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Little Legionnare
3rd February 2003, 23:34
WHen I was looking at the CIA factbook I read that Ireland has a GNP of 104.7bill, and a population of 3.88mill. Singapore has a population of 4.45mill and a GNP of 106bill. They should have simaler milltary capabilites. so lets comapare:
6 3000 tons French desginesd multirole corvettes under construction.
6 600 tons patrol craft.
6 500 tons FACs.
6 500 tons ASW patrol craft.
6 2540 tons patrol boats.
4 SSKs
4 8,500 tons LSDs 350 troops 18 tanks + 20 APCs.
1 5600 tons LSD, 530 troops, 340 tons of cargo.
4 360 tons minhunters.

1 1,915 tons corvette.
2 1,700 tons corvettes.
3 1,003 tons corvettes.
2 712 tons patrol boats.
SHoulden't Ireland's navy be more like Singapore's, especially since Singpore is experincing negitive growth and Ireland is not. and why not. And is there a chance it will change anytime soon, because I intentionally left out the air arms to make it not look as bad. I think ireland should mold it's navy along the lines of the Singapore navy like Collins tried to mold the IRish army after the swiss one.

Goldie fish
5th February 2003, 02:33
I believe Dev tried to model the Naval service on the Swiss one also...But eventually he went with the Austrian version.
The reason the Singapore navy is so large,considering the fact that Singapore itself is only 240 square miles in size are many. The former Soviet Navy was attempting to exert its influence in the vital sea lanes of the Straits of Malacca in the area.Also the massive influx of Boat People from Vietnam also put the Singapore Navy under severe pressure.
The seas nearby are rampant with Piracy,and the whole region has seen much conflict and is generally considered politically unstable.
Having a strong Navy is an advantage. Their neighbours would not be as friendly as ours either,surrounded by Indonesia,Malaysia,and Borneo..
All in all not a bit similar.
Many of their vessels are second hand,and more suited to the tropical waters wherin it lies..I have said it before and I'll say it again,there isnt much point haveing a 500 tonne Patrol craft in the North atlantic in winter. They also have the Old RN ship,and Falklands veteran,Sir Lancelot. It replaced a class of ship built in 1944,hardly an example to us?
The subs too are old,built in 1968 in Sweden as the Sjoorman class.
The new French designed Corvettes are based on the Lafayette design,with a crew of 80.Displacing 3200 tonnes,they have a length of 110m,beam of 16m and a speed of 27kts with a range of 4000nm..Should be complete by 2006..

5th February 2003, 17:37
here are the figs on singapore 's air defence force
16 hueys ; 6CH-47's ; 1 KC-135 ; 5 AS-332B ; 16AS-AS332M
6AS-350B ; 9 AS-550C ; 12AS-550OU ; 8 fork-50's ; 4 E-2C
10 C-130's ;50 F-16's ; 64A-4SU's ; 12 TA-4SU's ; 50 F-5's
8 RF-5E's ; 28 S-211's and 12 SF-260MS's

awesome is'nt it LL , must be a case of different folks /different strokes

lets see 1TANKER
10 TT'S

Little Legionnare
5th February 2003, 17:37
never heard of Borneo. could be Brunei who has three corvettes under construction and a trio of Sinpore built patrol craft. Malayshia and Indoneshia don't have enough ships to patrol their own territory, let alone invade Singapore. The ex Sir Lancelot will probally be decommisioned with the recent arrival of the four new 8,500tons Enduarnace class. I am not saying Ireland should have 30 of 500tons FACs, but more like 16 1200-2000 medium sized corvettes, 4 2600-3,500 corvette leaders, and a squadron of frigates. Along with 4 amphibious ships, 4 S300 ships, and a pair of tankers. If Singapore with an economy that is falling by 2.2% is aquireing their fleet(they have aquired every one of those ships in teh last decade in a half.)and Ireland a country with a far bigger navel ressponsibility and an economy growing at 6% can't build a navy near Singapore's capability or the one I mentioned above. Alsso the six ships should be finished by 2009, not 2006, and the first of class to be build in France is already under construction. And I din't know Austria had an army.

5th February 2003, 18:36
LL, you are advocating a navy of 30 plus craft. Where do you expect us to find the crews for them all? Just because Singapore is willing to spend all that money on it's navy despite a shrinking economy doesn't mean we have to follow suit.

Everyone here agrees that this country needs a larger and better equipped navy, but your mad wishlists are just taking the piss.

5th February 2003, 19:28
We're Irish !

Everyone loves us !


(Well, that has always been the Irish governments thinking on the subject)

5th February 2003, 19:44
Right well i voted just for the hell of it!!! what does "under 8" mean? are we refering to LL age again?

5th February 2003, 22:41
Ireland scrapped the last of its corvettes in 1970.Please tell the CIA we operate Fishery protection vessels and **** all else.
Does the CIA knowthat you have been reading their hand book or were you merely looking for the comics page?

7th February 2003, 10:07
could someone give a cost estimation for both the singapores navy and ships mentioned for the Irish navy.

Goldie fish
11th February 2003, 04:02
Trying to remember the specifics,but its something like this.
The 3xP20 class cost in the region of IR£5m each in 1977-1979
The 1xP31 cost IR£27m(twice the budgeted amount)
The 2xP40 Class(Peacocks) cost IR£6m each(I think)In 1988
The 2xP50 class have cost in the region of IR£22m each(1999)