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31st May 2004, 18:04
Ok lads, i would realy appricate some help on these topics. Some backround first. I got to the final round of the cadetship last year but failed the medical.( I was assured it wouldnt be a problem this year as the ailment is healed) This year I applied again and I was kept for nearly an hour at my interview(which has to be good!) I applied for both engineering and exutive branches but the interview board pushed me to chose between the two.
So my question is whats the difference? What roles do they have? Whats a typical day like? and Whats life like for a Naval Officer?

Thanks in advance

31st May 2004, 19:36
The executive branch get to break the ships...the engineers have to fix them!:D

Goldie fish
31st May 2004, 19:39
Better promotion prospects in Executive branch,and they get to see more daylight too..
It depends why you want to be a naval officer really. What do you want to do?

1st June 2004, 17:02
If you've got the IQ of a Gnat's B0110ck but bourne of high society, can handle your G+T without turning into a social Hand Grenade, and speake with a mouthfull of marbles then the ExecBranch is for you. On the other hand if your IQ is akin to Einstien, Would be an embarrasment at a Wardroom cock and @rse party, also if you talk rougher than a badger's @rse, and like using Hammers to fix ANYTHING. Then go for the Engineering mob - Thats how it used to work in the RN anyway.:D

1st June 2004, 17:17
I like the mans style...such a turn of phrase ....evidently has much expierience on the subject.

the Flag may change but the qualifications remain the same !

After all our shower did learn it from the RN at that fine gentlemens finishing school at dartmouth....International sub lieutenants course....taking the cream of society and turning them in to arseholes!

Vice Admiral
1st June 2004, 21:53
Executive Branch career progression: (Roughly)
Cadet : 2 years
Ensign: 2 Years : Typically At sea as an OUT (Officer under training) and or some short courses and a Gunnery course
Subbies course in Dartmouth
Back to sea for 2 years, first appointment as Gunnery officer (Conditional upon having passed Watchkeeping cert)

2 years ashore; some courses and some sort of shore appointment.
2 years back at sea
2 years ashore
2 years at sea
2 years ashore
and so on.
the 2 years ashore can be filled with foreign service like kosovo or wherever.
Ideally every second time you return to sea you are promoted and each time have a different appointment in the following order
Gunnery, Fisheries, Navigation, Executive Officer (2 ic), Ships captain.

Goldie fish
4th June 2004, 16:36
Not thats its relevent,but I recently saw a female Naval Officer attached to a particularly Army unit (Ordnance). I can only assume she had an Engineering background.
She had us all confused in the barracks,as they are not used to seeing black berets with gold braid up there...

16th June 2004, 17:53
well lads that all sounds good. "vice admiral", thats exactly what i wanted to find out. what about career progression for a engineering officer. also i want to get myself a degree! where do the 4 years doing a B.Sc in NUIG come in?

16th June 2004, 17:58
P.S. I got through to the next round of the cadetship competition. Its in Newbridge of all places. Not very convienient if you have to be in Newbridge at 08.30 when your from galway. Anyway the question is theres a brand new aspect to the tests this year; something to do with group skills. Has anyone any details?

16th June 2004, 17:59
Does that means you can expect promotion every 4 years?

16th June 2004, 18:01
I hear it is similiar to the RCB (Regular Commission Board) the Brits do, leadership & team work tasks etc.

20th June 2004, 18:33
Dont be shy DeV. My test is on Monday. Have you any more info? Links or anything?

21st June 2004, 00:43
Don't really know much about it, exactly what my previous post says.

6th July 2004, 14:44
Anyway thaty went fine. Have the final interview and medical in Haulbowline soon.
Any tips?

Goldie fish
7th July 2004, 02:30
I dont mean to sound simplistic,but do you know how to get there? Do your instructions specify the boat transport or the main gate from the Ringaskiddy side?

As for Engineering Cadets,in the past they done year 2 of the cadetship in either CIT (or NUIG,)as a cadet and completing the remaining years as an ensign,expecting to graduate and be promoted to sub Lt simultaniously Those who were less than successful in the academic side of things were often given the option to take up an appointment in an army unit.

My advice to you is if you want to go to sea,select Executive Branch. If you want to be an engineer,select engineering. Down the road,both appointments provide many shore opportunities,both inside and outside the Naval service.

Sadly we do not have any proper NS officers here to give you advice on the process. (No offence VA)

Best of luck. Keep us posted.

7th July 2004, 02:36
It has to be via the ringaskiddy side as the launch will not take unsupported passengers.......

