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24th February 2004, 23:31
for the old sea dogs here

Goldie fish
25th February 2004, 08:41
I would say about 74 or 75, Deirdre(foreground) has the original FP20 Pennant number. The minesweepers in the background could be either of the 3 but it is later in their careers as they appear to have enclosed wheelhouses,which were added later in their service.(Brr)

25th February 2004, 20:35
I reckon its Grainne ....Fola ......and Deirdre. It looks like pne of the ariel shots taken around the Claudia incident which was 1973 ( Goldie look up me books to confirm this).
okay after blowing up the image ...the first sweeper is definetly CM10and I still reckon the second one is CM12...as CM 11 (Banba) was always broken down!

Nice piccy where did you come by it? makes anice screen saver!

25th February 2004, 22:49
I remember a documentry on TV once where some ole salt was talking about moving from one of the Flower class corvettes to the luxury of the Minesweepers. Man... luxury. Those things look tiny.


Vice Admiral
26th February 2004, 01:22
For a very good description of life aboard a flower class corvette during WWII I recommend reading 'The Cruel Sea' by Nicholas Monsarrat.

Goldie fish
26th February 2004, 01:27
I must try and find that Movie also....

26th February 2004, 18:32
well done murph,boat names are correct,deirdre,grainne and fola..photo taken as part of gchq in aug/sept 1975

26th February 2004, 18:39
the above mentioned documentaery was 50 years of the Irish navy which was aired in 1997. I still have a video copy of it. Very good show!

Goldie fish
26th February 2004, 18:58
I was half right...

Goldie fish
13th March 2004, 12:08
Finally got me a copy of this fine film yesterday. Very well made for its time(1953 B&W)
http://classicvideo.com/pics/cruelseadvd.jpg (http://www.classicvideo.ch/FilmSheet.cfm?ID=224)


14th March 2004, 18:42
Monserrat was quite scathing of Ireland's Neutral stance. Does it surface (excuse the pun!) in the movie?

14th March 2004, 19:00
No, Yooklid, it does not , as far as I can remember.
When I read 'The cruel Sea' first I was about 10-11 years old and found Monserrat's attuide quite upsetting, but when you realise what conditions that he was working under, you begin to understand why he felt the way he did.
Thats my 2 cents worth, anyway.

Goldie fish
21st March 2004, 04:32
Probably the last surviving Flower Class Corvette was restored a number of years ago in Canada,with the help of the Irish Naval service,who donated the Pom-pom.
HMCS Sackville (http://www.steelnavy.com/Sackville.htm)

21st March 2004, 11:57
hw actually wanted to borrow a corvete from the NS to make the film !.....Not a bad film ...for similar cotent watch 'in which we serve'.....'we dive at dawn' and 'carve her name with pride' :mad:

21st March 2004, 18:18
you were also half wrong...depending on which way you look at it.:mad:

21st March 2004, 18:32
Originally posted by Vice Admiral
For a very good description of life aboard a flower class corvette during WWII I recommend reading 'The Cruel Sea' by Nicholas Monsarrat.
i heard a very good description of trying to take a dump on one

Goldie fish
21st March 2004, 19:01
want to share it with us? Or does that go beyond your level of input?

21st March 2004, 19:14
I think it was a Greek navy one that was used in the end, I thought it was an excellent film, as for the others in your list, Mister Murphy, I thought that 'We Dive at Dawn' was the best, even if some aspects, [raiding a shore installation for fuel] were a bit iffey.
They also done one about the X-Craft, minature submarines, [54 foot long-some minatures], 'can't remember the name of it thou'

21st March 2004, 19:33
this was a history of the irish navel service, which i have no doubt you have read, theres a part where an rn ls is describeing takeing a dump on on the flower class corvettes while escorting the trans-atlantic convoys. apparently there was a trick to not getting a four inch wide spout of water up your stern. dont ask my what that trick was he didnt go into that much detail.

Goldie fish
21st March 2004, 19:57
I'm sure they saved a fortune on bog roll with that feature..

21st March 2004, 20:00
never thought of that

23rd March 2004, 10:41
Yeah thats the one with Donald Sinden and John gregson trying to sink the Tirpitz...great show ...but like you damned if I can remember the title !

there has been a re release of a trio of these fine films released on DVD to include.....Battle of the river plate ( which was actually filmed in the med during a nato exercise during the fifties).......

Any one seen a release of the Yangtse Incident.......you can keep your Private Ryans etc....give me a good old Royal navy war film any day.

23rd March 2004, 12:20
Yangtse incident, excellent film with a brilliant score too, It was on C4 a few weeks ago, but I did not have a tape:(

23rd March 2004, 14:53
The concept was that the toilets or heads empitied directly over the side as a result a greater pressure of water could enter the bog and straight up your arse!

The introduction of the evac system negated this a s a vacuum pump now removes all waste...problem is if your arse forms an airtight seal with the toilet bowl and you flush....you are stuck ! This could be embarrasing and can prove how loyal your shipmates actually are!

23rd March 2004, 16:31
Originally posted by hptmurphy
Yeah thats the one with Donald Sinden and John gregson trying to sink the Tirpitz...great show ...but like you damned if I can remember the title !

Its called Above us the Waves. John Mills is in it. I have it on DVD. There's another one about that with James Caan called Submarine X-1 but I havent heard or seen that for about 10 years.

Here are the links:

Submarine X-1 (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0063655/)

Above Us the Waves (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0047797/)

23rd March 2004, 16:44
Nice one centurion!:rolleyes:

Goldie fish
24th March 2004, 16:02
Managed to get my hands on the book finally also. Great read...he is pretty scathing about Irelands "Smug Neutrality".

24th March 2004, 17:42
Yeah. However there was something I always remembered about it. He compared Ireland's neutrality to a woman's infidelity. He failed to realise that Ireland felt it never owed allegiance to Britain and thus it was a rather inaccurate slighting.

I dunno. Read Fisk's book on the subject. Bloody excellent.

26th March 2004, 00:10
Every pipe going over the side,ie heads,galley waste, deck scubbers, goes through a Storm valve, this is just a flap which allows water out but not sea water in.Sometimes if the vessel is rolling violently (none better than the Corvettes) the flap can open letting a blast of cold water in to the sewage pipe. All overboard pipes go through some type of non return valve.
The story of your bum being stuck to the toilet bowl by the vacuum system is an old salts tail,but a diver in a decompression chamber in the North sea did come to a sorry and I'm sure a painfull death a few years ago when the valve system on the heads failed as he was using it.