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15th April 2004, 18:08
I recently used a flight voucher at Weston Airport, and want to train for my pilots licence. Trouble is, at €145 per hour and a recommended i hour per week I can pretty much forget about it.

I was wondering two things

- is there anywhere cheaper I can do these lessons. Not interested in going to US or wherever, I don't have that kind of money, it has to be a once a month/fortnight job. Have own transport & can travel

-how often do I need to train to have any chance of qualifying? Not should, but NEED. I'm onna budget here

I'm sure this kind of thread has been put up before, in which case someone could kindl y direct me to it. Otherwise, all info appreciated

Thanks in anticipation

Joey D
15th April 2004, 23:06
If you want to fly without bankruptcy, maybe you should think about microlights! (check my last post in the thread "reserve air corps" 25th Mar)

15th April 2004, 23:29
Get a second job!
:D :D :D

Seriously , it is not going to be much cheaper that that anywhere else.

16th April 2004, 08:42
Im looking into this too...
Ive some advice though...

you plan on 1 hour once a month
you need 45 hrs minimum to sit the exams
thats 45 months
thats almost 4 years and thats also only your basic Private Pilots Licence

Also the 145 per hour does not include your documented material you need for studying, exam payments and there are a myriad of other costs to think about too.

Im hoping to get a new job soon with a pay rise involved and then i will save for a few months, take out a loan and either go to USA or Australia for 4 to 6 weeks and do the whole thing in one go.

Then im on my way to get a CPL

Also have a look a www.malgus.com

they offer sponsorship if you meet the selection criteria, be warned they expect repayment in full once you have completed your air transport pilots licence ... a snip at about 90 Gs.

Joey D
16th April 2004, 11:32
Not many people would sit the flight test at 45hrs, you'd want to budget for another few hours.

Dont forget that the flight test costs a couple of hundred E200-300 and the medical is E120

16th April 2004, 12:50
I'm a solicitor on a good salary- I'm not looking at a career, just some weekend fun. Doing it more regularly or in a block will be possible in a few years, just not now- new house.....

So four or five years would probably be cool for me, at the end of it I can get a light aircraft -patriot:

Thanks for the info

16th April 2004, 16:32
Have just completed an online application for Royal Auxiliary Air Force in Edinburgh.

Snowballs chance in hell of getting accepted, but flights to Scotland are cheaper than flying lessons, and it's the same time frame. And I might be able to post in this forum and know what I'm talking about.

Flying Harriers has a certain appeal too