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26th May 2004, 00:00
When our sailors go to sea they sleep on board.
Where do they sleep when they are in their home port? Have they a choice between ship or barracks? Do they have any entitlement to sleep in their barracks?

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(question generated during conversation with swmbo)

26th May 2004, 00:19
once assigned to a ship that is your unit so it is also your quarters and you draw rations from there. each ship is a seperate entity unto itself so once posted to vessel that become your unit.

In time gone by there was two designations ..attachnent and posted... The former indicated you were on loan to the unit as a replacement...the latter being that you were a full time member of the crew.
On smaller vessels in the RN the idea was the vessel tied up and the crew lived in barracks a shore..not so in the INS case and as a result the crews of the sweeperes and corveetes lived in very cramped conditions.

Living aboard was always prefferable to living in the base in my days as the living conditions were far superior...laundries..hot water...better food....more privacy...better recreation space.

27th May 2004, 20:08
Makes sense I suppose, there isn't a barracks in every coastal port NS vessels call into.

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28th May 2004, 07:46
There is accom in the Base for those who are required to be there for courses etc. I assume more room will become available when the new Maritime college opens.

The peacocks are hardly luxury,compared to the Modern standard of military accom.
I believe they are known as "Pig boats" due to the space allocated to each crewman being equivalent to the minimum space required for the carriage of Pigs by the dept of agriculture.

29th May 2004, 03:46
Yeah the bunks on the peacocks are three deep ...if u think that was bad you' should've seen the sweepers ...you had to be on very good terms with your shipmates...no laundry facilities so when they arrived along side another ship they were like pirates and used to hijack the laundry facilities.

Wooden ships....men of steel!