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1st March 2004, 22:06
Do ASM / NSR receive all the allowances they are entitled to?

Eg Patrol Duty Allowance, Security Duty Allowance, Tech Pay, Sea going allowance

I'm especially interested to hear if they get SDA, on/off camp?, whether or not replacing PDF personnel!

Vice Admiral
1st March 2004, 23:37
PDA is always paid, although the timing can be erratic.
SDA is only paid when performing a duty in place of a member of the PDF.
The NSR do not go on camp, the vast majority of courses are done in haulbowline and the normal guard and stand to are in place.
SDA is not paid while under training.
Tech pay is not something we have (to my knowledge) pursued.
Sea going allowance is PDA.

2nd March 2004, 15:40
Thanks Vice Admiral