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Goldie fish
1st February 2003, 12:33
I'm in one of those moods again....
Noticing that the Naval service has not had a dedicated Training ship since the poorly concieved Setanta of the 70s, and in light of the near disaster that happened near Tuskar Rock last wek with the Stena Ferry,would it be a logical idea to have an ocean going tug as a full time training ship? There is an identified need for an ocean going tug in irish waters,and when it is not getting powerless vessels out of trouble,it could be used for Training both Civilian,Naval and Naval reserve crewmen in the basics of working at sea in a less demanding environment than an operational patrol. Naturally the Towing facility requires a highly skilled and experienced crew,but for all other times,it would be a suitable training vessel..
I am thinking of something along the lines of the Canadian Coast Guard Vessel shown here

Not that anybody cares..

3rd February 2003, 02:20
a great suggestion goldie. us being an island and all and serviced
by so many ferries . that last incident, the ferry being adrift
for so long , could have been a total disaster. if we cant get
sar helies , what chance of an ocean going tug ??

Little Legionnare
3rd February 2003, 17:56
Why not a sailing ship to help them develop basic skills that would be neede in emergency situations, and phisical strength?

3rd February 2003, 18:04
They allready have the use of some confiscated "drug" yachts.

We allready have a government sponsored flying club (aer corps), there are plenty of private yacht clubs out there we do not need a government sponsored one.

3rd February 2003, 19:22

Goldie fish
4th February 2003, 00:19
The Brime is probably the one mentioned..It was sitting on a jig below in the base rotting away for years..NS Couldnt touch it cos it wasnt theirs to use...
I think it fell to bits eventually..tho the druggies tried to sink it as it was being arrested...
STV Asgard II, a brigantine,Is operated by the department of defence,and is used from time to time by Naval cadets...I sailed on her myself..a long time ago..Lovely boat..crossed the irish sea in an 8...rode the waves like a surfboard all the way to the IOM.