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3rd September 2004, 23:22
Alright Goldie. I finally got my act together and I am posting some of my pics from the Aussie Maritime Museum trip. If ye want more I'll post em.


3rd September 2004, 23:23
Some AA

3rd September 2004, 23:24
View from Bridge

3rd September 2004, 23:25
The business end

3rd September 2004, 23:26
The Onslow. It was very cramped indeed.

Goldie fish
3rd September 2004, 23:28
Very nice.
Perhaps you should try something like photobucket.com and direct linking the images from there?

Is the AA a twin Pom Pom or a twin 40mm Bofors?

3rd September 2004, 23:38
It's a twin bofors, HMS Belfast in London has identical mountings.

4th September 2004, 04:42
The Ship is what the Aussies call an improved river class or daring class to the rest of the world with an assortment of twin 4.5 inch and twin 40mm bofors in Staag mountings...goldie you dissapoint me ...pom pom.....!Pom poms were replaced by bofors as the secondary AA weapon in all british vessels during WW2:mad:

Goldie fish
4th September 2004, 04:47
Thats why I asked...What vintage is the above ship?

Did I tell you I got new glasses?
I think french and Belgian auxiliaries carry the same mount.