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3rd February 2003, 17:20
I see on the breaking news on the Irish Times website, that the government is to consider the the possible deployment of Army personel to provide extra security at Shannon Airport, it seems that the Gardai and Shannon APO's cannot control the situation.

Any thoughts.............

3rd February 2003, 17:24
Well, I think it's only fair that Thorpe doesn't go anywhere near SNN (he'll have them breaking stones).

At least the government are taking action. Everyone has a right to protest but they don't have a right to invade an airport and cause criminal damage to aircraft, especially to the cost of the taxpayer.

Obviously I would reccommend that the RDF be included in this new plan. Perhaps, we could get some duties out of it. Also, I could do with a weeks pay.

Goldie fish
3rd February 2003, 17:39
Can I transfer back to Limerick for the duration? I still know how to beat timber against head..
Their actions could be in breach of many FAA regulations and may inderectly cause the closure of the airport,should these incursions and attacks on aircraft continue..

3rd February 2003, 17:44
Just remember your average Crutsty does not like cold steel.
They don't like it up 'em,
They do not like it up 'em!


3rd February 2003, 17:48
well that 50yr old tree hugger knew what she was doing when she damaged the nose and landing gear of the aircraft. But the latest action must be taken seriously. Five people again breaching what seems like low level security at and international airport. And then overpowering a member of the Gardai, would they get a jail sentence for this action.

Hopefully they will.

3rd February 2003, 18:02
The 'Peace Camp' is located outside the parameter fence of the airport. While not causing any direct obstruction it is located near an area where light aircraft approach. Imangine an accident caused by a 'crustie' running across the runway and killing crew and passengers of a civilian aircraft. Would this still be within their 'non-violent' protest! Could they excuse the loss of lives in SNN for their principles? I think not.

It appears as if ATA are going to pull out of SNN and cause a major loss of revenue to the area. These are peoples jobs and livelyhoods!

These 'peace protesters' should be stopped! NAPALM could be an option.... :)

3rd February 2003, 18:04
All I can say I'm glad I'm not one of the security guards at Shannon, with more people damaging the US planes.... but wouldn’t it be great to meet them while out on patrol and introduce them to Mr. Baton and his friend my Doc Martin Boot :D

I'm sure the FCA could carry out guard duties in Shannon over the weekends.

3rd February 2003, 18:12
I think we should get the boys and girls from the equestrian school down there and give them lances and sabres,.... into the camp of peace they rode...

Half a league, half a league,

Half a league onward,

All in the Camp of Peace

Rode the six hundred.

"Forward, the Light Brigade!

Charge for the crusties!" he said:

Into the Camp of Peace

Rode the six hundred.

"Forward, the Light Brigade!"

Was there a man dismayed?

Not tho' the soldiers knew

Someone had damaged an airplane:

Theirs was not to make reply,

Theirs was not to reason why,

Theirs was but to kick crusties in the nuts and make them cry:

Into the Camp of Peace

Rode the six hundred.

Crusties to the right of them,

Crusties to the left of them,

Crusties in front of them

ran and fle'd;

Storm'd at with plackard and axes,

Boldly they rode and well,

Into the jaws of Shannon,

Into the mouth of Refueling peace,

Rode the six hundred.

Flashed all their sabres bare,

Flashed as they turned in air,

Sab'ring the hippies there,

Charging and army, while

All the world wondered:

Plunging in the crustie camps smoke,

Right through the picket line they broke;

Crustie and Socialist Worker

Reeled from the sabre-stroke

Shattered and sundered.

Then they rode back, but not--

Not the six hundred (a number of them got a lift from Shannon to Iraq).

When can their glory fade?

Oh, the wild charge they made!

All the world wondered.

Honor the charge they made!

Honor the Light Brigade,

Noble Six Hundred!

3rd February 2003, 18:22
Round of applause for LordFlash!! Fair play..

I also copied that into an email and sent it to chief crustie ;)

3rd February 2003, 18:29

Airline considers pulling out of Shannon
by Emer Connolly Filed at: 7.15am

World Airways, whose aircraft have refueled at Shannon Airport en route to Iraq in recent weeks, are understood to be seriously considering pulling out of Shannon.

Clare FM understands that the airline is instead considering operating out of Frankfurt airport.

More than 10 World Airways aircraft carrying troops to Iraq have refueled at Shannon airport since Christmas.

Now the company is understood to be seriously considering the option of pulling out of the airport, in favour of using Frankfurt airport in Germany.

The recent protest at the airport, coupled with the media attention on the use of Shannon for military aircraft, are understood to be key factors in the company's decision.

This would have an adverse effect on Shannon and would be a substantial financial loss to the airport, given that a number of World Airways' chartered flights go through Shannon during the summer.

When contacted by Clare FM, a spokeswoman for the airline said that, under the instructions of the CEO, the company will not talk to the media.
__________________________________________________ _____

This is the effect that the protest is having. In the end is they win their battle and get the planes out of Shannon. It's going to be the local townspeopel that will be the one's to suffer in the long run. Remember SNN is crying out for business.

3rd February 2003, 18:30
"Cavalry is present on the battlefield merely to lend some class to what would otherwise be a vulgar sort of brawl".

Bravo Flash, BTW

Know your enemy.

3rd February 2003, 18:43
I acn inform ye that it is now official. The Garda Commissioner has requested the Army to provide security at SNN. How will they be deployed and how many do you think will be involved. Maybe some Mowags will be sent down...

