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Goldie fish
6th November 2003, 17:32
(16:48) Gardaí have detained a 40-metre Mongolian registered cargo ship on suspicion of people trafficking.

The ship is anchored in Dublin Bay, just over a mile off Dun Laoghaire.

Gardaí are waiting for the arrival of a naval ship before the vessel is boarded.

The ship is currently being monitored by gardaí from a boat in the bay.

Immigration and drugs officers, along with customs and the naval service, are due to board the ship this evening.

Goldie fish
6th November 2003, 17:37
Just wondering,the media have in this article reported on the future movement of military forces in an operational matter.......

6th November 2003, 18:30
any idea which ship is going to attend the boarding?? presume it will be armed?

Goldie fish
6th November 2003, 18:40
I presume it'll be the MTL Niamh,and no doubt the crew of 2 will be armed with water pistols...


6th November 2003, 20:18
According to the news the Devils Yacht (LE Aoife) is the ship to be involved. Also the Garda special branch and drugs units along with customs will board the ship. What is the point in the NS having armed boarding exercises if the Gardai are allowed to muscle in on these operations? The NS should board and detain the vessel if nescessary for the Gardai to make the arrest. Have the Guards even trained in boarding ships?

Goldie fish
6th November 2003, 21:02
I can only assume that the garda boat unit involved has trained in boarding,but using the NS in an ATCP role. Bit of extra muscle always helps. Its all about powers of detention. Authorised officers,such as Customs NDT, and the NS are obliged to pass all persons detained to the Gardai.
Its complicated and I do not have the exact details to hand
(welcome aboard btw)

6th November 2003, 21:35
Gardai board ship held on human trafficking suspicion

Gardai have boarded a cargo ship anchored off the Dublin coast this evening as part of a major investigation into people trafficking.
The Unique, believed to be Mongolian-registered ship en route from Germany, is currently anchored a mile off the Dun Laoghaire coast.
Gardai and customs officers boarded the ship once the Navy vessel LE Aoife arrived on the scene.
Gardaí have been monitoring the ship since they received information that it had been boarded by the German authorities and ordered out of French territorial waters on suspicion of people trafficking.
The ship is thought to have been carrying illegal immigrants who were brought ashore in smaller boats to France.
Gardaí have been watching this ship since 10 a.m. this morning and the crew is believed to be made up of Bangladeshis and Russians.
One report suggested there were at least 10 illegal immigrants on board but that they were not in any immediate danger as they had an adequate supply of food and water.
Gardaí, Navy officials as well Customs and Immigration officers on board the ship checking passports and the conditions of those on the vessel.

6th November 2003, 23:26
Is Mongolia not a land locked country? If so is it possible for such a country to have a ships registry?


Goldie fish
6th November 2003, 23:51
Using the same logic,why does Ireland,an island on the edge of the atlantic have one of the smallest Merchant and naval fleets in the world?
Its called a Flag of convenience. Depending on where your ship is registered you could end up paying no tax,or in some cases,that nations government pays you.

7th November 2003, 04:20

Goldie fish
7th November 2003, 05:09
The Siberian Band Yat-Kha were playing in dublin last night...maybe it was their "tour bus".
(Tuva-not too far from mongolia,relatively speaking..)

Goldie fish
19th November 2003, 18:59
Cargo ship arrested for second time
November 19, 2003
(16:49) The cargo ship at the centre of a major security alert in Dublin Bay two weeks ago has been arrested again.

A warrant was granted this afternoon on the order of the Admiralty Marshal's Court in Dublin at the request of the International Transport Federation.

According to the Irish Inspector of the ITF, which represents seafarers worldwide, the crew are owed over $20,000 in wages and no arrangements have been made by the owners to pay them, despite several requests.

ITF Inspector, Tony Ayton, said there were four Pakistanis and three Russians among the crew and conditions aboard were difficult.

The Unique was searched two weeks ago by garda and customs officers who feared it might be involved in human trafficking.

The ship is being managed from Greece, but ownership appears to be in Mongolia.

The arrest warrant ultimately gives the ITF power to sell the ship to recover the money owed to the crew, who have asked to be repatriated to their homes.

It is understood the ship has been sailing between different ports, without carrying cargoes and without being able to get one to carry.

Goldie fish
10th January 2004, 01:50

January 9, 2004

(15:28) The cargo ship, Unique, which is being detained in Dublin Port, has been sold for €58,000 to a Greek buyer at an Admiralty auction in Dublin this afternoon.

The ship was sold by order of the Admiralty Court after the International Transport Federation, which represents seafarers worldwide, had sought an order for sale.

It claimed that the crew of three Pakistanis and three Russians aboard were owed more than $20,000 in wages. They will be paid out of the sale money.

The ship had been searched for illegal immigrants by Customs officials when it originally arrived in Dublin Bay.

It was later allowed to dock in Dublin Port where it was eventually placed under arrest.