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5th March 2004, 22:33
Started work lately up in Shannon Aerospace, in the training workshop Fouga 218 is used for training on. Can anyone tell me anything more about this plane or where to find info on it, where it was what it done etc.

Truck Driver
6th March 2004, 04:18

One of the other folks could probably tell you the name of it, but there
is a recently published book on the Air Corps. Maybe the info is there.
Failing that, a decent starting point would be the DF Press Officer, whose
phone number would be here (http://www.military.ie/pr/press_office.htm)

N.B: Just after scrolling back to the thread list, what do I see at
the bottom of the page, but....

this (http://www.irishmilitaryonline.com/board/showthread.php?s=&threadid=2202)

6th March 2004, 12:59
Hi Brendan,

Click here (http://www.irishairpics.com/database/regsearch.php?q=218) to see pictures of Fouga 218, including pictures taken in Shannon Aerospace and also pictures of it when it was actually flown by the Air Corps.

Also, you should be able to find out some more info on the plane here: www.irishairpics.com (http://www.irishairpics.com)



Tony Kearns
6th March 2004, 22:13
Fouga CM170 Super Magister 218 was one of six supplied to the Air Corps in 1975/76 serial numbers 215 to 220 inc. 218 was originally part of an order for the Austrian Air Force and delivered in May 1963 and taken on charge by 2 Wing at Graz, this unit also operated Vampires. It carried the marks 4D-Yu and operated with the Austrian aerobatic team. After service with the Austrian Air Force it returned to France and was refurbished at Chateroux. It was delivered to Baldonnel on 16 Feb. 1976 in company with 217. Its last flight was 22 May 1998.
Tony K

13th March 2004, 15:41
Thanks for the info guys, some interesting stuff there. Nice site Frank!

13th March 2004, 18:59
The famous Mr Kearns .....may I presume? Welcome to our little forum !

To all those not in the know....avaiation buff.. Irish Air letter Fame and once involved in the long defunct Irish Aviator.

Still in the ATC business at shannon????

Tony Kearns
14th March 2004, 23:33
Famous??I wouldn't think so. I was not involved in Irish Aviator but very happy to help out in my own small way,with articles for Paul Duffy who put his heart and soul and much more into it. One thing I notice about some Irish discussion boards and which is when someone post a question and someone else sends in a reply. It is very seldom that anyone says thanks and never uses their names.
Tony K

Tony Kearns
14th March 2004, 23:39
By the way I was not referring to Brendan!
Tony K