old FCA camp stand down medicals. In Fermoy we were gather in a bunch (did n't even fall in properly) as the local Doc asked "is everybody all right?" We had previously been instructed to answer in the afirmative. In Lahich we were marched around a hut in single file past a guy sitting on a chair. We someone asked when we were doing the medicals, he was told "You've just done it". Them were the days.

12th June 2003, 22:32
For the regs, colour blindness, min height and hearing in the prelim stage. If you are acceptable at this stage you procede to a medical exam done by a M.O.
Standard medical here. No physical deformities, debilitating illnesses ect.
Correct me if I am wrong but I think the RDF arrange for a civilian doc to do the medicals now.

Truck Driver
13th June 2003, 00:38
Medic, I think the DF still does the initial medical, although, it is a while
since I did my initial medical, too.

Lost Watchdog, nowadays for Camp, you fill in Section A of a medical
questionnaire, basically it asks:

Were you in hospital since your last medical?
Are you currently carrying any injuries?

Obviously if you answer in the affirmative, then the DF medics will
check further. If you lie, and aggravate an injury on annual training which you did not disclose, then it's tuvska shitski, you lied when asked...

Section B is filled in at the end of camp, basically any injuries sustained.

It acts as a disclaimer, basically...