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21st February 2004, 21:24
'Spotted this on p45rant of all places; http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/3459611.stm

I do not belive that the German government have any title to the wreck, but one wonders at the logic at moving something like this after all this time, BTW she is not a war grave, as she was fully evacuated before sinking.
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Goldie fish
22nd February 2004, 02:11
It says they mean to restore it also..whats next? Rebuild the eagles nest? Although that said the Kriegsmarine surface fleet were the least supportive of Germanys actions in the war,and Graf Spee's captain was not considered a Nazi.
I fail to see the practicalities of raising it though.

22nd February 2004, 02:14
It as the same practicalities as raising the Titanic (none at all)

Goldie fish
22nd February 2004, 02:24
Well to be fair, Titanic is almost rotted away,a mile or so underwater, and has lay in icy atlantic waters for over 90 years,while Graf Spee has sat close to the surface in warm sheltered waters for a lot less time. Plus,they already know where she is..

22nd February 2004, 02:47
But whats the practicalities of raising a 60 year old german battleship that hardly anybody cares or knows about?

Goldie fish
22nd February 2004, 03:13
Hardly Anybody? Surely you have felt damp while watching "The battle of the river plate" on TV? Classic movie. I had a model of the ship years ago....

22nd February 2004, 11:58
Its to be a tourist attraction and its a private venture not a German government one. If they feel they can make a few bob out of it fair play to them.

The Thing
22nd February 2004, 15:56
Germany like any other nation should be allowed to celebrate their war dead. Just because she was defeated does not mean that they should live forever in shame.

23rd February 2004, 16:26
It is a grave for its captain Isn't it. I thought he went down with it.

23rd February 2004, 16:33
Nope, shot himself in Montevideo, lying on a German Imperial Navy flag, IIRC.

23rd February 2004, 16:40
So who brought the ship out of the harbour to scuttle it.

For the record it wasn't a full battleship but a 'Pocket Battleship'. I only mention this because it makes me laugh everytime I say the phrase pocket battleship. I don't know why it does. It just does.

Pocket battleship:D :D :D :D

24th February 2004, 09:13
Pity they are lifting her, she probably makes a great dive - water pretty cruddy and strong tides. But its possible that she could be lifted intact. Given the state of U-260 off Glandore, I'd say that the steel plate is probably in good enough condition if she is lifted right.

24th February 2004, 16:57
He shot himself a few days after scuttling the ship.

Pocket Battleship isn't a class of ship. The Germans had to stay within certain size limits to comply with the Versailles treaty so they made small battleships.

And Germany has a National Day of Commemoration too.

24th February 2004, 18:48
I though it referred to the size of the guns rather than the size of the ship. But I don't remember where I heard that to be honest.

They were also banned from having an Air Force but that didn't stop them building one.

The armed forces of Germany must not include any military or naval air forces.

Goldie fish
26th February 2004, 02:25
I would suggest that anyone with further interest in this ship and her history, rent out(tho its often on TV) The Battle of the River Plate. The special effects are typical for the time,but the movie is factually accurate.

27th February 2004, 04:12

27th February 2004, 04:24

27th February 2004, 10:31
The Battle of the River Plate took place at a time when the belligerents obeyed the rules. It is unique in the Second World War that both British and German participants in this action met several times in friendly reunions after the war.

That bit is wrong, as there have been reunions for many different battles involving both sides, including the Battle of Britain, Normandy, Arnhem etc.

27th February 2004, 15:32
One thing is true, Langsdorff was a true officer and gentlemen.

27th February 2004, 17:39