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6th February 2003, 20:48
Alright some are calling us RDF, some are calling us FCA and some are calling us names I won't print here!!! :D

But will someone please tell me have we changed over to RDF or is that just wishful thinking? Lets finish this once and for all

6th February 2003, 20:52
As far as i know the RDF consists of an slua mhuiri and ourselfs the fca. so collectively we are the rdf but singularily (big word for me) we are the fca/sandbaggers/free clothes association/ weekend warriors/ fools carrying arms......need i go on!

6th February 2003, 21:07
Personally i preffer "fairy cake army"!

8th February 2003, 19:41
During a recent unit conference we were told to stop using the name FCA and use the new official name.... Cultaca an Airm (My Irish is very bad so excuse spelling if wrong) which is Army Reserve in english. All the official recruiting posters refer to us as the Reserve Forces and the Army Reserve in Particuliar. RDFRA should know but getting info from them can be like getting blood form a stone at times!

9th February 2003, 01:42
As far as I know we are still the FCA.

9th February 2003, 12:55

9th February 2003, 20:34
All paper work is to be converted to the Army Reserve ASAP according to our CQ. The change is coming but its as usual taking its time

10th February 2003, 09:47
The RDF does not include the Slua Muiri. They are the Naval Reserve something (can't remember right now). The FCA is becomming the RDF - when Mr Smith gets off his ass and signs the paper.

10th February 2003, 10:01
I have been informed that we are now the RDF (Reserve Defence Forces) which consist of the Army Reserve (Forsa Cultachta an Airm) and the Naval Reserve (I can hardly pronounce the irish let alone spell it).

10th February 2003, 10:22
I will investigate this further - I suppose I could be wrong.

Be afraid, be very afraid...... ;)

Big Al
10th February 2003, 11:15
we were always both! The FCA is the army element of the RDF while the slua is the naval element of the RDF, remember the RDFRA has been about since 93 and what does RDFRA stand for?

10th February 2003, 19:12
The Official word on the name change- From the RDFRA site.

"we would advise that the Steering Group Report was approved, in principle, by the Minister for Defence in mid-January. To-date he has not signed the appropriate regulation concerning the change of name but we understand this will happen very shortly."

The Coy signs in country areas in my battalion have had "FCA" removed form the sign and "RDF" painted in their place.

Basically it looks like we are not the FCA but not yet the Army Reserve.

10th February 2003, 21:26
from what i have heard over the weekend the minister has just signed the documentation making the F.C.A. the R.D.F. i may be wrong but it was an officer that said this!

10th February 2003, 21:47
Well he was wrong!!!! Tell conlon to get his facts Right!!!

10th February 2003, 22:07
<font face="tahoma" color="#99cc00">
Well the RDF is the CA and SM, Yes I'd like to Point out our new Name is NOT the RDF but Cultacha an Airm. and the Slua Muiri will still be the Slua Muiri, I havn't heard anyone calling it Cultacha and Cabhaliagh yet!!

11th February 2003, 15:20
I think that FCA is what people will refer to us for a long time, it's a pity cos there is regardless a stigma attached to it ie: Free Clothes Association etc.

At least with CA or Cultachta an Airm people will have not a clue what it means and it will be a fresh start.

However as someone who does not have a word of Irish it does sould like the militant branch/cult of the Legion of Mary....... or a department of the Gaeltacht.

RDF sounds quite professional.

11th February 2003, 18:23
I think the name Cultachta an Airm (CA) would eventually grow on you LordFlash, we have heard so much about RDF this and RDF that you have become accustomed to the title by now, I would hope that Cultachta an Airm will also grow on us in time.

I wonder how long it will take for others to come-up a new derogatory term? :rolleyes:

11th February 2003, 22:07
complete arseholes?..........

11th February 2003, 22:10
OK I'll start the ball rolling.....Cheap Army!

12th February 2003, 10:28
****s Armed? (kermit - can I say that?)

12th February 2003, 11:03
I'm sure I''l grow to love it,...

as for derogatory names,.... Cowboy Assembly

Sorry, thats the best I can do...

The Fonz
12th February 2003, 19:16
I know some of the long serving people like myself have heard all the names down through the years, and i wwas glad in a way anout the new name but lookin at it, it changes nothing its not like wwhen the name changes theres going to be a big puff of smoke and wwhen it clears were all goin be 10 foot tall muclse bastard with loads of new weapons and equipment. But what i'm driving at is forget about the new name cause it changes nothing in the way of skills and other stuff ya know.

Big Al
13th February 2003, 11:59
A cheap shot at the 7 Bn.

Crack Addicts :D

13th February 2003, 14:02
<font face="tahoma" color="#99cc00">Not that type of Crack, Big Al its usually the Female Kind ;)

how about<b> Compulsive Alcoholics????</b>


13th February 2003, 16:47
Naval Service Reserve or NSR is/will be the new correct name for the Slua and is in use by my unit on all letterheads. Even our staff officer (PDF) has termed his appointment SONSR, changed from SOSM.

Oh, and Earhart: even if you can use language like that you shouldn't.

CA doesn't have a ring to it, people will ask "why did they chop the F off", I I were in the F/CA i would stick with RDF.

The english abbreviation doesn't bear thinking about -- the RA, :-patriot:

I'll bet the DOD never saw that one coming. Ha Ha.

13th February 2003, 17:08
Do you know what the Irish version of Naval Service Reserve is? It sounds like a bit of a mouthfull

13th February 2003, 19:41
<font face="tahoma" color="#99cc00"> The Correct Term in english is the Army Reserve so its AR the NSR will be <b>Cultacha an Seirbhis Cabhalaigh</b>. The Need For The Name change is that the Second line reserve of the Army (FCA) ceased to be the "Local" Defence Forces in 1946 so 57 years later they're changing the name in Irish.

I think we can wait a few more Months</font>

Big Al
17th February 2003, 17:05
This months copy of An Cosantóir has two articles on the "11 Field Eng Coy, Army Reserve"

They must have signed something and not told us

17th February 2003, 17:45
I do not believe this, instead of waiting for the head cases out there to start making up names for us you are supplying the ammo, great idea:

21st February 2003, 14:40
If the PDF is known as the PDF and not An Airm(?), Why would we not be the RDF instead of CA?


Big Al
21st February 2003, 14:42
the pdf includes air corps and naval service as well as army

21st February 2003, 15:32
I've often wondered why they don't leave the names in english, does chaning the title to irish make much difference ?
The LSF and LDF existed for years before being reformed as an FCÁ.
let's face it, even though irish is the official language of ireland most of us are native english speakers. I see the reason for drill and ceremony in irish but I see little point in using irish titles when we're going to end up being referred to as an abbreviation be it RDF, FCA, CA, or whatever they end up calling us.

22nd February 2003, 11:20
I agree, We should refer to ourselves simply as ,the reserve forces,that s what I will be doing from now on, and so when you mention this to somebody they cannot come back with the old ;Free Clothes Assoch Ha HA ect ,ect the name has been changed so lets use it to our best advantage;)

23rd February 2003, 14:54
I think people should concentrate less on what we are called and more on what we do, I mean what's in a name?? (domestic engineer vs housewife). I personally don't care what we are called, the main thing is that this "integration" programme goes ahead full steam bringing the reserve profile of the reserve up a couple of notches.