View Full Version : G4 troubles..again

Goldie fish
19th January 2003, 15:02
I hear the Gulfstream broke down again. In Mexico this time..seems that is had a problem with a fuel tap.

Some hack suggested that Ireland is showing Mexico how things are done in a 3rd world country...

When are the Charter jets due on stream?

19th January 2003, 15:33
Great photo of poor oul' Bertie in todays Sunday Indo, standing in vain at the end of the red carpet in Mexico looking at the G4 :D :D :D

From what I have read, the Citation is to be leaed from the end of this year for a 12 month period.

19th January 2003, 21:31
Who gives a ****? The sooner that pile of crap is done away with the better, and the G4 should be sold as well.:D :D :D