3rd February 2003, 21:28
If we are called to go to SNN. Im going to volunteer for the FSG. The GPMG will never do so much good work in such a short space of time. Im so pissed of as those bastards sent a virus to my email and if it was for a new anti-virus I would`nt be online now. ALL TREE HUGGERS YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED:mad:

3rd February 2003, 23:20
First rule of warfare " know Thine Enemy"

As for the re make of the "charge of the 600" ..... pure class:D :cool: :-patriot:

3rd February 2003, 23:21
Personally I believe that a battalion of RDF soldiers should be sent down issued with batons and some heavy machinery to wipe that 'peace camp' off the face of this earth, restore law and order to these unlawful and confused trouble makers.

The camp is nothing short of a health and safety risk. Only the deprived and the peripheral at our society would stomach such filthy conditions.

It has been shown time and again that these hooligans have nothing but contempt for the local people trying to make a honest living through Shannon airport.

Goldie fish
4th February 2003, 01:08
Was thinking about the whole situation earlier and I realised something...
By the actions of the peace protestors at shannon airport,The irish defence forces are now more a part of the US war effort than they would have been if the protestors had never bothered...
Ironic is it not?

They will change their ways when they see Groundhog and Co coming their way..(wait till the 22nd get in on the act..;) )

4th February 2003, 03:42
If the PDF/RDF are deployed we will need to be extreamly carefull to avoide "nasty" incidents...

Video of someone in camo giving a hippy a thump or a decent kick (much as im sure some would like to) would not be good for any of us. Iv already read posts else where from people sympathetic to the protestors that they would love to stage/engineer and film an incident to embaress the Army and the Government.

Good officers/NCO's will have have to keep a tight reign on things...

An incident involving RDF personel could seriously damage the organisation as a whole....


good link from Ireland.com (http://www.ireland.com/newspaper/front/2003/0204/1464368421HM1NEWSHANNON.html)

4th February 2003, 10:07
Reports this morning said that the hippies were very against the army being deployed. They were worried that the army would - shoot on sight. And that they had permission to discharge their weapons as a last resort - well, DUH!

The army should be a sufficient deterant to keep the hippies in their peace camp. If the hippies do try and gain access to the airport then the army won't beat them for the cameras. One shot, one kill. (fire two warning shots afterwards).

4th February 2003, 10:24
Remember to shoot the cameraman first,.... can't allow him to get away with footage of the rout!!

Seriously though, there would have to be excellent disipline and restraint on the part of any troops deployed, it would have to be handled very professionally.
But the crusties would have to realise that there would be serious repercussions for more trespassing and terrorism from them.

4th February 2003, 10:36
I think any soldiers sent to Shannon will be fully briefed on what PR disasters could happen if they clash with the Tree Huggers. I don't think the Army will let them forget that happened to the Cops in Dublin.

4th February 2003, 10:41
A bit of discipline is all that matters. According to the law of the hippies a non-violent protest means non-violence against the person (physical or verbal). Technically they don't harass security personnel (tell that to the guard they overpowered).

Still, they are few in numbers and I doubt they would attempt to challenge the DF.

4th February 2003, 12:00
COD6 and a sensible head will cover any situation

4th February 2003, 12:53
All members of the media (especially) Indy Media to be shot on site. No questions asked. Each PDF/RDF to be issued with enough ammo. If the peremiter fence is breeched and you are in doubt empty the Mag. Let all those who will serve in shannon remember what happined to our boys in blue when these crusties protested.
I for one will volunteer to go to Shannon.

4th February 2003, 13:11
Latrine Duty for any soldier who still has ammo in his mag after the assault on the crusties!!!

Ah well, back to serious discussion.
I am surprised that warnings have not been issued seriously to the Peace camp organisers (apart from Berties speach in the examiner this morning).
If these cretins are convicted, those who supported them will be accomplices. And the fact that the crusties had this prepared before hand means that they did not act alone, I'm sure it will be revealed that the crusties in the camp were all aware of what was going to happen, and yet failed to alert the authorities.

I think we really should throw the book at them, sod them if they become martyrs, they will be forgotten about once the war is won anyway and they all look like prats (remember the big hassle about afghanistan, now they barely give it a mention).
They will be forgotten once the next big "issue" raises it's head.
Bloody hell, they will probably be forgeotten the next time someone gets murdered on Cornation street or Eastenders.
My brother mentioned one benefit to the crusties being so busy with shannon, they are not disrupting any hunts across the country, so he is quite pleased that he and his horse can jaunt about unmolested.
Their contempt for the law really gets my blood boiling, they don't realise that these same laws that they break and the Decadent Western Imperialist system protects them and their right to personal liberty, democracy, free speach and right to protest.
They forget that it is us that tolerate them, not the other way round.
If Bush and the big bad imperialists really really wanted to, they could drum up some propaganda and charges and wipe them off the face of the planet,... but that's not what we stand for, thats what Saddam and all those other tin-pot dictators stand for!!!

4th February 2003, 13:20
I'd love to volunteer to go to SNN but somehow I think this will be a PDF affair!!!

