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27th October 2003, 13:56
Just thought id see do anybody know any AC stories involving Foreign AF etc.

I heard one off one of the Silver Swallows team that when they were heading to the UK in Formation over Wales, two Tornado's appeared one on each side, both Tornado's stayed in Close with the Swallows and there was no Radio Conact what so ever, a few Minutes later the Two Tornado's put on Afterburner and headed Straight on!

27th October 2003, 13:58
Any yes we all know about the Casa and the two F-15e's from Lakenheath !

27th October 2003, 19:16
I don't

27th October 2003, 19:50
Oh it involves practice intercepts, afterburners and a general feeling of inadequecy on the part of the Casa pilots. I believe the pilots in those fighters were chewing tobacco at the time. Has anyone ever tried to do anything after chewing tobacco? Not to mention dexadrine.... it's a wonder the Casa came back at all.

Heard recently that the G4 was intercepted with a VIP on board over France. The only indication that there was an aircraft close by was on the TCAS close in below and behind. They never saw anything else.

29th October 2003, 20:44
Scorpy you are wrong, the F-15e's were actually defeated by the Casa as they tried to Jam it etc.

The f-15e's were embarrased aswell as one of them had a prob with the gear and the 2 Jets were talking away arguing over why the other one mucked up the gear and the Casa was listening in, anyhow the jets decided to tell the Casa that it's was "Technical Fault" But the Casa crew were listening to the Conversation and started laughing at the jets.

Saw the Video & all.

8th November 2003, 03:17
Shhh! Don't give the CASA guys big heads! No, I apologise, there were issues as mentioned. I know the co-pilot. By the way, how the hell does a Casa 'defeat' an F15? Surely not with its charm! Oh, lots of stories, none suitable for here.......... except for back a few years ago there was a C141 starlifter here from the Air National Guard that flew in the Salthill Airshow that had a bad episode of Startrek going on in the back as it did the whole wing waggle thing down the seafront. Bizarre experience, possibly to do with the tobacco I was chewing at the time...and where did I get that stuff from? Oh yeah, the same guys whose ground crew had screwed up their gear pins. Superpower, my ass! Just put them all on cold turkey for a while, we'll see who's boss...

9th November 2003, 01:10
Thats my Airshow! By the Way the C-141 guys were from Mc Quire AFB in NJ as a treat we got to go down to EINN the day after the Show and got to visit the crew and sit in the seat etc etc yippee!

Have some great pics, should post them here if i ever can.!

The c-141 actually ferried back Gen ********* who was working in the US Embassy until his time ended. Ah well

9th November 2003, 01:11
A relation of mine was on the Casa that day with the F15e's

9th November 2003, 22:32
I tried to get some pictures out the window, but all that came out was a large piece of engine and a startled looking seagull. I suppose I was laughing too hard at the crew running around the back like a bunch of Benny Hill extras.

10th November 2003, 01:23
mnay years ago while I worked in waterford airport the original casa was on a routine FP mission and the crew decided to drop in for coffee and discoverd that the british open golf tournament was on the telly so they decided to stay and watch....and retourned home to the Don afterwards.

Next morning I recieved a phonecall from a very worried pilot whpo informed me that his Co had been wondering where the aircraft was for the sunday afternoon and could i help him out.....I agreed to alter the tower log movement sheets to show that C250 had infact een carrying out circuits and touch and go's for the afternoon.Moments later I recieved a call from his CO wondering if I could fax him a copy of the tower log and movements sheet for the previous afternoon.

I was delighted to help of couse!....Later in the day I recieved a call from the pilot saying that his CO was thrilled to see that the crew had been carrying out ILS approaches into waterford and had not been wasting his time flying around the coast in poor weather conditions wasting time .....little did the co know that his crew gave the afternoon drinking coffee and watching golf........and every body was happy.

Even later on the OC called back thanking me for my enthusiast assistance in the matter and if there was any way that he could repay me in the future he would gladly do so........one nice fine day I got to spend a patrol with the crew of said same aircraft......its nice to be nice!

14th November 2003, 23:17
I agreed to alter the tower log movement sheets to show that C250 had infact een carrying out circuits and touch and go's for the afternoon.

Not exactly something to be proud of. Records like those you altered are used for air accident investigation, etc.

16th November 2003, 14:25
The original logs were retained as per normal it was merely the ammended set that were sent to the officer in question and anyway it was amovement sheet and not the actual official tower log....please read the humour as asked for and don't be so officisous.....There would never be a far reaching implication to such actions .......read the humour and forget the nit picking.:flagwave:

16th November 2003, 17:18
Sorry, hptmurphy, but I dont see the word humour referred to anywhere in the thread, and I do not nit pick. The implications of "amended" records were mentioned during the the Tuskar Vicount investigation, where military records in the UK were allegedly amended. I hope that you have since got the balls to refuse such "requests".

