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Goldie fish
3rd March 2003, 03:19
Now I know that most of you wouldnt know the difference between a Ship and a Boat,but either way,with the Boat show on in the RDS..maybe some of you have become knowledgeable in things nautical?

What then should all Irish Naval vessels be equipped with,given the current role and taskings.(ie,no 12 inch guns...) It doesnt matter if you think the ships are already equipped with it,consider it a combination of the Gucci Kit list for the Naval service and the Car designed by Homer Simpson..
Your suggestions please...I promise not to be too condemning of your ideas..:-patriot:

Goldie fish
4th March 2003, 01:22
Thanks lads..Keep the suggestions coming....:confused:

old rec
4th March 2003, 18:31
Hey Goldie you got any specs on the P52, saw a model of it at the boatshow. The cadets there were drawing everyones attention to it. An pics?

old rec
4th March 2003, 18:33
Oh you got me a good one there Goldie. I was sucked in. Pictures of your naked girlfriend! Damn you:o

4th March 2003, 18:57
The NS vessels should be, at the very least, equipped with some type of surface-to-air missile system for self defence.
It need not be an elaborate system - some form of stinger missile system perhaps ?

I recall looking at the P52 model at Air Spectacular 2000.
When I asked a sailor where are the rocket launchers positioned he gave me a blank look, until one of his older colleagues pointed out to him that the Niamh does actually have launchers - albeit illumination grenade launchers :D

Goldie fish
4th March 2003, 19:01
Glad my little scheme worked on you and over 70 others..

Photos of L.E. Niamh. (http://www.iol.ie/~forsacosanta/Niamh.htm)

I also have a cutaway pic of it from the Book about the Asian Trip.Havent scanned it in yet..

5th March 2003, 17:39
With regard the the LE Eithne, how many troops could you fit in the Hanger. I remember seeing it used in the large excerise a few years back in Donegal where troops were deployed from a number of Naval excerises. Would be possible to transport 100 troops and necesary rigid raiders on the LE Eithne for a few days or would the number be alot smaller.

11th March 2003, 23:54
the most ever embarked wasfifty during operation mallard in 1987.

Total disaster as the only method of getting people in to seariders was down jumping ladders.The boats had to be in the water first due to constraints on weight and five fully equipped soldiers was the max permitted load in the boat.
They could not be lowered to the boat while the ship was under way so the ship had to be stopped and the roll dampers were ineffective so the ship rolled awfully.Plus with all their gear on we could not guarantee that a life jacket would support them if they fell in.
In the end the Gardai were sent ashore to do the searches as these were lightly equipped and the army were left aboard the Eithe on standby if anything went wrong ashore.
In the case of both parties seasickness over took them and they were unable to operate at all and only a few searches were carried out by gardai who did not secumb to seasickness.the whole planning was a disaster as no thought had been put into these factors.All parties were enthusiastic at the start but this soon subsided when the pitfalls began to appear.The helo was unusable purly because of the numbers and the weights involved.
Some of the islands had no landing points and were only accessed by expierience boat crews.

12th March 2003, 06:15
Hey Murph, what can of excerise was it is there were Gardai onboard.

Goldie fish
12th March 2003, 12:43
Mallard was not an exercise..It was a very successful anti terrorist operation. Nuf Said!

12th March 2003, 14:07
it was n't a sucess ful operation ..we suffered two engine room fires wrote off two johnson engines..put a platoon of soldiers in hospital with seasickness...lost a load of garda gear and found ****all!
It proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the army were not suitable for the amphibious role and that the navy were incapable of supporting that role.
Its alright getting onto a ship in lough swilly up the accomadation ladders in flat calm conditions ...getting them off into seariders with full CEFO was a different ball game...The gardai thought itb was great fun until it came to their turn....some of them got very wet......The practical joking on the navys side was unbelievable...guys eating raw eggs in the mess in front of very seasick soldiers and gardai...hilarious results....amazing how much vomit one individual can produce!
stealing gear....amazing how upset an officer can get when you swipe his weapon when he is busy vomiting........The looks of dis belief when guys turn up on the heli deck in swimming togs for the daily swim........the FDO waving off seagulls......searider crews with fishing lines........the medic offering to perform rectal examinations on the soldiers to see if they had puked up that little brown ring(their arsehole)....forbidding people from puking over the side and sending them down to the forward heads ....much more movement..and other surprises waited them...a week of great fun and no sleep.

