View Full Version : Could the Naval Service have there own SEALs?

The Fonz
29th January 2003, 19:30
I know the Ranger Wing have a boat troop but if the Navy had something simaler to the SEALS a sea based unit would be more familar to waterborne operations, They could perform such tasks as (GOPLAT) or Gas.Oil.Platform take downs held by terrorist in irish waters or aggressive (VBSS) Visit Board Search and Secure, Beach Recces or planting limpet mine under ships. I know nothing about the Navy but i put myself as something of an expert when it comes to Special Operations units and i think the Naval Service would be better have there own unit then having a small troop in The Wing looking after this task and The Wing is small enough as it is.

29th January 2003, 19:35
i think your only asking for trouble with this one!
but it should be fun never the less!
whats next? crack airborne troops? *not insulting you*:)

The Fonz
29th January 2003, 19:41
Well i am a bit OTT when it comes to Spec Ops what can i say everyone has a dream!

29th January 2003, 21:43
The NS don't have enough personnell to meet present requirements, also they have no operational role in which a land combat force is specifically required...the NS has no onland power projection, what the NS needs are ships and the Personnel to man them.

The Fonz
29th January 2003, 21:53
I never said anything about land operations did i!

Goldie fish
30th January 2003, 16:53
Members of the NS also join the ARW and bring with them the skills learned in the NS. The NS,with its history of successes in the drug interdiction role is perfectly capable of doing armed boardings,having trained with the Gardai in Templemore for such events.
Just wondering..what makes you an expert in Special forces?
The ARW already train for the other roles you mention and do it quite well..we do not need to half their resources to create a near identical unit under naval command.
Besides which..Naval Units are already elite..:-patriot:

1st February 2003, 20:43
was discussed during the early nineteen eighties but as the ARW already carry out all the tasks mention it was decided that it would only be duplication of roles no point really. Areasonable amount of navy guys did the ARW course mate of mine spent five years with them before returning to his 'old' job

The Fonz
4th February 2003, 22:18
I know the Rangers do all the waterborne tasks and do them very well but thats not what i was driving at we all know how big The Wing is and at times there strected to the limit with people overseas and crosstraining with other units. What i was talkin about was a unit just for waterborne operations maybe to ease the pressure on the unit. I will say one thing these are ideas of mine i put them forward to see what people think off the idea not to annoy people ok or to seem like a headless chicken not knowing what i'm talking about.

5th February 2003, 11:02
I see your point about the ARW being stretched, but wouldn't it make more sense to expand the existing unit rather than creating a new one?

5th February 2003, 22:38
Don't take it as criticism ....just thought you'd like to know that the concept was raised before but was discarded for perfectly sound reasons.could the defence forces support two spc ops forces practically.Obviously it would be a huge draw on financial an human resources.In theory navy divers are a spec ops unit unto them selves why not develop there role further and cut down on the need to develop a new selection process etc.?

Goldie fish
8th February 2003, 02:48
Compare the photo in the first part of this thread to the ones below.
http://www.military.ie/images/ex11.jpg http://www.military.ie/images/drugbust.jpg

Same difference in my books.

10th February 2003, 07:34
why are there armed parties roaming around a PV?