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14th February 2003, 11:03
This is from military.ie in case anyone is interested.....

Re-Investment Programme Continues
As promised by the Minister for Defence Mr Michael Smith TD, investment in the Defence Forces is ongoing. In the last two months the minister has signed contracts with Mowag Motor wagenfabrik AG of Switzerland for the supply of 25 additional armoured personnel carriers, and Pilatus Aircraft for the supply of eight PC-9 M advanced turbo trainers, as well as opening three new buildings, costing €15 million, at the Defence Forces Training Centre.

Delivery of the Mowags will commence in March 2004 and will be completed by September of the same year. The Minister said that the contract was another significant boost for the Defence Forces and a further indicator of his commitment to ensuring that Defence Forces personnel are fully equipped with modern equipment which will enhance their ability to carry out their various roles.

The contract with Pilatus Aircraft for the supply of the eight PC-9 aircraft, ground based training systems and a complete integrated logistic support package, has an approximate value of CHF 70 million (€48 million). The total system is scheduled to be delivered and operational by mid-2004.

The three new buildings opened by the Minister in the DFTC - an APC garaging compound, the new Combat Support College and a new dining complex - are the latest in a series of new facilities completed in the Curragh over the last few years. Since 1997 over €60 million has been spent on the DFTC as part of the barracks reinvestment programme, with an overall figure of €150 million being spent nationwide.

14th February 2003, 12:37
Completely off topic, but an interesting link all the same.


14th February 2003, 13:45
Also off the topic. For those of you who have had camps in Kilworth and stayed in those God damed awful conditions, good news. They are doing up the accomadation and it going to be way better that what was there. we hope

FCA Trooper
14th February 2003, 23:40
they're doin up kilworth? about feckin time. hopefully they'll have it done by this summer. and yes,it seems a lot is being done to upgrade the shabbier barracks. did a camp in the glen in the summer of 2001 and the place,coolmoney camp,was a tip (as bad as kilworth is now). came back in september 2002 and the whole place was done up. billets completely rebuilt,new toilets,new showers,the works. like the hilton compared to what it was.
hopefully over the next few years we'll see places like kilworth disappear altogether. :D

Sideshow Bob
15th February 2003, 22:27
Hmm sorry folks . . . wrong thread.

Here's my proper post

The DOD's "Re-Investment Programme Continues" is a propaganda work of art that Nazi Germany would be proud of.

"In the last two months the minister has signed contracts with Mowag Motor wagenfabrik AG of Switzerland for the supply of 25 additional armored personnel carriers"

additional my arse, the DOD is only fulfilling its original obligated order from four years ago.

The three new buildings opened by the Minister in the DFTC - an APC garaging compound, the new Combat Support College and a new dining complex -

"an APC garaging compound"
= small area fenced off with chain link - WOW

"the new Combat Support College "
= couple of classrooms and a projector

"and a new dining complex"
= kitchen, tables, chairs.

Why is the DOD spending all this wonderful money on the 'DFTC' ?

Because they intend to stop all PDF recruit training around the country and have it all in the curragh, thereby making barrack closures and cutbacks easier countrywide

Its nothing but a cheap nasty three card trick.

17th February 2003, 11:20
Kilworth is nearing completion and is to be ready for spring camps.
Places such as Kilworth (DFTC`s) are necessary for training and other military activities. I can say for sure ot will be a moajor improvement from what was there. A new sewarge plant is there now to deal with the old problems. ILL say no more

17th February 2003, 12:37
Well its looks like they will get the chance to show off the new improve Kilworth Camp as the All-Army RDF shoot is being held there this year.

18th February 2003, 12:00
You sure that Kilworth is the venue for the All-Army this year. If thats the all I will say is: ahh balls. At least is home ground for us:p .

Sideshow Bob
19th February 2003, 23:09
I have it on excellent authority that ALL recruit training is to be taken away from the brigade depots and only carried out at DFTC.

20th February 2003, 15:54
Dunno where your getting your info, i've seen paper to the effect that the all-army is on somewhere else.........

