View Full Version : Naval Service chooses HP for IT

1st February 2004, 12:56

2nd February 2004, 03:20
Damn.... who in their right mind would choose HP? A few years down the line, it will be difficult to not to avoid the disaster Carly's created. It's already like the big elephant in the room nobody wants to discuss


2nd February 2004, 08:30
Have faith yooklid, all will come good in the end...


Goldie fish
2nd February 2004, 08:44
They already had HP from day one. Obviously they were happy with the corporate backup. I believe HP are quite good to their business customers.

3rd February 2004, 02:39
Well... don't worry. Carly will f&@k that one up soon enough. You only have to look at what is left of lucent to realise that.....

Goldie fish
3rd February 2004, 02:51
Relevance? This is still the Naval section.

3rd February 2004, 15:20
An arm of the defence force will once again be supplied with equipment from a questionable source. HP were good once, one only has to look at the Superdome fiasco to realise how bad things have become.