View Full Version : AML 90 pictures needed.

26th June 2003, 21:29
Does anyone have some good AML-90 pics in Irish colours?
Some friends of mine might retexture their Argentinian AML-90 addon for Operation Flashpoint in exchange for services rendered.

Truck Driver
26th June 2003, 22:23
A Sgt in 2 Cav Sqn (won't mention his name here) has set up a website for 2 Cav Sqn (dunno the link, but a Yahoo search should do the trick)

Might be pictures there - or maybe he will have some himself.

Alternatively 11 Cav Sqn also have a website (think it's www.11cav.com), might get same there...........

26th June 2003, 23:12

or for upgraded Aml 60 to 20MM cannon


28th June 2003, 18:10
Sorry I would oblige but my scanner died from smoke inhalation last week!

28th June 2003, 18:32
as far as i know the 11 cav site is not available at present