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15th January 2009, 18:06

any thoughts?!

15th January 2009, 18:17
Just to remind people that we do not endorse the contents of external websites, the domain name for the above website is not registered to the defence forces but instead to three individuals. They may be members of the DF Press office but I cannot at this point confirm that.

% Rights restricted by copyright;
% Do not remove this notice

domain: DFMagazine.ie
descr: Michael Joseph O'Connor, Edward Cornelius McGovern, Garrett Prendiville
descr: Unincorporated Association
descr: Publication Name
admin-c: AHM572-IEDR
tech-c: CP27-IEDR
renewal: 13-August-2009
status: Active
nserver: ns1.hosting.digiweb.ie
nserver: ns3.hosting.digiweb.ie
source: IEDR

person: John Kennedy
nic-hdl: AHM572-IEDR
source: IEDR

person: Colm Piercy
nic-hdl: CP27-IEDR
source: IEDR

15th January 2009, 18:21
Defence Forces launch new online Magazine and Archives from the 1940's
22 December 2008

The official Magazine of the Irish Defence Forces An Cosantóir are proud to announce it’s new online presence www.dfmagazine.ie. The magazine’s new online presence contains back issues going back to 1940 with added extras such as a photo gallery, up to date reviews and a monthly e-newsletter. The magazine in conjunction with its web development team 4pm.ie and e-celtic scanning services, have developed a comprehensive and dramatic website with a significant back catalogue tracing much of the Defence Forces’ history in PDF format from 1940.

15th January 2009, 18:24
Thats the offical website:

15th January 2009, 18:25

Fair enough didnt see that as all DF websites so far have been registered as a government website and for some reason the dfmagazine.ie one wasnt.

Goldie fish
15th January 2009, 19:21
Possibly because the Magazine is a commercial product, published by civilans, under the guidance of the DFPO.

Big Al
15th January 2009, 19:49
personally i dont like websites that automatically start audio & video

15th January 2009, 20:10
An Cosantoir is under PR section, COS Branch.

Goldie fish
15th January 2009, 20:15
An Cosantoir has civilian Journalists on it's staff and is Printed by the Kilkenny People.

15th January 2009, 20:54
If you look closer at the website and the emailed newsletter, you will see the inscription 4pm, so an external web company is doing the web design, and no doubt the domain name could be tied into the package contract.:smile:

Goldie fish
15th January 2009, 20:57
Theres an emailed newslatter?

15th January 2009, 21:04
Oh yes, email to the following dfprinfo@gmail.com and request newsletter subscription

16th January 2009, 00:14
how do you register to see later mags from the archive. when u click archive it goes all the way to 1989 i think but on the laft colum it gives the option to already registered people to log on and see more recent one.

only asking because one of my friends saw me in it and i never got to see the craic i made on the lens of the camera when the photography took my pic,

i had one hard time when he went to the CQ and said he needed a new canon

Truck Driver
16th January 2009, 15:24
how do you register to see later mags from the archive....... ?

Aye, I was wondering this too....

colonel decker
22nd January 2009, 12:58
Closed club to keep us out more like ...familiar feeling..

Truck Driver
22nd January 2009, 21:31
Closed club to keep us out more like ...familiar feeling..

Nope - I sent a mail today to register....

See the post by ltsmarty above (Post # 12) for the email address to send to.......