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Goldie fish
25th January 2003, 16:43
A trawler has been escorted to shore in Galway, following the arrest of it's skipper for alleged fishing offences.

The Irish-registered Spanish-owned 'El Orzan' was detained one hundred miles off the Galway coast last night by the navy ship, L.E. Aoife.

The captain of the trawler has now been turned over to Gardai.

It is expected that the captain will appear at a special sitting in Galway later today.Officials from the Department of the Marine will this afternoon examine the catch of the Irish-registered Spanish-owned trawler.

The Department of Marine is to investigate allegations of fishing offences of the trawler which is now stationed in Galway.

I think this is the third arrest this week,the first arrests of 2003.

Goldie fish
26th January 2003, 17:31
The Castletownbere trawler, Ardent, has become the first to be arrested by the Navy this year for alleged illegal fishing. She was detained by the Eithne 60 miles west of Valentia on Wednesday, January 21, for allegedly exceeding her monthly catch quota.

26th January 2003, 17:43
Any piccys of the reconfigured Eithne.

We always had a good record for early arrests .

Goldie fish
26th January 2003, 17:56
What reconfiguration would that be?

Sideshow Bob
26th January 2003, 23:39
Why dont the NS arrest some Spanish Fishermen instead of picking on Paddy, fishing in his own sea.

I know overfishing's a problem, but why dont they sort out the Spanish first ?

Goldie fish
5th February 2003, 01:33
I am bored,so I'll answer this one.
The main reason the NS pick on paddy is ..... They are breaking the law....
Its a bit like complaining for being pulled for speeding by the cops when they should be out catching real criminals..
The fisheries legislation is there to protect the industry. Turning a Blind eye to breaches of these regulations just because the culprit flys the same flag as yourself,while noble,will if continued kill of the whole industry and cause further unemployment in the already suffering fisheries industry.
Also,just cos it has the tricolour flying,with an SO reg does not mean it is a paddy..Many spanish boats are irish registered..

So if you are in charge of your Naval Patrol boat and you see a vessel engaged in illegal fishing...but cos you dont catch paddys you leave him alone..but what if he is a spick flying an irish flag..Lets go see..at roughly 15 miles an hour by the time you get there..and you realise he is actually irish and you wanted to leave him off..he has taken up so much of your time you may as well "run him in"...
Economics always comes before descretion.

The legislation is quite complicated though. Naval boarding officers are equipped with a computer system which allows them to be up to date on both Legislation and Licences. Indeed it is decades ahead of what the gardai use to check your details..and the NS do not have the advantages of a cable LAN connection...
It will tell them,the reg of the ship being boarded,when it was last boarded,details of the licence along with many other details relevant to the Possible arrest.

11th February 2003, 12:26
I'd expect that answer from a reggy!

moderators note: I havent deleted this post because I dont know what it is supposed to mean or who it is supposed to be directed towards.. :confused:

27th February 2003, 17:45
The Irish Naval Service vessel LÉ Aisling last night detained the Irish-registered Spanish fishing vessel Dinish.

The detention took place approximately 30 nautical miles west of Loop Head, as the Aisling was conducting routine boarding operations off the West Coast.

This is the second detention by the Aisling in three days, after she detained the British fishing vessel Solstice II approximately 30 nautical miles NW of Achill Island on Monday for alleged quota and logbook infringements.

It brings to five the number of detentions made by the Naval Service so far this year.

The Dinish was detained for allegedly failing to provide a safe means of access for the Naval Service inspection team.

As a result, one member of the inspection team was slightly injured during the boarding.

The vessel is being escorted to Castletownbere, Co Cork, where she is expected to arrive this afternoon.

6th March 2003, 15:20
Sounds like the Navy folk have quite an interesting day in the office by all standards, doing a good job with such a small amount of resources.