4th February 2003, 13:23
You have to remember as well that the people involved are connected to the SF and the IRA. Whose stated objective is to overthrow the orgins of Government set up in the constitution and replace it with Maxism. It is for this reason they have to respect for the law of this country. A perfect example of this is Mary Kelly
Fair play to Aer Rianta for going to the High Court in trying to get the Crusties removed. As Aer Rainta said yesterday its a staging area for attacks on the airport.
I personally dont want to know about health and safety on the site there. If they deserve to live in shite anyway.
Im also sure we get a few Acmats set up with .50cal HMG and patrol along with foot patrols.:-patriot:

Goldie fish
4th February 2003, 16:42
Troops to be deployed at Shannon airport
> (15:17) The Minister for Defence, Michael Smith, has confirmed that 120 armed troops are to be deployed at Shannon Airport to support Gardaí in maintaining security. However, Mr Smith denied that soldiers would be empowered to shoot at protesters causing damage to property. Speaking on RTÉ Radio, Mr Smith said troops were entitled to protect themselves if their lives were at stake, but this did not extend to firing on people attacking property.
> He said their task was to ensure that no-one breaks through the security lines to attack US planes. The move follows the Garda Commissioner's request for Army back-up to protect the airport. The issue is likely to be raised in the Dáil this afternoon. The US authorities, for their part, are not concealing their annoyance at two recent incidents, during which a US Navy plane was damaged. Aer Rianta peace camp bid Aer Rianta will seek an injunction in the High Court tomorrow restricting those at the Shannon peace camp from trespassing on airport property. This morning the camp organisers said they would be resisting the bid to move them. Spokesman Ed Horgan said they would be challenging the Aer Rianta's claim that it owns the land on which they are camped. Two incidents at Shannon The Garda Commissioner, Pat Byrne, requested military assistance after two security breaches in less than a week by people protesting against the use of the airport by American forces. In both incidents, damage was caused to the same US Navy aircraft. In Dublin, the High Court will hear an application by Aer Rianta for an injunction to restrain protestors camping near the airport from going into it. Last night five people were brought before Tulla District Court in County Clare, in connection with an incident earlier in the day in which a US Navy plane was damaged. The five, Damian Moran (22), Ciaron O'Reilly (42), Nuin Dunlop (31), Karen Fallon (30), all with addresses at Rialto Cottages in Dublin, and 32-year-old Deirdre Clancy with an address at Castle Avenue in Clontarf, were remanded in custody

120 is a lot of troops by any reconing...can we expect the RDF will "have a part to play" in this operation.
Thats a rhetorical question btw... Replies not required..

4th February 2003, 17:12
It just goes to show that when the tree huggers are threatened with The Courts, they go and say they will demantle the "Peace Camp". I would think 120 troops might also have something to with it:D
Cowards now we can wipe the out like the scum they are. We`ll be watching.

Big Al
4th February 2003, 17:38
mad mad bastards

click here (http://www.geocities.com/londoncatholicworker/)

4th February 2003, 18:06
Bloody wackos,.... I think 120 troops is not all that much considering the size of the perimiter and the fact that they will surely not all be on duty all the time.
They should attach bayonets and let the blades glisten in the sun,... that'll scare the hippies!!

4th February 2003, 18:34
This whole situation raises very important issues. Sooner or later, the protestor threat will go away. When this happens, the fact will remain that a four year-old can breach security at Shannon.
Crusty protestors are an annoyance, but the real threat to national security comes from terrorists who could easily breach the same security with much greater fact. They also won't turn themselves into the Guards when they've finished.
Unless the plan is to keep the army on duty at Shannon for an indefinite period, security will still have to be seriously upgraded. Hopefully this window-dressing job won't obscure that fact.

4th February 2003, 20:17

Latest news.

Fire Action
4th February 2003, 23:03
Typical, the PDF aren't even in SNN yet and the sandbags are crying that they can't play soldiers. So sad!:rolleyes:

4th February 2003, 23:13
Haven't you got a toilet to clean?

5th February 2003, 01:26
I find those protestors really appalling, I hope that there is a crack down. Its not exactly doing the country any favours in terms of image abroad.

5th February 2003, 09:53
We've all cleaned toilets pal, get off your high horse....the rank system on the board is based on the number of posts made..it is nothing to do with real life.

5th February 2003, 11:02
heard it on the radio this morning. the whole way snn has benn handled is a bit irish. an airline stops bringing troops through ireland, the crusties dismantle and feck off and what does our government do send in the army! Kinda a few weeks too late do youse not think.

5th February 2003, 11:35
C-Cubed, don't be too hard on Come-Quickly, regarding the rank thing there are two possibilities:
1) you fill in the rank yourself
2) you leave it at recruit, but then after a certain amount of posts your rank on the board increases.

So you were both right!!

Now I know we RDF boys are always crying out to get in on the action, but thats cos we might never get the chance to do "duty" of this sort, it's not cos we think we are better. Some RDF people feel that they are ready to help out the PDF.
As we RDF boys are basicly part time auxilleries we have not as much as you PDF boys to cling to. So throw us a bone now and then and smile at our youthful enthusiasm....

Now I personally DON'T think such a job with such high publicity (and potential for disaster) should have RDF on duty, but opinions differ.

Now I know both of you said things that you did not mean, so lets drop it eh lads. This RDF versus PDF nonsence should stop.

Blessed are the peacemakers eh?

5th February 2003, 11:46

C-C is right, ask the moderator. Unless you give yourself a 'title' , like you and I have done, you are assigned the rank of private. The more posts you make, the higher your rank. So he hasn't given himself anything the board doesn't he's entitled to.

If you read C-C's posts you'll find he's among the least gung-ho 'sandbagger' out there. He hasn't been calling for the FCA or the PDF to gun down the crusties, he hasn't even mentioned using the FCA. He was responding to Fire Action's derogatory remarks.

5th February 2003, 12:17
Glad to see C-Cubed comments were removed :)

Lordflash - we're not all RDF 'boys' remember!!!!!

5th February 2003, 12:28
Most RDF would do duties in Shannon if we asked. I for one diffenetly would. (and yes I could keep my head screwed on tightly while up there and resist the urge to rid the world of sum crusties). All children (Known Gung-hoo fools ) should be kept a million miles from SNN, if the RDF are asked to help out.
Fire Action just because you have a problem with the reserve kepp it too yourself and brude about your bad experiences.