7th July 2004, 02:38
On second thoughts I'm sceptical that the medical will take place in Haulbowline as the medical facilities required are non existant there....check up on that one as such medicals usually take place in GMH Collins barracks, cork:o

18th July 2004, 19:49
UPDATE: Lads no offence but the last few posts are rife with b*lls**t.
1. Went over on ferry from cobh

2. All medicals were done in the naval hospital.

3. Everyone does 2 years cadetship (Curragh< Haulbowline and Onboard Ship) before they are commisioned. Then EVERYBODY goes to the Maritime College thats being built in Ringaskiddy. Subbies course in Dartmouth then promoted to S/Lt then take up appointment.

Thats it! ( Ive checked!)

18th July 2004, 21:07
For one who was looking for info you've certainly developed an atitude....Perfect officer material.

In my time in haulbowline all the medicals were done at GMH by the command CMO .

Access to the base was restricted to people working for the DoD and service members.These were the only people allowed to use the launch. All others including prospective recruits had to use road transport.:mad:

20th July 2004, 16:30
No offence to you HPT, but it IS quite a while since you were in the Navy, and things have changed down there, quite drastically in fact!! (Cept for the same old bulshit at top level!) But the Naval Hospital, as it is now called, has been updated, upgraded etc. It now can do chest xrays, hearing tests, heart checkups, it has a dentist, CMO and fulltime doctor. There is no need to go to GMH anymore, unless being admitted for something. Anyone with a pass can use the launch, obviously after being approved by Naval Int.
Also Gallimh, if actually commanding a ship, at some stage, is your thing, as far as I know, only Executive officers can do this and not engineers. I'm open to correction on this! But on the other hand, the engineers get to do all the degree courses etc, and get better jobs, generally, when they leave.
Hope this helps and don't be intimidated by your instructors, its all a game!!

Vice Admiral
20th July 2004, 20:10
The engineering officers do get more job offers but they also get pushed out to sea more than deck officers.
As for degree qualifications, I believe all deck officers eventually get a BSc.

WRT the Maritime college, it was a building site the last time I saw it in May. The NS will make extensive use of it but exactly how remains to be seen. I do know that the Marine firefighting courses are to be moved over and they will be using natural gas for fires over there because they didn't even want to try and get an IPC licence from the EPA.

On a positive note, part of the justification for the college was to provide training to the NSR as well as the NS et al, and this was/will be factored into the annual budgets so I'll be watching this closely.

24th July 2004, 00:22
Thanks matty....I was actually in Haulbowline a couple of times in the past week and was amazed to see the changes...all for the better I might add. No offence taken as it had been some time since I was on the base.Met afew guys I used to know and very surprised at some peoples appointments ....especially the bosun of the eithne given that he failed his AB's exam twice!

Only watch keeping executive branch officers may be come ships captains.! :D

26th August 2004, 22:00
well, i have being offered a cadetship in the engineering branch and i might get the exeutive branch aswell. Im really not sure which to take. Having being shown the Orla and Ciara and talked to some Ex-NS people Im swinging towards the exuitive branch. Is this wise???

Goldie fish
26th August 2004, 22:07
Yes. I dunno if th eresident greaser i sstill about,but Exec is a bit more hands on than Eng. ERAs do most of the eng work.
Last time I saw an eng officer in the control room he was wondering where he had left his ear muffs.

26th August 2004, 22:26
so what does he/she ( the MEO) do all the time? i have a pretty clear idea what a exec officer does.

Goldie fish
26th August 2004, 23:08
I have spoken to EAs and ERAs who dont know what the MEO does. A lot of people are under the impression that the position will be phased out,as more and more ERAs get better qualified,and engineering spaces become more automated.

Goldie fish
31st August 2004, 07:27
Right,not satisfied with my own answer,I was asking a recently comissioned engineering branch officer about his career on saturday.
Basically they are involved in the managment of machinery and fittings aboard ship. For example, Eithne is shortly due to go into dry dock for a major refit. One of the MEO's tasks is to schedule the work that has to be undertaken during this refit,and make sure everything is in place. For example, if new plant is to be installed aboard,what preparatory work must be undertaken,who is capable of doing this,will outside contractors be required and are they available? What way will installation of this equipment hinder other scheduled work during the refit? What duration will the installation take? what if there are delays,can the patrol schedule be altered to take account for unforseen delays or will it be possible to go to sea with the equipmens partially installed. For example the Haley Davits aboard eithne were fitted on one side some time ago,but are not incorporated into the ships electrical system,and the deck on the other side has been prepared for a similar installation.
Prior to all this work being undertaken,other equipment will give trouble. The MEO has the job of deciding whether the ship can continue with her patrol schedule and wait till the next scheduled minor refit,or proceed immediately for repair at the next available opportunity.
If you compare it to the industrial environment,Officers are managment,NCOs are supervisory,and other ranks are the ordinary workers,who may be skilled. While the engineering officer may not have a hands on view of ship repair,he must have the knowledge of the Electrical,mechanical and electronic technicians job to such an extent as he knows what the job would entail.