12th March 2003, 14:40
There was an exercise either last year or the year before where Eithne disembarked 2 or 3 platoons of infantry. They were landed in a 'captured' harbour, no jumping into seariders & speeding to the shore. It seems they learned their lesson from the last time. There have been a number of smaller exercises involving beach landings from other naval vessels, but the number landed were never more than a platoon (and more likely less than that).

12th March 2003, 14:47
On the topic of new equippment either Ciara or Orla (I didn't catch the number) was in Dublin earlier in the week . I noticed a crane-type effort at the back (stern?) of the boat. It was folded back alongside the funnel. Is it there for launching/recovering ribs?

12th March 2003, 20:35
Yes the cranes are used for semi rigid launching.

The cranes originally fitted to the Eithne gave major problems as they were prone to saltwater corrosin. The boats them selves were problematic as they had been installed back wards and the height of the boat deck was also an issue .

As a result the boats had to be turned on their cradles and lowered to main deck level before putting to sea. The second problem was resolved in 1987 during a refit.

the boarding boats and liberty boats were mounted on 'gravity falls' and again were tricky enough to launch while under way.
The liberty boats could only be launched while the ship was stopped.

The boarding boats could be launched underway by means of "Robinsons disengaging' gear.This is a very old but reliable mechanism that ensures that both ends of the boat hit the water similtaneously avoiding disasters only thing is if the operator is inexpierienced fingers can be lost.

As inflateables became more reliable and powerful the boarding boats were phased out.

Another down side to the boarding boats was the engines were water cooled and could not be running prior to hitting the water....very anoying to find yourself in the middle of the atlantic with an engine that won't start.

Goldie fish
12th March 2003, 21:09
I believe the Roisin and Niamhs Delta have a setup that pours water onto the intakes of the outboards prior to launching,so the engines can be running as soon as they hit the water.

12th March 2003, 21:13
Yeah that was the standard practise for all out board s..problem being the boarding boats engines were inboard.

Vice Admiral
15th March 2003, 00:45
The boarding boats all have air cooled engines, I know I drive one a few times a year.

Tales of taking the piss out of seasick soldiers and Guards sound good and in my experience are entirely plausible. One thing never lacking on ships crews is a sense of humour, you couldn't do it otherwise.

As regards troop carrying on the Eithne, she can be operated with a reduced crew of fortysomething but can accomodate almost 90 by design. If she had ASW, missile systems and goalkeepers she would need this 90 people.

So 45 troops med to long term, as for the hangar add another 25 short to medium term stay only - 2003 is fully booked, book now for 2004!

As for getting troops into the rib's, the new Deltas might make it a bit easier.

15th March 2003, 22:26
How about three blokes with a HVM a MILAN and a depth charge with a pull chain on the end?

15th March 2003, 23:29
back in the bad old days when I was a mere lad the troops were berethed in the hanger in sleeping bags ...must have been cold and uncomfartable.It was lovely and snug down in cabin 514 except when the evac system packed up and mor than our fair share of water came in trough the sink and flooded the cabin.i remember distinctly putting on my life jacket before going to sleep only to wake to find Alaan Kenna and Jim Morrissey bailing the gaff out

I must be mis taken as i can remember not being alowed to start the boarding boat before she was in the water.We used to run hoses from the hanger and attach them to the searider engines to run them.The boarding boats were rarely used and the only occassion we used one for an actual boardind both seariders were away visiting trawlers and when we launched the boarding boat it calved.No reflection on the individual but Jim Morrisey was coxn.