5th February 2003, 13:34
Sorry Earhart, it's just an expression, like saying "Chaps".
Assume that every time I mention "Chaps" "lads" etc, that I'm talking about both sexes.

As for Shannon, well sure it would be great for the chance to get duties there, but if I were in the ministers or the CIC's shoes, I'd hardly bother sending RDF when there are PDF there to do the job. If the PDF were a bit stretched (say invading Iraq, or occuping North Korea..) then I'd use RDF to free up more PDF.

Perhaps once things cool down they will use RDF to augment the PDF, in order to give the RDF some experience and perhaps give some PDF chaps a break.

As for the gung ho types, well kidding aside, nobody likes those boys and girls near weapons, let alone weapons AND protesters.

5th February 2003, 13:50
Chaps, Lads, people and gunners are all gender neutral - Boy's though is not!! :)

Perhaps the RDF won't be deployed in SNN but maybe some duties might come up in the barracks.

5th February 2003, 15:16
Perhaps the RDF won't be deployed in SNN but maybe some duties might come up in the barracks

i think it could be happening right now as we speak:cool:

5th February 2003, 22:33
The irish defence forces are now more a part of the US war effort than they would have been if the protestors had never bothered...

This suits the professional protestors of course. In their minds anybody in a uniform is bad news. Plus they like to project themselves as martyrs at all times. I wonder why they don't go to Baghdad and set up a peace camp to protest at Saddams war machine. Sometimes democracy is a pain in the arse.

6th February 2003, 00:17
I'm looking at this page in disbelief.

Saddams war machine.

I reckon he's shaking in his boots now. Imagine those crack troops of the Irish Reserve protecting one of our barracks while the real troops do their job.

Most RDF would do duties in Shannon if we asked. I for one diffenetly would. (and yes I could keep my head screwed on tightly while up there and resist the urge to rid the world of sum crusties). All children (Known Gung-hoo fools ) should be kept a million miles from SNN, if the RDF are asked to help out.

RDF duties are for training only. First of all the RDF will not do any ATCP dutie outside of barracks unless we're in a state of emergency. Second, Look at your own posts- it sound like a meeting of 'itchy trigger fingers anonymous'


6th February 2003, 00:28
What are u talking about max?????
Reserves are not just there for show a lot of other countrys use them activly(just ask tanker). Also GroundHog was obviosly talking about the protesters

California Tanker
6th February 2003, 07:10
In fairness, the only reason the Guard are currently being activated and deployed is because the regular Army is a tad overstretched. That and the fact that the majority portion of a lot of the branches are in the reserves. For example some 70% of the US artillery is in the reserves. It's 55% of the Armor. It's 100% of the Air Force's refuelling capability. Also a lot of the Intel and MPs, which are in high demand these days.

I would find it hard to accept that the Irish Army is quite as overstretched, and don't see any reason to be calling up reservists for home security duties when the PDF can do the job. There is a simple 'mirroring' in the Irish Army between PDF and RDF units, not the weighted balance like in the US.

That said, I would also submit that the function of the RDF -is- to supplement the PDF, and thus their duties should consist of exactly the same thing the PDF duties consist of, but merely be called up when the PDF runs out of manpower to do all that is required of it.


6th February 2003, 08:07
It's all well and good having 120 troops here. But i thinking that it was in the governments interest to deploy troop rather than extra Gardai to patrol the airport. They would have have had to pay out huge amounts of overtime to them just like the foot and mouth.

Also the Army can't be deployed here indefinitely. Serious changes are required at SNN the security there is a total joke. I'm thinking that SNN along with our other airports will have to go the way of the UK and deploy highly trained armed units of the Gardai, not the ERU this would be counter productive taking a unit like this off the streets. These armed units would patrol inside the airport its self and have mobile patrols both insde and outside the fence. Alnong with improved CCTV systems i think this would provide a suitable deterrent. The fence needs to be improved.

So are armed Gardai the answer in the long run ?

Lost Watchdog
6th February 2003, 08:50
Reality check here boys and girls - The crusties are professional protesters who train in ways to get their hairy mugs on the 6.1 news being "brutalised by the opprressive forces of the fascist police state" so putting some untrained, scared, tired, 18-year-old RDF private in their path will have them tree hugging with glee. Look at the mess the Cops made of the Mayday protests - and they were supposed to be trained professionals.

6th February 2003, 10:07
The crusties are professional protesters who train in ways to get their hairy mugs on the 6.1 news

This is not necessarily true. Only one or two of the protesters in SNN were of this callibre.

RDF duties are for training only. - Max Power

This is not the case. RDF do duties when the PDF are tied up (not in a kinky way). This just shows the lack of knowledge held about the RDF and what we do! :( For decades the FCA did duties while on camp and when the PDF were on exercise!!!

6th February 2003, 10:21
Or even a trained spotty 18 year old PDF private for that matter

6th February 2003, 10:44
Has Max Power been away for sometime. As the RDF DUTIES ARE NOT JUST FOR TRAINING. Where does it say that our duties have to confined to Barracks?????????????
The only reason why my trigger fingure is itchy is those crustie bastards sent me a virus and it has screwed my computer and I want revenge.
Looking at the qoute he has from me (the spelling) Oachhh :o

6th February 2003, 14:27
Why is it that when ever a FCA/RDF person suggest helping the PDF some, not all of them throw a wobbler?

All we would like to do is put into action some of the skills that we have picked up over the years so that we can improve ourselves and our units.