3rd September 2004, 14:54
Thanks very much Goldie. Thats the first detailed job description ive got for a MEO. Although it was a tough choice ive decided to accept the Exec branch instead.
I think it would suit me better

Goldie fish
3rd September 2004, 15:09
Best of luck to you,may see you round cobh maybe.

Goldie fish
4th September 2004, 07:06
Originally posted by Vice Admiral
Executive Branch career progression: (Roughly)
Cadet : 2 years
Ensign: 2 Years : Typically At sea as an OUT (Officer under training) and or some short courses and a Gunnery course
Subbies course in Dartmouth
Back to sea for 2 years, first appointment as Gunnery officer (Conditional upon having passed Watchkeeping cert)


I am told that Dartmouth is no longer on the programme,as our people had already learned everything the RN could teach them,during cadet training,so the recent classes have been going to NUIG to study marine related topics....such as geology....
As one future Nav officer put it "when i hit a rock,at least i'll know what kind of rock it is".
However it is expected that all training,from Cadet to Sub Leftenant should be carried out in the New Maritime college in Ringaskiddy.
Indeed the way the RN are going,I imagine before too long they will be sending their young officers to us to be trained...

5th September 2004, 18:22
whats the difference between lieutenant and leftenant

5th September 2004, 19:20
Originally posted by Stinger
whats the difference between lieutenant and leftenant


7th September 2004, 16:19
ok thanks for all the help lads. has anyone got any advice on what I should bring with me. Does anyone know where I can get "parade gloss" polish in galway?!

7th September 2004, 17:04
if you dont know where to get gloss in galway your in trouble.you must live far away.you can get it in Grealishs 'stopnshop' in carnmore or army navy store, duffys, any of the shoe shops in corbacourt.or even pardes man gloss in dunnes and tesco etc is very good.

7th September 2004, 17:36
yep. thanks p.dougal. as far as im aware they all stock kiwi or guardsman gloss. This stuff comes in a black and white tin and costs about €8 a tin. Got it in Dublin before and its a dream.

7th September 2004, 19:53
Don't forget the elbow grease and an Iron!

Goldie fish
8th September 2004, 09:34
A decent clothes brush is a good investment too, Navy uniforms being navy,show up fluff and lint very well,
The best type have a cloth back to them...difficult to describe,but worth the small amount in Heat avoidance.
A small sewing kit of course....learning to sew being a requirement naturally.
Kiwi Parade Gloss is superior to Guardsman gloss.But the NS parade boots/shoes are already pretty shiny :)
Its shining the safety boots where the problems begin :D

Also,and old trick. Keep a sheet of paper or a medium size envelope inside the top of your(peaked) cap. Doing so will prevent hair loss.
Unless you are a girlie....their caps dont have the same problem.

8th September 2004, 16:07
Thanks goldie. Id like to keep my hair! i was a bald baby and i was an ulgy bastard! Any other old tricks i should know?

hpt, Where can I get elbow grease?

8th September 2004, 19:44
the mechs will have it in the tech store.....right next to the DPM paint and the skyhook?

Don't forget spare laces....as these are not easily found when most needed!

9th September 2004, 15:59
DPM paint! Thats a good one!
Skyhooks, Elbow grease and an eight inch population tool, the 3 most popular things to send the new boy on a building site to get in the local hardware! Youll always fine one!

10th September 2004, 01:48
The classic naval service one was going to meet the post man...while 200 miles ofshore

Windsurfers on the porcupine bank

being sent to look for the keys to a gemini !

:D :D

Goldie fish
10th September 2004, 03:30
My crew tried to catch me out with finding an outlet to a shore supply...until I pointed out that some types of ships do connect up to a shore supply.....they continued laughing until I showed them a dockside shore supply for such purpose in Antwerp...
Other than that they were dull b*****ds

22nd September 2004, 09:47
I believe that practice is encouraged with the larger container ships in New York,where not running the Diesel generators in port can reduce the pollution considerably(its measured in tonnes)