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23rd December 2003, 12:27
Is there any military activity on the island today? - I was there last month and drove up to the Naval guns, does anyone know will they ever open them up to the public? I would imagine during the tourist season you would get plenty of tourists. There was so much to see there, and not very much information arround.

23rd December 2003, 15:21
There is plenty of it, if you have gone up to the guns at the eastern tip of the island you must have passed the camp above the village, I did my NCO's course down there

23rd December 2003, 15:30
you must understand that this is DOD property and it is an occupied camp with staff all year round, therefore you cannot invite tourist's to wander through and what about accident's, there are enough injury claim's as it is internally without more from civilian tourist's,

keep safe.

Goldie fish
29th December 2003, 09:27
If you want information on the forts,I would suggest ,even reccommend you visit Fort Dunree,In Donegal,which was built about the same time as the other treaty port Harbour defences.
Fort Berehaven is still active for training,and as such,tourism on the island is not encouraged,unless you are willing to pay the E35 for the return ferry journey of less than a mile....I would also have great doubts as to whether your motor insurance would cover you were you to be involved in an accident on the island,as most of the natives drive cars without doors,never mind tax and insurance..

6th January 2004, 15:03
Cheers for that!

6th January 2004, 15:17
Its a lovely place provided the weather play its part, must actually post those photos of the guns i have. To gain acces to the guns is difficult.
For camps it good too a point. Tacticts around the Mortallo towers and surrounding areas is good.

6th January 2004, 19:47
Just one ive found will try and find the other later

6th January 2004, 20:28
Irelands answer to the Falklands....except even the Brits don't want this one back....what a kip!

7th January 2004, 08:47
It is a kip, and the state of the camp its is worse.

1st February 2004, 12:32
Nothing a few 2 story buildings and a proper drinking water supply wouldnt cure. Apparently it was used as an internment camp during the "Tan" wars