What are you so afraid of??? That we might do a good job?

6th February 2003, 16:36
They are afraid that we might do a good jod and the government in their money thighing way half the PDF. They have a right to be fearful as those fools in office don`t know what to with the money they get in tax anyway.

6th February 2003, 17:54
I suppose that is a genuine concern, there is the possibility that if reservists performed their duty at even half reasonable levels, that the chaps with the purse strings would be tempted to save a few quid by cutting down on the PDF cadre's funding and size.

It would be an insane move, but not an unimagineable one.

Politicans rarely realise that an army is like insurance:
It's expensive, when you don't need it it seems like a big waste, it's unpopular, but if you are in need of it and you don't have any, you are rightly buggered unless you have enough capital or rich friends to bail you out.

A professional core to the army is essential as the reservists would only be enough to supplement the army for a short time in an emergency (attrition would take it's toll), usually untill a new larger force is mobilised perhaps 6 months later.
Who trains the newer force? The professional core do.
They form the archives of knowledge and experience, untill the remaining reserves (by now veterans) are prepared to augment them and the new forces take over from the reserves.... all depending on intensity of the conflict and attrition.

California Tanker
7th February 2003, 03:09
This is a dilemma that's facing the US army as well, especially since in many cases the reserves outperform their active duty counterparts.


ex pat 007
7th February 2003, 04:13
this is true , Ive just finished sfas and the ratio of natl guard troops starting the course and graduating was musch higher than the active duty side of the fence( which I am happily included:D
although the majority of guardsmen were in fact former infantry and ranger bttn types.....

California Tanker
7th February 2003, 09:08

I have to say, I'm in no hurry to volunteer for SFAS, and I'm not sure what got into you to make you do it!

It is to be said that a large portion of the Guard are those former professional soldiers who are so dedicated to the job that they stayed in the military even tough they don't do it for a living any more. My platoon sergeant used to be 11ACR (NTC Opfor) for example. Certainly the number of Guard troops with prior full-time experience is a vastly higher percentage than those Irish RDF personnel who are former PDF.


7th February 2003, 12:41
CT, the same can be said about some units in the TA. My cousins unit has always been known to be a very good armoured regiement based in London. He has recieved is call up orders along with his wife to be.

ex pat 007
8th February 2003, 22:56
Until yesterday I was under the impression that I would be off to the SF q course in june and miss out on all the festivities.I found out yesterday that they simply cant start the war without me, so my orders are put on hold as Im off with "Ma deuce" to go forth and do warlike things.

Today I was out shopping with the wife and kids and I saw this collection of scarecrows and beatniks on the side of the road with the usual protest stuff signs with "no blood for oil, Iraq is a soverign nation" etc , the only reason they were there was to annoy soldiers as there is no politicians office in sight.There were also a growing crowd of fellas with high and tights looking kind of somber to the rear of yon scruffies.Against the better advice of the wife I stopped to give the liberals my two cents. This one black lady saw me coming and saw the look on my face and decreed "On no not another" and promptly accused me of being a skinhead(the fact that I was for years is moot!) and I lost all semblence of intelligence and accused them of being commies and the couple of guys with them to have dubious sexual preferences .These anarchist anti-state types instantly reached for cell phones and the law was called.The couple of hippie men folk decided that enough fun had been had, and did a runner for their cars where several fell down and a group of kind hearted paratroopers helpd them to their feet;) .

I guess the moral of the story is if youre dead set on fighting the system and taking down the state make sure the police are there to protect you!!

18th February 2003, 18:01
This thread is going too far away from the original topic. It is about the Irish Army being brought into guard Shannon airport.

Wider discussions on the potential war do not belong here, and should be moved to the General or Politics section.

19th February 2003, 20:02
From the RTE website

Link (http://www.rte.ie/news/2003/0219/shannon.html)

February 19, 2003

(17:22) The Minister for Defence, Michael Smith, has told the Dáil that international terrorists do not pose a threat to Ireland.

He was responding to a question from John Gormley of the Green Party, who asked what troops stationed at Shannon would do in the event of an attack by al Qaeda.

The Minister told Aengus Ó Snodaigh of Sinn Féin that the extra weekly cost of Irish soldiers guarding Shannon was €40,000 in allowances.

20th February 2003, 11:00
I think it's better to be safe than sorry, besides the crusties HAVE damaged planes, they HAVE broken in in the past.
Better to keep the troops untill the crisis is over.

25th February 2003, 12:39
They are still not finished with Shannon by the looks of this:

Three students have been arrested at Shannon airport after they were discovered close to the airport's perimeter fence.

The three are understood to be from Wexford, Galway and Louth and are students in Galway.

The three are understood to have been located close to the perimeter fence at the airport at lunchtime yesterday afternoon when they were arrested by gardai.

They were brought to Shannon garda station and questioned under Section 33 of the Air Navigation and Transport Act, before being released without charge.

It is understood they had cameras, maps and drawings in their possession.

Army personnel have been patrolling the perimeter fence for the past two weeks following a number of breaches of security at the airport.

Goldie fish
25th February 2003, 15:21
Army puts 24-hour armed guard on radar dome
By ALAN JACQUES(Limerick Leader.)
A THREAT from anti-war protesters, rather then from terrorists, has led to a 24-hour armed guard on the "golf ball" radar dome on Woodcock Hill.
The dome has been under 24-hour armed guard for the past two weeks as a result of the anti-war demonstrations at Shannon Airport.
Garda' and soldiers are on high alert at the scenic picnic-spot overlooking the Shannon Estuary because of the threat to the airport by protesters demonstrating over the war on Iraq.
According to Comdt Dan Harvey of Sarsfield Army Barracks, the dome, which is part of the airport's radar, telemetry and communications systems, has been deemed worthy of protection because of its significance to the airport's air-traffic control systems.
"The dome is connected to the airport and has been under armed guard since the anti-war demonstrations in Shannon over two weeks ago," said Comdt Harvey.
"When gardaí made their assessment of the situation it was felt that the dome could also come under threat and was deemed worthy of protection because of its importance to the airport's air-traffic control systems. The army were then called in to support the gardaí in this project," he said.
One man living in the Cratloe area told the Limerick Chronicle that he "got an awful shock" while out walking his dog this week to see armed soldiers patrolling Woodcock Hill. The man said he couldn't believe his eyes and that he thought he had walked into the middle of a military exercise.

25th February 2003, 15:28
Looking at the last post this deployment could end up getting alot bigger. The airport and its combined infrastructure is well dispirsed and is going to require constant 24 hr protection if these individuals are willing to cause damage.

Goldie fish
25th February 2003, 15:30
Its usually a busy spot allright..but dogwalking is rarely the main activity there by night..
Lots of drugs found there in the past..the local "businessmen" wont be at all happy with the increased activity..:-patriot:

25th February 2003, 16:11
Enough with going easy on these waster. Its one thing to spray paint a US Military Aircraft, but when they seek to damage aircraft or airport infastructure or indeed plot to damage ground radar/communications site it should be taken very seriously. If there were to damage a site such as the one mentioned above, it would not be a attack directed against the US but against all aircraft in the sky, im sure this would bring if serious prison time. The IAA would push for that im sure. It a sad state when we have to deploy troops to protect sites that's aim is to ensure people can fly safety through irish airspace.

25th February 2003, 17:16
If they are protecting places like Woodcock Hill they had better start protecting places like ..... ........ (better not say its name). If you know the place I mean they had better but 24hr armed guard as it also has been the target of both crusties and others in the past.

25th February 2003, 18:30
Obviously you are referring to Belgium,... it always gets buggered when wars start.
And you are right it has been a target in the past (WWI and WWII) and the others you are referring to are the Germans.

Okay,... poor humour, I know.

Back to seriousness.
It looks like there will be trouble at the next protest as Crustiemedia/ the SWP are harping on about direct action at Shannon big time!!

This is a very clear plan for damage to property and tresspass, and perhaps more.
While obviously there is a responcible and respectable element (those who will not be taking direct action, but will be simply protesting), there is certainly a troublemaking element.
Obviously there will need to be major reinforcement for the day.

Goldie fish
25th February 2003, 18:48
Some years ago the INLA blew up a similar structure in Mount Gabriel. Damaging this structure would be extremely hazardous for all flights over Irish airspace.

The action in shannon,unfortunatly,is designed to provoke a reaction from the security forces,similar to May Day. I doubt the Defence Forces are as answerable to the public for their actions as the Gardai though,as long as the rules of minimum force are adhered to..

25th February 2003, 19:36
I dont know whether or not to metion Mount Gaberial but it was said for me. I was reading crustie media also and the SWP web site (looking for sh*te) and they want a direct conflict with the the army my the sign of things. sould be interesting on saterday. I hope the army shows how good the training is (and not not killing them wasters).
For woodcock hill and other places force should be deemed necessary if its safety is under threat

26th February 2003, 13:26
From Clare FM news today

Two more American airlines have pulled out of Shannon airport, amid concern about the airport's use for re-fuelling military aircraft.

North American airlines, which has carried troops to Iraq has confirmed that it is rerouting its flights out of Shannon, to other European destinations while Miami international is also taking similar action

This follows the decision by World Airways to pull out of Shannon earlier this month.

A spokesman for North American airlines confirmed that the company has opted to re-route its flights out of Shannon to various destinations in Europe.

The spokesman confirmed that the recent anti-war protests and damage to military aircraft at Shannon has led to the decision being taken.

Miami international says it will not use an airport such as Shannon where aircraft is not safe. Their spokesman says they want to ensure the company's aircraft is out of harms way.

This is the huge double blow for Shannon, following the decision by World Airways last month to reroute its flights to Frankfurt.


A major blow to an airport already in crisis. This will affect the airport and most importantly the staff.

old rec
26th February 2003, 13:51
I agree with you EagleEye. The Airport has been on a downward trend for many years now, do the people who are causing damage to the aircraft and the so called "direct action" "peace" protesters not see that ultimatly they are destroying one of the main sources of income for this airport and the surrounding region. Sure I hear them cry but are we not stopping "War planes" from landing in a neutral country. The answer is yes, but do they not realize that these aircraft have been transiting Shannon for years. Take a look at the bar in the upstairs departure area and you will see badges and stickers from almost every branch of the US services. Can I ask these protesters where they were when US Marine MH53's were stationed in Shannon in the aftermath of the Air India disaster assisting in the recovery of the dead. These MH53's are an adaption of the HH53 transport helicopter -- adapted to deliver Special Forces into WAR, they can be fitted with a multitude of weapons. Unless i missed the door gunner position on the damaged 737.
Can I also ask where they were during the last US/Iraq gulf war. The same planes were landing, refueling and delivering US troops to the Gulf?
In short STOP taking our livelyhoods away and at the end of the day the planes are still delivering the men to the gulf. Just through a different route. YOU ARE NOT ACHEIVING ANYTHING!!

26th February 2003, 14:39
I hope they are pleased. A lot of people are going to loose their jobs and means of support thanks to the crusties.
Of course they the crusties don't give a damn cos most of them don't have jobs, and those that do are from other parts of the country.

