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3rd March 2003, 15:00
a fellow recruit, be he telling me shite, or be he not, told me on the way back from a trip to killkenny for the weekend that the EU are funding the defence forces to increase our naval service to a fleet and if so the rank of a fleet admiral would be higher than that of the army dude running the defence forces at the current moment and if so the fleet admiral would obviously look after his boys more, is that true or what!

3rd March 2003, 15:05
3 new threads in 17 mins ?????

3rd March 2003, 15:09
i know im good! get the auld traffic on this section moving again i reckon

3rd March 2003, 16:04
There would need to some expansion. The current COS is 2 ranks higher the FOCNS

3rd March 2003, 16:54
The EU doesn't even want us to put the bare minimum armament/warfighting capability that we have on our Fishery protection vessels, if we were to build a navy we'd be buying it ourselves...when I joined up we were getting free eurofighters...go slap your mate. :mad: