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24th October 2003, 12:14
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Scrap dispute strands French aircraft-carrier

24/10/2003 at 09:48:29

Date line: PARIS
The former flagship of the French navy -- the aircaft-carrier Clemenceau -- was stuck off the coast of Sicily Friday as a result of a contractual dispute over asbestos and scrap rights.

Decommissioned in 1997 after 35 years of service, the 33,000-tonne ship was sold to a Spanish company which undertook to tow it for demolition in the port of Gijon in northern Spain, according to the French defense ministry.

However on leaving its Mediterranean base at Toulon, the carrier was seen heading not towards the straits of Gibraltar -- and thus to Spain's Atlantic coast -- but eastwards towards Turkey.

"There are European conventions on the issue of asbestos removal. A clause in the contract stipulated that the demolition had to take place in Europe and not in Turkey, where there is reason to believe the European rules are not respected," explained spokesman Jean-Francois Bureau.

"Faced with this flagrant violation of the commitments made by the company, the French government cancelled the contract on Tuesday," he said.

Instead the government offered the ship to a German firm which plans to break it up in the Greek port of Piraeus, and with negotiations underway between the two companies the Clemenceau was stranded at anchor off the Sicilian coast.

"We had a frigate watching the carrier so we knew right away it had left its planned itinerary. In any case a ship like the Clemenceau does not slip away unobserved," said a navy spokesman at Toulon.

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Big Al
24th October 2003, 12:28
i dont want to see one "why dont we buy it" post, got that?

24th October 2003, 12:55
We don't need it.

We're already saving up to get that WW2 carrier off Brazil.

24th October 2003, 14:32
you mean this one?


Frank Aiken
24th October 2003, 15:20
what would we land on it?

The new govt jet?

Goldie fish
24th October 2003, 17:11
dont forget the fighters that were seen escorting it...

Little Legionnare
25th October 2003, 00:36
It is only 40 years old, and Ireland could probally get a good deal...

Goldie fish
25th October 2003, 05:53
It should be official policy that all equipment should be younger than the crew....
or at least the captain....

25th October 2003, 12:10

Goldie fish
25th October 2003, 15:38
It Mothballs a lot more than that...

Little Legionnare
28th October 2003, 01:39
would I be able to captian anything else that the new Rosins