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25th February 2004, 20:07
This months Ships monthly tells us the Royal navy has disposed of the last of its island class patrol vessels ....to Bangladesh of all places,

I still reckon we should have bought two of them as interim replacements for deirdre and emer.

Second bit of news is the the Filipinos are spendinding a few quid on adding a few bits and bobs to their Peacocks.....most interestingly being rthe addition of a 25mm to the after area..........which is very interesting given the recent disscussions of Naval warriorness here! These remaning vessels are used for intensive island patrolling around the Phillipine islands and given the amount of piaracy these could come in handy. The filipino Peacocks didn't carry the .5 HMG that the Irish ones received.

And before anybody points out that they are no longer called Peacocks in Filipino service.....I know this but if I refered to them by their new title ...nobody would have a clue what I was talking about.:mad:

Goldie fish
25th February 2004, 23:54
Surely everyone has heard of the Jacinto class?

26th February 2004, 14:08
Originally posted by Goldie fish
Surely everyone has heard of the Jacinto class? Jacinto Class Upgrade (http://www.qinetiq.com/homepage/news_room/newsreleases/2003/4th_quarter/upgrade.html)

27th February 2004, 05:50
I see the RN are considering replacing the 2 Castle Class PV's with a helicoptor capable version of the River class also,earlier than scheduled. They must be really pleased with this type.
The Islands were as old,if not older than Emer. No point replacing one oldie with another,less comfortable one(same crew accom as the peacocks).

28th February 2004, 20:38
Yes they are as old as the PVs but service up grades and less harsh use means that they have more life left in them. They can also operate with smaller crews. The castles would be an ideal purchase as PVs as they are capable of operating with up to 40 soldiers and can accept a Helo in emergency cases.

My reasoning behind buying 2nd Rn warships is that the cost of newbuilds is far to high and due to finacial constarints the RN seem to change their minor warfare vessels regularly plus the RN vessels are well maintained and spend about half the time at sea that our units do. I am of course reffering to patrol vessels and not major units.