If they are so worried about the welfare of others why don't they give half of what they own to the third world?
Or sell their playstations, cars, bongo drums, mobile phones and all those other little luxuries that could mean a meal for the impoverished?
Why don't they volunteer for aid work?
Why are they not out there as part of the human shield group (putting their money and lives where their mouth is)?
If they are so against capitalism why don't they live in communes?

It's because they don't care about the "people", they only care about their manifesto, their hatred of Bush, Blair, the USA and getting publicity for themselves and their parties.
The economic climate is pretty crap at present, we don't need some wasters to make it any worse.

28th February 2003, 12:34
Riot squad to lead charge on airport protesters - Independent 28-02-03

GARDAI clad in riot gear will spearhead a major security operation to thwart plans by anti-war demonstrators to pull down the perimeter fence at Shannon airport tomorrow. Up to 500 gardai backed by additional troops will be deployed at Shannon in the biggest joint operation to maintain law and order in more than a decade.

Full Story. (http://www.unison.ie/irish_independent/stories.php3?ca=9&si=926740&issue_id=8825)

28th February 2003, 12:42
I will say this all hell is going to break out tomorrow. I hope the gardai and the army dont get Injured.

28th February 2003, 13:07
I'm sure these protestors think they are achieving something good, in reality they are just taking business away from the airport and endangering the safety of the people working there. The airlines will just bypass shannon (Shannon is not a crucial landing site for modern trans-atlantic aircraft ) causing job losses and loss of revenue, the taxpayer of course will foot the bill for security and damage. In the aftermath these "heroes" will go and find something else to protest about. Everyone has the right to a peaceful protest but these people are going too far and are only going to contradict their peaceful pribciples.... what hypocritical idiots!

28th February 2003, 14:26
Nicly said Loque :-patriot:

As has been pointed out before, at least they live in a country where they can have a peaceful protest without fear of attack from the government (although there are times I wish we could :p )

iron arse
28th February 2003, 15:25
the american personel carriers have taken their bussiness to Frankfurt in Germany. this has resulted in a loss of bussiness worth €9 million to shannon airport (10% of their bussiness per anim). while those hippys may have the best intentions for poeple they never meet and people who dont give 2 sh*ts about them, they have caused so much damage to the area around shannon and cost many poeple thier jobs.

28th February 2003, 15:48
Clare FM:

Locals plan counter protests at Shannon
Ciara O' Mahony
Local workers may stage counter protests at Shannon to highlight the dire effect the anti-war protests are having on the local economy.

That's according to Clare County Councillor Pat McMahon who said that local people are becoming increasingly frustrated at the loss of business in Shannon.

He warned that people are already discussing what measure to take and will act in the coming weeks.

__________________________________________________ _______

Bail for Shannon Protesters
Emer Connolly
Three of the five people charged with carrying out damage to a military aircraft at Shannon airport earlier this month have been granted bail in the district court.

Nuin Dunlop, Ciaron O'Reilly and and Karen Fallon have all been warned to keep out of County Clare and sign on daily at various garda stations.

Inspector Tom Kennedy told the court today that gardai are satisfied with the addresses provided by their solicitor Joe Noonan.

Judge Joseph Mangan had granted bail to their co-accused Damien Moran and Deirdre Clancy last week.


So maybe protesters and locals will end up clashing tomorrow, i no their is alot of anger being felt by airport staff, quite rightly is your job is in danger after the actions of these crusties...

28th February 2003, 15:53
There was a Primetime special about it a couple of weeks ago. On it one of those direct action heads said it would be worth losing some jobs if it achieved their aims.


28th February 2003, 16:01
Their 'aims'?

Seems like their sole aim is to drive this business out of Shannon and cost jobs. Its not like the 'war' is going to come to a grinding halt because the troops arrive via a refuelling stop at Frankfurt or Prestwick instead of Shannon.

I'm starting to agree with comments made elsewhere on the board, if they really care that much about the poor down trodden people of Iraq, then they should go there for a while. Our national virtue is fine, thank you very much.

28th February 2003, 16:18
Yes their "Aims" are highly dubious, they should go to the source of the problem!
Messing around with people's livelyhoods is not going to stop a war with Iraq. Ireland has a policy of neutrality, what is the point of protesting in a neutral country? , they are under the misguided notion that their actions will make a difference as to what america does or doesn't do regarding Iraq. No, whatever their motives they are going about things the wrong way and don't care if other people are effected by their in appropriate behavior

28th February 2003, 17:44
Recent radio reports say that the Crusties feel like Gandhi. Obviously most of them are attention seekers, they just don't have a cause. Unfortuantely they were born in a country and time that is not plagued by aparthide, or major racism (debatable) and women have the vote. What have they left to achieve? Nothing! How are they going to make their mark? Lets pick on SNN. So they potter off and don't shower and play their bongo drums outside tee-pees, and thus they have a little cause all of their own.....

These people need re-hab

28th February 2003, 18:05
I am amazed that the lefties carry on as if they have the support of the airport staff, they are suggesting that the airport staff strike etc.

Are they fecking mad?

28th February 2003, 18:17
The airport staff should strike....

...strike those hippy ****ers with something hard and metallic.

Even if they succeed in making US troop carriers abandon Shannon as a stop off point, it will have ZERO effect on any war in Iraq. They will just use a different airport. if they are so concerned about iraq why don't they go out there like some people are doing or contribute money to Trocaire who I think have an iraq fund now.

