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Connaught Stranger
18th January 2010, 08:09
Sadly, I have received word by email that Mick O'Brien, originally from County Mayo and who served for many years as a Corporal with Regimental Signals of H.Q. Company, 28th Bn, Finner Camp was found passed away in his apartment in Dublin.

Tragically, his death seems to have occurred sometime ago but it went unnoticed.

May he + Rest In Peace +

Big Mick O'Brien was one of my instructors on my Regimental Signals Course,

as well as being the Instructor on my 84mm Anti-Tank Course,

he was always willing to take extra time to explain details over and again to those who

were slow to pick up the first time around, in matters of discipline he was very fair-minded

and was always willing to settle any dispute without referring to a 117 Charge sheet.

And I well remember the time a certain corporal decided to climb the big Radio Mast which stood over the old wooden Hut Com-centre and adjoining Patrol room one night after a visit to the pubs of Bundoran, to lament his lack of love-life, Mike who was patrol 2 i/c donning his steel helmet in bed in case the corporal with the aid if gravity came through the roof, his advice to others in the room to do the same as it was better to be safe than sorry. After much persuasion the corporal descended from the mast into the hands of the P.A.'s.

Mike, may you be at Peace in Gods kind care, and if the O/C up there needs a good soldier for a patrol you will be one of the first choices.

18th January 2010, 09:37
Rest In Peace

18th January 2010, 10:46

Liachta Cultaca
18th January 2010, 11:05
Rest in Peace

18th January 2010, 12:06

18th January 2010, 13:11
Rest in Peace,

Condoleneces to family friends and colleagues.

18th January 2010, 15:51
Nice words CS-

Its sad to see a lad go unnoticed like that- but your tale will make sure that even though he is gone- he wont be forgotten.


Truck Driver
18th January 2010, 16:03
R i p

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bohs fan
19th January 2010, 07:53

18th June 2010, 00:10
Iam deepley saddned to read of the death of my good friend Mick O' Brien who i served with in finner camp a true gentleman my condolances to all his familey may he rest in peace.