View Full Version : Artillery Equipment

Gunner Al
25th June 2003, 17:43
This year I have a new position in the unit and am using new equipment.

Does anyone know of a site with information on artillery equipment, inparticular Derecor Heads (expecially L1A1) and stands, along with CP computers ect......

John P Hannon
27th June 2003, 07:46
I was on the plotters for seven years,love CP life just wanted a break for a while,no change of duty so I opted out.

Gunner Al
27th June 2003, 14:31
I was on CP myself last year (handy number allright), moved to the director this year. I wanted to get a taste of all aspects! I opted for OP first of all but there was only one position available and I didnt get it :(

John P Hannon
29th June 2003, 10:32
We did the plotters and directors,loved it,used to wear a Viet Namese conical hat in Viet Nam when it was raining,kept the rain off the director and the gun numbers could see the hat during a downpour.