View Full Version : paid for training

3rd March 2003, 15:07
as a member of an slua muiri we often go on training excercises in killkenny or recruit training and i was wondering even though its only voluntary why dont the gov begin paying us

3rd March 2003, 16:05
A question we have been asked for years

3rd March 2003, 16:07
If the health boards can't get more money off them, i don't hold out much hope for us getting it for this.

3rd March 2003, 17:16
I believe that the Brits (I might be wrong here) get paid for the weekend training that they do from their gratuity, this way if you don't/can't attend annual camp you still get some payment for the time you did put in.

Not an imposable task to reproduce over here and it would certainly encourage people to attend training weekends and solve the problem of paying regular attendees their due gratuity if they are unfortunate enough to miss annual training.