Arsing around protesting about something that, in the list of problems effecting Ireland, is pretty low down is going to achieve nothing except costing poeple jobs. If the cowboys that were arrested for attacking that plane are a good example of these protestors, they are mainly unemployed, unemployable or students and as such are living off the state they are giving out about so much. I wonder if they would give up their grant/dole payments as an act of protest? unlikely!

there is nothing wrong with free speech and peaceful demonstration but trying to destroy a perimiter fence and confronting the police and army isnt peaceful

Relatively Sane
28th February 2003, 19:44
I can't disagree with most of the comments about the Shannon protesters, (let's just assume the death threats were hyperbole, to avoid law suits), but most of you seem to have a problem with all war protesters. The gobshites in shannon may only represent themselves, but nobody can deny that the marchers in dublin represented a huge proportion of the population who want the government's hypocrisy end. The prevailing opinion on the board may be pro-war, but i know from experience that the army doesn't exactly attract lefties.

Goldie fish
28th February 2003, 21:45
I am with you there Relatively....
I think I would be fair in saying that nobody here wants war,and those who do ,know not what they are talking about. The Dublin protest was attended by the ordinary man and woman of ireland who were ,like the majority opposed to the war. However the problem is the anti war movement as a group. Like the Civil Rights movement in the North in the late 60s,the cause has been hijacked by those with other,more sinister motives,anarchy being the main one.
I doubt if the board as a rule is Pro War,however most would be anti saddam,but I dont hear much support of Bush here either,except for our Stateside brethern.

In short I dont think people here have any opinion..much like the government really..:-patriot:

1st March 2003, 08:42
Did we ever see we would see the army have to put up a razor wire fence at SNN. Maybe Aer Rianta will get a cheap new fence to improve the airport security.

I love to be there today to see what happens......

1st March 2003, 15:46
Several hundred gardai have arrived at Shannon airport in anticipation of a march by anti war demonstrators which was due to leave Shannon town this lunchtime.

In an unprecedented show of strength, several garda check points have been set up on the way to the airport.

Some gardai are wearing riot gear while others are carrying arms.

Razor wire has also been stretched across part of the airport complex to deter demonstrators from trying to break in.

Gardai are also being assisted by an air corps helicopter which will provide ariel reconnaissance.


Pretty impressive show of strength..

1st March 2003, 17:17
Why are the 'Irish' soldiers in the picture wearing British DPM uniforms? Have we not got enough of our own?!

1st March 2003, 17:26
Gardai arrested two people at Shannon

16:06 Saturday March 1st 2003

Two people have been arrested at Shannon airport for attempting to breach a perimeter fence during an anti-war protest. Demonstrators failed to carry out a plan to pull part of the fence down and are in a stand off with Gardai in riot gear.

Goldie fish
1st March 2003, 18:54
Depending on where you get your news,anything from 2 to ten people were arrested today..
They failed to bring down the fence,which in itself is a victory for the forces of Law and order,turnout of about 500 people.
The Examiner says..

Two arrested at Shannon airport
01/03/2003 - 4:26:22 pm

Two people have been arrested at Shannon airport for attempting to breach a perimeter fence during an anti-war protest.

Demonstrators from a group called "Grassroots Network" failed to carry out a plan to pull part of the fence down.

They were involved in a stand-off with gardaí in riot gear.
RTE says

Seven arrested at Shannon anti-war protests

March 1, 2003

(17:36) Ten people have been arrested, after minor scuffles at an anti-war demonstration at Shannon Airport.

Several hundred Gardaí were deployed around the airport amid fears of violence. The demonstrators split into two groups.

The arrests took place after one group, calling itself Direct Action, led up to 200 people up to the perimeter fence at the airport. Direct Action has said it would try to pull down part of the perimeter fence at the airport, in protest at the facility being used by American troops.

Following the threat, the Labour party, Sinn Fein and the Green Party indicated they would not be supporting the protest.

The Irish Anti-War Movement, who have organised the main Shannon march, say they want it to be completely peaceful.

The heavy Garda presence includes some officers in riot gear and others armed with guns.

Indymedia mentions...

Present scene at the airport is nearing end, nine arrested, total - one protester had her trousers pulled off by Garda during arrest, 'handled badly'

prevented Crusty streaker Protest perhaps?Handled badly by whom?
The Irish soldiers in the picture are wearing Irish Raingear. It was issued to them when they went to E Timor. It bears a similarity to the UK pattern,but it is not "British DPM Uniforms"....Unless the Brits have moved in to shannon to protect Bushes war machine...:-patriot:

It appears to be the end of the Anti War Movement(capitols):confused: :-patriot:

24th March 2003, 15:28
Well it looks like the Shannon Airport issue will not go away any time soon but this is an interesting slant on it:

A retired Irish Army Officer has issued High Court proceedings against the Government in an attempt to prevent Shannon Airport being used as a refuelling stop for aircraft carrying American troops to Iraq.

Edward Horgan, a former Commandant with an address at Newtown, Castletroy in County Limerick, was ordered by the President of the High Court to notify the Chief State Solicitor this afternoon of his intended action.

The matter was adjourned until Wednesday.

What do ye think of that.........

24th March 2003, 15:41
As far as I know he's head of the Peace and Neutrality Alliance, so it's not unexpected.

25th March 2003, 10:51
are the army still in shannon, heard no word of them now as long time

25th March 2003, 11:15
Saw them recently on TG4 news driving around on patrol in an FFR so they are still around in SNN

25th March 2003, 12:42
cheers, jesus aint it amazing though the amount of stuff you can pick up on tg4, rte doesnt have a look in

25th March 2003, 13:40
Ud think that they would all leave the shannon situation alone by now, god it's sickening