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10th February 2004, 12:34
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10th February 2004, 21:36
Is the Niamh still there?

10th February 2004, 22:41
The Naval Service should have got their finger out and filled in the proper paper work!

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Goldie fish
11th February 2004, 08:00
Niamh returned once the initial recce mission was complete,within 2 weeks of her departure I believe.

11th February 2004, 13:35
Goldie, was HMNLS Amsterdam here to take stuff to Liberia. Is that the Amsterdam in the photos in An Coasintór?

Goldie fish
11th February 2004, 16:06
No. LE Niamh brought the initial stores to Liberia,and the rest followed by air.(AN124) What photos?

11th February 2004, 16:23
I think it's a photo centre spread on Liberia in the current edition. Lots of photos of Nissans and MOWAGs in what I initially though was a warehouse (cream? coloured walls), but actually appears to be a ship. Very high floor to ceiling though.

I knew about the AN124, but I wasn't sure if everything went on it.

Goldie fish
11th February 2004, 18:27
HMNLS Amsterdam is a fleet replenishment ship. HMNLS Rotterdam is an LPD and is being used as a Hospital ship in Liberia. To My knowledge she has not visited Cork(if she did nobody told me)

This is her Well Deck,where that photo in an cosantoir could have been taken.

11th February 2004, 19:59
Apologies. GF, my bad.

12th February 2004, 12:43
Is it the case that a Navy supply mission to oversea's service personel must get the final say from the Defence Department? - would a similiar mision/situation occur in any other Navy in the world, that a "supply mission" could be canceled because of non military personal, namely the cival servants in the DOD?? - If this is the case I think it is a farce! - bureaucracy at its best! - surely Geff Hoon would not get involved in a RN supply mission lets say to Yugoslavia.. why do the cival servants/councilors have so much influence! same in every government department:confused:

12th February 2004, 14:18
I understand, but it is the navy, that is what a navy does. But for it to be canceled due to a DOD descision is in annoying, how expensive is it? - I would imagine that, that situation would not happen with the RN.. The Irish Defence Forces, "A Life less ordinary" - maybe for the army.

12th February 2004, 17:23
Eeeeasy Addy, paper trails are there for a reason.

Goldie fish
13th February 2004, 00:16
The NS have been seeking a certain amount of financial self sufficiency for accounting purposes for some time. In many cases the annual budget has had a portion of its total returned at the end of the year,unspent. The amount however does not roll into the next year,often causing difficulties.

Goldie fish
13th February 2004, 06:30
Apparently KNLMS Rotterdam Visited Dublin sometime last year,in the company of 2 Karel Doorman class frigates Van Nes [F833] and Van Speijk [F828.

Photos HERE (http://www.merseyshipping.co.uk/photofeatures/services/othernaval/nmdub/nmdub.htm)