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2nd September 2003, 15:52
Okay ...just heard this yesterday.There is now a temporary ban on RDF recruitment until the results of the current review are published.

So the small will get smaller and dissapear .......this seems to be the theory behind this and wil save amalgamation and all the grief that goes with it.The number in the RDF is to be capped and the amount of units is also to be capped.

This time next year alot of current units will simply fail to exist.

2nd September 2003, 16:12
oh shit! your kidding!

what will this mean for large units?

2nd September 2003, 17:10

I think this means that they will disband the 7Bn. :flagwave:

2nd September 2003, 18:45
Now there's an emotive post. (hpts)

Ya need backup for a post like that [ any confirmations anyone ? ]

+ this happened before way back when.

2nd September 2003, 19:41
<font face="tahoma" color="#ff9900">Firstly with A Catchemnt area of North/West Dublin City, Fingal, and the entire county of Meath, I don't think the 7bn are going anywhere!! Especially as they are the Largest operational Reserve Unit at the moment.

Secondly there Won't be a cap on recruitment for the simple Fact that most units are under strength.

3rd September 2003, 00:18
If there is a ban on recruitment we havn't been told about it.
At present we have Just started a recruitment drive with our Coy.:-patriot::)

3rd September 2003, 14:45
I've long been of the opinion that the FCA should be let die anyway, and a new army reserve started up, with everyone in the FCA given the opportunity to transfer, keeping rank etc, but only if the do the required courses and make the grade.

Stop living in the past.

3rd September 2003, 15:13
Well there's another constructive post.

3rd September 2003, 15:31
Originally posted by Terminator

I think this means that they will disband the 7Bn. :flagwave:

well their already throwing your lot in what other rabble in an attempt to kill you both off!! and as bailer said, the 7th bn are the largest reserve unit going!

3rd September 2003, 19:18
Ive heard nothing and was on camp last week.so. I can see the theory behind it though. Is the review to be publish this month???

4th September 2003, 12:20
What doesn't kill me only makes me stronger

Manny in Runaway Train

As Wally said in Dilbert hearing about a re-org

"Whoa ! Let my get my re-org boots "

4th September 2003, 19:07
this was actually obtained from a genuine souce.maybe this is just a southern brigade issue but the source is a good one.I'll investigate further but as far as I know the reasoning behind it is not to allow units to falsely inflate their numbers before the report is published and give a false picture of their actual strenghts.

Given the numbers that actually parade versus the established strenght this is not a bad idea as it will give areasonably accurate picture of the numbers actually serving in the RDF and not just the paper picture.

I reckon as units return from summer break the overall situation will become clearer.

4th September 2003, 23:27
The DoD has already come up with a scheme for assesing the effective strength of a unit.Up until now a unit was allocated resources (grants, man-days) according to its effective strength. Areservist did not have to attend annual training to be "effective", so some creative recording in the role-book could keep a unit afloat. A small number of people using a large number of man-days made the unit look active.

A unit's allocation of man-days for 2004 will be calculated using the number of people who attended annual training in 2003 + 10%. This will expose many ghost units.

5th September 2003, 15:33
hey don't shoot the messenger.....I'm only passing on what I'm told.

When I revealed my source to kermit in the chat room last night he believed to be a credible source....time will tell.

5th September 2003, 15:43
Thank jebus!
i thought i was out of a job!

5th September 2003, 17:53
<font face="tahoma" color="#ff9900">Well TIM if you want to recruit that much there's a Few NCO's in B-Coy who would Gladly let you do it in their place!!!


5th September 2003, 18:17
Well we kinda do your job...... at opps 2002 we were directing people to the closest unit/sub unit! and we still do, theres no point in having someone from navan join A coy!