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California Tanker
30th July 2003, 04:43
I'm becoming quite accustomed to doing anything with my mask on my hip. Even pistol qualifications, you get very used to the thing. (Though you never get to like it).

Of course, in my time in the FCA, NBC equipment was never mentioned, let alone seen or trained in on.

What's the policy right now on the stuff? How much does the Army have, and what sort of equipment is on issue? Who gets trained in on it?


Big Al
30th July 2003, 10:01
i saw a nbc suit in 1991

30th July 2003, 10:16
That was around the same time I saw one, they must have been common then.

30th July 2003, 10:27
I think there's a glossy photo of a suit somewhere in my company office.

30th July 2003, 14:31
I taught a few lessons on NBC warfare to a three star course but I had to use British Manuals and information from the internet as my material. Having said that the PDF staff did find me an NBC (which had seen better days) to show the troops.

Has anyone here actually sat an official NBC course with the army?

30th July 2003, 14:39
<font face="tahoma" color="#ff9900">A Platoon from my unit were doing support duties in Kilbride last summer, and we got trained on it CT is right you'll never like it Poxy rubber Gloves and shoes and silly green suits with a big tricolor on the side,
Its Dam warm to be Moving around in aswell. Then there's the respirator!.


Frank Aiken
30th July 2003, 15:05
The course the army does is called "survive to fight"
I have done a plt in attack wear the full NBC gear, very warm and that was in kilworth on a cold day!
We had a class after 9 11, on NBC from a pdf officer. probably could do a refresher one!

30th July 2003, 16:03
The current issue respirator is the Israeli M15, a close copy of the German Draeger M65 (which some CD units have).


4th August 2003, 20:54
due to the coming deployment off pdf personnell with the rapid reaction force ,it was decided that nbc training will be resumed as it had been ignored for some time,(nbc=no body cares),consigned to history are nco's who done a week on their nco's course and then crease the troops into the ground ,only instructors who complete the 4 week instruction course can instruct nbc and the emphesis is on teaching the proper drills for survival in a hazardous environment,the new suit will eventually be in dpm and the respirator will be replaced eventually as it is unsuitable for firing with.as reserve units are almagated into pdf units their training will encompass nbc drills.

4th August 2003, 21:13
NBC training:D A great equaliser i think,cos everybody hates it & its great to see the faces of students on courses resigned to the fact that they're in for it:D Its still on the syllabus for 3* training,is still done & to a lesser extent for overseas training too.Not very nice at all.Ahhhhhhhh.............NBC drills on a dig-in exercise,don't worry chaps when the re-org comes in Sep everybody will get their chance i'd imagine:D

4th August 2003, 21:32
I think everyone gets trained on the respirator at some stage and it rarely goes further than that in th reserves.

4th August 2003, 21:35
It's hardly much of an issue that RDF currently don't train much in NBC. There aren't enough NBC suits for the PDF, let alone the RDF.

7th August 2003, 23:46
There is nothing like the sense of desperation one gets when the DS has run the bollox out of you in full NBC kit, and then when you think no can see you in your little world of sweat you try and stick a little finger in the side of your repirator to clear your eyepiece, and hey presto the DS cops it and the Degredation starts again

8th August 2003, 09:24
When I was doing my PNCO course in April there was a Platoon of PDF doing some NBC stuff........running around Finner on a hot day with a gas mask on didn't look like much fun, especially when they had to dive down efery few minutes as the sgt. shouted "Gas! Gas! Gas!"

Strangely, my dad has a UK NBC jacket/smock in desert camo that he wears to work sometimes (he's a builder)! I checked the lable inside and it is real.....must be Army Surplus or something.

8th August 2003, 10:24
<FONT FACE="TAHOMA" COLOR="#FF9900">I have one of them ICUN they're exactly the same as the ones used in Iraq. Before I joined the F Millets in Mary Street used to sell them for about 7 They were Deadly for Camping in and Completely water tight and Warm. you need an extra layer under them though because the Black Shite that rubs off and makes u Itchy. Apparently they have a shelf life and thats why they were sold off. OR i have some Glow in the Dark shit in my Garage :eek:

8th August 2003, 10:29
I was packing tents there yesturday in gormanstown. They were coming back from the special olympics and some were going to kosovo. One of the hangers there was full of new NBC equipment. Tons of it. There was also a load of new generators purchased there also. The CQ said that the current NBC gear is all in olive green but the next stuff in will be in DPM. The generators were quite impressive. There was a couple of them were 40ft containers while others could be pulled by a nissan. I also seen the new field hospital and the new IVECO trucks. Both of which looked the business !!