19th November 2003, 19:23
so lets open another tribunal......what murf did to get guys out of the shit. ithink everybody who has ever served in the DF or is serving has covered an officers arse at some stage! as I said earlier the original document was unaltered and is still available but this was not made availabeto his superior as it would have endangered the mans carreer.as he is no longer serving it is not an issue and this is why I have posted the story. I was well aware of the implacations at the time......helping a guy out can hardly be equated with the greatest avaiatio
n .disaster in the history of the state....which had nothing to do with the Brits.....

22nd November 2003, 06:35
I remember the last Airshow in Baldonnell a British Private pilot(dont remember his aircraft) who refused to be marshalled by Irish air corps personell and insisted on demanding clearance to take off while flying displays were still in progress..,and lost his slot for departure at the shows end....delayed by 4 hours....Dont fawk with ATC!

22nd November 2003, 13:45
helping a guy out can hardly be equated with the greatest avaiation disaster in the history of the state....

HTP, just remember that just one hit on the first domino knocks the whole pile. Helping just one guy out could result in disaster. Be big enough to know you errred, even if just to yourself.

22nd November 2003, 13:50
Ok lads, there's been enough debate on the perceived rights & wrongs of Murph's actions. This can be continued in the General section. Can we try to keep this thread on topic?

Lurk, have you any interesting/humerous AC stories?

22nd November 2003, 16:02
If you are on any kind of course in the DF, having Air Corps lads on board is always worth while. An artillery man on a standard course a few years ago fell into a gully while orienteering in Wicklow and was found by chance or luck. The lads were debating the best way of moving him down the hill to the transport, which was a considerable distance away, when an AC Cpl whipped out the mobile and rang Baldonnel. Within half an hour the casualty had been medevaced to Tallaght.

The NCOTW was less than impressed that the proper channels hadn't been followed of course.:D

A chooper once landed on the square in McDonagh Bks. The pilot went to the guardroom and asked to use the phone which he used to ring Baldonnel with the request to send him down another helicopter as the one he had was bollixed. Now that's style.:cool:

22nd November 2003, 19:42
Well FM, seeing that you requested it,
A certain Heli Officer was on duty one morning, and decided to carry his Walther in the lower leg pocket of his flying suit. He gets into his car, catches pistol on some part of the car seat, and manages to fire a .765? (memory going) round into his own leg. On being air lifted to hospital, he pleaded (jokingly I hope) not to be brought to St Bricins Military Hospital, as they might remove his leg to extract the round! Perhaps someone else has a version of the story, who may have been closer to the action than me.

22nd November 2003, 19:56
MM, interesting..

There were 7.65mm Walther PPKs issued for senior officers in the past, but why would pilots carry them instead of a BAP? Some James Bond image thing? :)

22nd November 2003, 21:15
Only GOCs had Walthers. The coomon herd carry BAPS. And why was it cocked? I think this one is BS.:rolleyes:

23rd November 2003, 13:33
YJ, thanks for clarification on the 7.65.
I wont go into security issues, but I wasnt a senior officer, or the GOC, and I had occasion to carry one. I only relate the incident, which is genuine, and no, I cant for the life of me figure out how the pilot managed to do it. But he did. I knew the pilot.

Groundhog, can you reduce the font in your posts? Like you, it is distracting and takes up too much space.

Goldie fish
23rd November 2003, 13:42
Put those handbags away PLEASE!!

23rd November 2003, 15:21
Most stories where "the gun just went off" are traced back to a person having been fiddling or playing with the gun at the time.

According to "Tornado Down", at the time of the Gulf War, RAF pilots handed in their BAPs in exchange for PPKs too. Not really sure why this would be considered worthwhile.

23rd November 2003, 19:14
YJ, the BAP is almost always carried in a bulky holster. The PPK 7.65 can be conveniently carried loose in a flying suit pocket, and thus is easier for air crew to carry. Perhaps this is the reason why the RAF handed in the BAPS.

25th November 2003, 01:48
I'm making so many new friends this week. Its amazing how many people can't stand a little criticism.

25th November 2003, 11:44
yeah I hate that........you try to bring a little humour into a guys life and he goes off half cocked........:D

Obviously life is very dull in the aircorps.

I wonder what sections of the DFR was the muppet who shot himself (allegedly) was in contravention of.

25th November 2003, 19:51
Kermit, the size of the Walther PPK 7.65 to a BAP, is to compare a packet of fags to a tupperware container in your pocket. If your holster can hold a bazooka, it doesny make it less conspicous. Lets finish this one before it gets too far off thread. Back to the stories.

5th December 2003, 22:31
What with it being seasonal and all, i thought I might share the intruiging tale of Operation Rudolph with you all. One crisp winters day in the month of December year xxxx, an Irish Air Corps Sleigh (read helicopter) stole quietly from Santas lair in the North (West) where it was based and crossed into foreign airspace without too many people noticing. It landed on foreign soil, deployed some enthusiastic 'elves' equipped with a saw, dispossessed the region of a rather attractive fir tree and hightailed it back across the border to safety. Thus it was that the Finner SAR crew awoke to a finely decorated christmas tree with presents and all on christmas morning. Or so they say....