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19th December 2008, 13:47
Jon, an honourable lad who was taken from us before his time. We dearly miss you at A coy lad. The place isn't the same without you. Rest In Peace

19th December 2008, 15:45
Its always sad to see one of our own going to his eternal reward

Never having had the pleasure of meeting Jon- I for one would like to know a bit more about him,

what do you say Courage U F- a few stories perhaps

20th December 2008, 00:19
Rest in peace, codolence to family and friends

20th December 2008, 00:31

20th December 2008, 00:36

24th February 2009, 23:11
On request from Hedgie, I have decided to put up a story about Jon, just to show how mad a bastard he was!:biggrin: When we were but lowly recruits doodling around the MO's office in the great Dún Uí Choilleán, in Cork, Jon, being the group messer, spotted a wheelchair unoccupied in the far corner of reception. Being unsupervised, with no sign of anything happening, he hopped into the wheelchair, and started playing destruction derby with the reception, pretending to be in a Pro-Drift car, pulling fake handbrake turns and crashing into everything he could find. Then our CQMS who had accompanied us stormed in the door, looked at Jon with a questioning face and said,"Are ya alright there, son??" What a legend. And in September, when he returned from his Summer camps as a 2* PTE, myself and Jon loved taking the piss out of the new recruits, trying to figure out Clé from Deas. RIP man, not a day goes by where me, your family, or friends don't think about you lad.