Goldie fish
20th February 2003, 16:43
I heard the same..somewhere other than Kilworth..:confused:

rebel Reservist
20th February 2003, 16:56
I can confirm that the all army shoot is on in kilworth I saw an order to that affect a couple of weeks ago.

Goldie fish
20th February 2003, 17:03
Could it be that the PDF competition is in a different location to the RDF one?

22nd February 2003, 18:41
<font face="tahoma" color="#99cc00">In the Eastern Brigade a Recruit Camp has been run in April for the Last Few Years and All Recruits From the Bde are Eligable to attend It was Dundalk The Lst time I was on it with recruits From 7, 8, 20Bn's and 7 FAR
By No means will it be carried out by the DFTC


22nd February 2003, 21:33
:D Looking at the bigger picture is whats required here!!
Eventually all recruiting for the PDF will more than likely be carried out as it was previously in the old GTD. At the moment recruit training has gone back to the parent Units & rightly so cos you see what you are getting.At the moment all career courses other than POT courses are carried out there,i.e. Cav Std,Arty No's 1,Std NCO's,Senior NCO's( which have been cancelled for the next couple of years).The IWW!!
All the new facilities which will open point to something in my opinion.Looking say 5 years down the line a lot of the Army will be centralised in the Curragh.Already the future for the Arty Corps is looking decidedly shady as all the funding is going to the Inf.The reason for the Mowag garages is that they can't be stored outdoors believe it or not!!
So to put it short it looks like to save money the PDF itself will be downsized with probably more emphasis on the Reserve.Look at the BA under options for change for example.:confused:
I know its a bit off track but i think it might open a forum for discussion.:rolleyes:

23rd February 2003, 17:34
and a new dining complex"= kitchen, tables, chairs.

Actually they did build a new dining complex and NCOs mess in Clarke Barracks.

23rd February 2003, 17:42
Places such as Kilworth (DFTC`s) are necessary for training and other military activities.

The DFTC is the Curragh Camp. Kilworth won't be a DFTC.

Battalions don't train their own recruits. Recruits are trained by all units and assigned as necessary. And BTCs don't usually train recruits at all.

24th February 2003, 14:40
In the PDF recruits are trained then assigned as required, in the RDF recruits are trained by their batallions on recruit camps. If I was assigned as required I'd be in a different command nevermind a different unit and for that matter I'd have pips instead of stripes, can't see that happening. RDF recruits sign on to their particular corps, usually to the nearest RDF Coy HQ to where they live. Don't know much about kilworth except a friend of mine told me it's like a WWII POW Camp.
DTFC however I was there quite recently, you're correct they did build a new dining complex and NCOs mess. The mess is really nice and the grub is ok too.
The DTFC now has better signage so at least you know where you're going.

24th February 2003, 15:22
Kilworth is a BTC not a DFTC. I got my wires crossed once again.

24th February 2003, 21:31
:( Well technically correct,BTC's don't train recruits any more,or at least not since they changed from the now defunct CTD's under the new Organisation.Technically Bn's,Regts or equivalent train their own recruits & they are assigned accordingly thereafter,whether it be to the unit in which they were trained or other units to which they have been posted to.Either that or i've been dreaming the last X amount of months ( Training Recruits/3* Course).
P.S - I don't intentionally mean to be flippant!! ;)

Western Commando
2nd March 2003, 17:23
Isn’t The Glen also part of the DFTC? I’m pretty sure the term DFTC is an institution, not just a place!

In theory while after recruit level at unit level soldiers can be posted anywhere, in practice they are usually kept in the unit that trained them for two reasons:
(a) Under-strength units have more motivation to look for recruits in the first place, and
(b) Phase two (2*-3*) training is easier to arrange for a large group of recruits for, say, artillery, then scattering soldiers over all corps and having the bother to arrange multiple small courses.

2nd March 2003, 19:46
Yes the Glen of Imaal & Coolmoney Camp come under the auspices of the DFTC.
In relation to recruits,not all understrength Units are assigned recruits to the unit first hand to train or from other units in which they are undergoing recruit training.So these Units have to wait till they are assigned troops. :(