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Goldie fish
9th February 2003, 03:20
Well,in a story that is too long to go into I managed to get invited on Niamh for a trip from Cork city quays to the oil wharf in Haulbowline..(along with a bunch of schoolgirls of "that" age..)
Here are a few of my observations on the trip..(seing its probably the last time I'll get away with a free trip).
Joined the ship at Custom house quay ..the crew,in particular the senior rates are as sound a bunch youll ever find...ended up discussing Korea in the senior rates mess..only flaw was the absence of Barrys tea..the shame...had to drink Bewleys..
Everywhere on the ship are reminders of the Hong Kong trip. Oriental paintings and ornaments,and Bilingual signs on the heads..English and Chinese!
While they all done their thing I had a look about..It is a fine ship..that has to be said. Very roomy..even by Irish Naval standards..stairwells are not as steep as what I as used to..corridors are just wide enough to allow people to pass on them.
The bridge has a modern,practical layout which is compact,while at the same time roomy. It is difficult to get in somebodys way on this bridge.The Officers and junior ratings are relatively young. The XO,Nav and gunnery Officers cannot be more than late 20s/early 30s. To me this is a good sign for the future.They are guided though by a seasoned crew of senior rates and the OC and Eng Officer. The cox is mentioned elsewhere on the board.
The Harbour pilot was a class or 2 ahead of me in College and his purpose was purely academic as the Naval officers were well able to guide Niamh down the harbour,rarely requiring his assistance...
After slipping from Custom House quay we headed downriver,and the "guests" headed for the 02 deck,for a better view..they had a better view of the scenery..I had a better view of them(slap on wrist).
The Female Nav Officer gave them the tour as they waved at passing traffic along the quays....My Buddy onboard mentioned that the locals will be thinking that Pressganging is back..with this bunch of lunatics screaming their head off from the heights of the vessel.
Engine noise is almost silent compared to the P20 class ,which the people of Cobh have become accustomed to. An uneventful passage downriver,apart from one of the girlies suffering seasickness :p Good thing Niamh has a fully equipped sickbay....
Dropped the pilot at Cobh roads,onto the Pilot launch Sonia..which is equipped with both the speed of its namesake,and a dog...hmmmm :rolleyes: The Pilot got a copy of the Book I mentioned elsewhere about the Far east trip.
Berthing at the oil wharf was a slick affair too,with a highly efficient crew aboard making the task seem effortless,assisted of course by those taking lines ashore.And the DoD Ropeboat. It being the oil wharf "well oiled" would be the apt description of the activity. Once all was made fast and lines doubled up..the crew dissapeared to do whatever they do..while I do what I do best..take photos. The schoolgirls left,their teacher got a copy of the book too.
While Niamh is a Highly modern ship,the old naval traditions are not lost. Bosuns call is still used,as are signal flags. Colours and Jacks are raised and dipped at appropriate times,and officers are still "Piped" aboard.
I was of course Well impressed,my only regret being unable to get the opportunity to thank The O.C of Niamh for allowing me the privelage to travel as a passenger aboard this fine ship.

http://www.iol.ie/~forsacosanta/Niamh.harbourstns_small.JPG (http://www.iol.ie/~forsacosanta/Niamh.harbourstns.JPG)

More Photos (http://www.iol.ie/~forsacosanta/Niamh.htm)

Goldie fish
10th February 2003, 03:24
http://www.iol.ie/~forsacosanta/Niamh.pilot_small.JPG (http://www.iol.ie/~forsacosanta/Niamh.pilot.JPG)

Remember the dog I mentioned?:confused:

10th February 2003, 07:39
Only flag officers and other ships captains should be piped aboard and of course the president(flag officers include army officers of equivalent rank.

14th February 2003, 11:44
MAA, how did you get to be invited to get onboard, or more to the point how would some one go about getting onboard for a trip or some sort of loan draft?

Goldie fish
14th February 2003, 11:57
To be honest I am unsure. I know that certain FCA units have on occasion joined the ships on short cruises(daytrips),Mostly these are Cork based. Knowing somebody of rank aboard also helps. The Schoolgirls onboard I believe were from the Captains hometown..

I am not sure how I managed to blag myself onboard,but I was not going to ask the skipper "why?" or "are you sure?".

My guess would be
(a) Be from cork
(b) Know somebody of senior rank aboard
(c) have a neck a giraffe would be proud of..

14th February 2003, 13:31
"have a neck a giraffe would be proud of"

Made of brass, no doubt :)

18th February 2003, 15:39
My guess would be
(a) Be from cork
(b) Know somebody of senior rank aboard
(c) have a neck a giraffe would be proud of..

Well, I'm nowhere near Cork and don't know anyone on-board, the neck I can probably sort out, seriously though, I know when L.E. niamh was out in the far east I was serving at Northwood and we provided her with environmental support as she had no met or oc trained personnel onboard was just wondering if their was the chance of a loan draft?