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Goldie fish
24th August 2004, 07:39
While touring the area over the weekend,I crossed the bridge to Haulbowline to find in excess of 40 traveller caravans and vans have taken up residence in the open ground at the mainland end of the bridge.
Is this property of the Irish steel holdings,or the Dept of Defence? I imagine it causes a headache for security on the island, abandoned cars already are appearing in the area,meanwhile the travellers are carrying out their usual business,and bringing other undesireables to the area.

Now I do not wish to appear anti traveller,but surely th eproximity of these transients so close to a sensitive military installation is not safe practice.

Bam Bam
24th August 2004, 09:38
Thats not a halting site. Its the defence forces new low cost housing estate for members of the naval service.

24th August 2004, 17:58
since the steel no longer exists and Ispat have left its actually Cork County Councils property.

Goldie fish
24th August 2004, 19:46
Maybe they will start stripping irish steel for scrap and do everyone a favour

24th August 2004, 23:34
excellent idea....save the taxpayer millions !:D :D :D

Goldie fish
8th September 2004, 09:48
This situation seems to have gotten out of hand recently. The road into Haulbowline is almost impassible with hundreds of Vans,Caravans and other items strewn all the way from the Gates of the College as far as the Bridge. While driving through,you have to negotiate the men wanting to sell you ponies/carpet/furniture/machinery/their daughter, Hundreds of animals of various shapes and sizes,as well as children,teenagers and adults who feel it is their right to walk in the middle of the road and impede your progress.

Is there any other military post or barracks in the country that has an entire Traveller town/Clan camped outside its main gate? Surely the presence of such a large number of these people provides a security risk?

8th September 2004, 15:09
.....not to mention the health risk. :D

8th September 2004, 18:31
has this issue not been raised by the media into the public spot light?

Big Al
9th September 2004, 17:53
Originally posted by morpheus
has this issue not been raised by the media into the public spot light?

Are you mad, and be damned for been anti traveller by the chattering classes?

How dare you people give out about the travelling communities traditional right to litter and destory any spare land they come across? Next you will be looking for them to declare their income from paving, stop getting cash to move on from places that are about to be developed and no longer claim dole........

Goldie fish
15th September 2004, 02:25
Keep in mind that these photos are taken at the Main Entrance, and the only entrance by land,to the naval base. They are taken on the road that may be familiar to any who have done the physical test for the naval service, and I believe the IT tests are stil done here.


Steamy Window
16th September 2004, 21:43
photos taken from your new vehicle. were you using a massive zoom lens, taking them from within a car with darkened windows? :D

16th September 2004, 22:36
Originally posted by kermit
Did they get a deal on the transits from Ford???

They have sole distribution rights for Ireland....


17th September 2004, 01:19
I did a couple of social anthropology modules at university and remember doing a short section on travellers, somewhere in between yams as currency and a bit on offensive gestures. I nearly developed an understanding of their mind set and appreciation of their lifestyle. As I said NEARLY. I snapped back to reality within a few seconds.

Goldie fish
17th September 2004, 06:02
Latest update: They are reported to be gone. The Imminent opening of the Maritime College,and its plethora of ministers expected to attend the opening may have something to do with it.

Goldie fish
18th September 2004, 09:12
I expect the only pay off will be for a few hundred tonnes of Gravel from John A Wood(CRH) to block off the lay-by they created.

22nd September 2004, 10:05
There are still a couple of caravans on the far end of the Bridge,and more are due to return,soon.

The Phrase "I'll be back" was quite appropriate in this case,as many of the women looked like arnie....

24th September 2004, 21:05
The ships are being cobble-locked.

28th September 2004, 16:07
Why have I images of Top Gear in my head........?