View Full Version : An Slua Muiri

11th October 2003, 21:07
slua muiri having there own trawler type boat witch could be used during an emergency and fitted wit light weaponary during war time, wat you guys (and gals) tink?

Goldie fish
11th October 2003, 22:11
Is that not what they already have?

12th October 2003, 00:55
The Irish fishing fleet are withdrawning trawlers 'by the dozen' (which will be sunk at sea due to lack of buyers, according to an industry spokesperson)

Would they be worth purchasing for ASM ?

12th October 2003, 14:39
the little guy has a point.......Not a bad idea....tell you what....nip down as far as Dunmore east and pick out a nice shiny one ......and we'll ask the minister for a few quid to buy it from the owner and you can sail it up and down waterford harbour and shoot the nasty drug dealers..............I think the NSRs days of ever having their own Patrol vesels are fading even further away with the deployment of reservists on patrols on PVS....hey you might get lucky and get to baby sit the ARW on a slow boat to Liberia!

12th October 2003, 21:17
no goldie we dont have access to anything other than a rib in asm and the nearest ting asm have is the freya which is not working in at least a year now! right im of to dunmore east boys and il let you knoew how i get on! it must have a jacuzzi on it or i wont settle for anything less!

Goldie fish
12th October 2003, 21:22
Youre just in the wrong unit then. Most of the MTLs are former fishing vessels.

Goldie fish
13th October 2003, 01:01
Well Ferdia was a disaster. The best thing its former crew have to say about her was she stank of fish.
Second hand civilian ships have never been successful in the NS. Purpose built,cheaper vessels are the answer,not some unsuitable hand me down.