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21st February 2003, 00:14
Over the winter months many of us fall in to the unfit mode.
Does any body have as uitable light regime to bring us back up to an acceptable fitness level for upcoming events

21st February 2003, 00:23
6 hours a week in the gym mate.
It'll keep you grade 2 at the very least.

Curious George
21st February 2003, 17:14
It's a dilemma alright! Way too cold to go jogging these days.
Swimming is pretty good for all round fitness.

21st February 2003, 17:21
While swimming may improve your core fitness it won't be particualarly helpful to your soldiering on it's own...and shame on you it's never too cold to go jogging.
What you need is a regualr routine of cardio vascular, stretching and light weights...hill walking and climbing are both excellent means of reparing for your military tasks.

21st February 2003, 17:24
Oh and if you do go to a gym make sure you fork out for a fitness assesment and get the appropriate program laid out for you..theres nothing worse than someone who doesn't have a clue wasting their time and yours using machines improperly

Curious George
21st February 2003, 17:44
Hillwalking isn't a bad idea I suppose. Reason I'm against jogging is that I went for a run on the Prom in Salt Hill last week and nearly ended up in casualty with Hypothermia, it's desperate weather at the moment. Normally its the perfect place to run but you'd want to be insane to attempt it now.

21st February 2003, 17:48
Already do swimming but the sea gets a bit rough so its a bit erratic.
Thanks for the info guys !

22nd February 2003, 00:21
I'd recommend Hillwalking as well as keeping your fitness level up, its good practice for your navigation skills.

22nd February 2003, 18:50
If you want to get fit, you have to incorporate a 5 different facets of fitness.

Aerobic fitness

Can't remember what the others are but the basic idea is that you do a bit of everything to get overall fitness. Its' like saying there is no good being physically very aerobically fit if you have to haul a mortar over a hill. you need strenght as well.
The best thing to do is to go to a gym, get a fitness assessment from a "qualified" instructor, discuss your requirements and then see what he says. Make sure he is qualified by NCEF or other reputable association.

Biggie.... give up smoking and heavy drinking!!!!!

California Tanker
22nd February 2003, 19:59
Christ Doc.. and I thought you were a certified fitness instructor and all..


22nd February 2003, 20:03
Sure, I can give the assessment... but it is a bit difficult to do over the internet:D

The body is willing but the brain is a bit fuzzy

California Tanker
23rd February 2003, 00:18
I meant about the five basic factors..