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28th October 2003, 20:57
hey i was looking at a recruiting video from the american navy the other day a mate gave me a look at it and my god was i totally impressed but one thing i cant figure out is if your irish can you join or do you need citizenship and if i joined the irish navy could i take like a transfer???

i know alot of you will have mixed feeling about ,an irish person joining a foreign military organisation and especially with whose chief of staff there at the moment! we wont say his name, but god he's a plonker but still the yanks have all ways stuck by us and stuff so i wouldnt mind fighting for them and plus if we (ireland that is) ever ran in to trouble it would be the yanks to back us up.

28th October 2003, 21:13
check out this site if any ones interested http://www.navy.com/index.jsp

28th October 2003, 21:15
You need to be at least a permanent resident. Even then your choice of billets (jobs) will be restricted. My cousin joined as an Irish citizen (us resident) and got offered the medical corps or deckhand. Needless to say, it was the medical corps.


28th October 2003, 21:31
how do you go about joining as a U.S citizen/ does it take long and how much money would they be on compared to ourselves? like would they be getting alot more? could i go for a cadetship?

28th October 2003, 21:37

first get residency. Then wait 5 years to get citizenship. Then join

Not sure about the money. There are basic E/O pay grades posted on the web, but there are also things like flight pay, hardship duty etc.


28th October 2003, 21:42
nice one! the 5years thing sounds a bit drastic, if it was only a few months i wouldnt mind! think ill just stick to the irish navy

28th October 2003, 21:43
Yeah, tis a bit rough alright. Especially as getting residency is hard enough. Perhaps the RN might be a better option?


29th October 2003, 03:36
Originally posted by newby
nice one! the 5years thing sounds a bit drastic, if it was only a few months i wouldnt mind! think ill just stick to the irish navy

Yeah, Irish is good if you're afraid of helis landing on you...since they don't have them!

;) :D

31st October 2003, 23:43
Originally posted by yooklid
Perhaps the RN might be a better option?


no i could never consider joining them! i think there very, well firstly i think it would be quite unpatriotic! after wat they done to our country and surpressed for years, oh look im not a ra head, but dont get me started!

1st November 2003, 15:49
Nothin wrong with the RN really, you can go straight in without waiting for citizenship i think.

1st November 2003, 22:28
join the royal navy, u mad, {section of post deleted by moderator for rascism and ignorance}, but again as i said never for them....

1st November 2003, 22:59
Have you anything against the Danes Newby..........?

Regards etc

2nd November 2003, 03:13
damn. Can of worms, opened again. I nominate myself for 1 penaly point

Goldie fish
2nd November 2003, 11:25
Bloody Vikings.....

2nd November 2003, 17:59
hmm, no! wats there navy complement! id consider it........

2nd November 2003, 20:17
long boats powered by sail and/or oars
wait a minute i might be mistakeing them with the an slua muirĂ­ :D :-patriot: :D

2nd November 2003, 22:47
Newby check out some of your serving POs one of them is ex RN...if I remember correctly...that is if he is still serving...was a great bloke back in my days with your unit.

3rd November 2003, 04:21

Goldie fish
3rd November 2003, 04:29
I wouldnt mind,but he was not even born when both the british army and the so called liberators of NI were making the life of the ordinary citizen in this fair isle a misery between them.
I lived in a RA town,visited the 6 counties when things were bad,I had relatives at kilmichael and I bear no bitterness to the British forces. I would reccomend that newby read a bit more on the troubles before deciding that the british military caused us 800 years of suffering or whatever it is now,and dont take history from songs by the wolfe tones.


22nd November 2003, 05:27
The thing to remember about the USN is that they all have large crews doing small jobs. You could for example find yourself spending your six mont tour aboard an aircraft carrier operating the ships state of the art laundry machines.
At least in our Naval service they even leave mechs topside occasionally