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iron arse
4th March 2003, 14:07
the PDF compeat in international military skills compatitions, such as falling plates, dress and drill, orentering, ect.

is there any such events for the Reservist of the world. has thare ever been any suggestions for such a thing.

does anyone have any suggestion or facts about this ???

4th March 2003, 14:51
I never heard of that competition. I know they take part in CISM (which is like the Olympics for military) and they used to have an international falling plates competition as part of the all army. Also the UNIFIL units used to have inter unit competitions but I never heard of the one you have mentioned.

4th March 2003, 15:26
Why try to run before we can walk? Lets not look at an international competition but instead lets talk about an all army competition such as:

March and Shoot
Dress and Drill
General Knowledge
Fieldcraft & Section in Attack
Map Reading

Lets try to look at a competition that all units can compete in and represent their Brigade in an all Army competition. I would imagine that each team would have an A and B team just so we could have good numbers in the competition.

iron arse
4th March 2003, 17:58
theres no such thing a "military skills world cup", its an idea, a suggestion, it dosnt exist. so that why you'v never heard of it.

4th March 2003, 18:00
Your post seems to indicate that it existed. However, yes I would think it is a good idea. But I would prefer to see reservists involved in CISM for a start.

5th March 2003, 10:49
My unit runs a "section competition" each year which incorperates all of the activities Stand Fast has mentioned. It has been run for many years and there was a good participation the last time it was run.

5th March 2003, 14:26
Loque, why not develop this further and expand it to include other units. Although inter-unit competition is good for the unit, external competition would be far better for the standards of all units involved.

Let’s not have grand ideas for a multinational competition that we know will never happen, lets look at competitions on a small scale which we could actually organise.

old rec
5th March 2003, 14:28
In the Southern Bde there is a competion called the PP Barry Cup which covers most of the things mentioned by Stand Fast. I must admit ive only seen Inf Bn competing in it. But its a start.

5th March 2003, 14:37
I could suggest it to my unit. If this was organised for DTFC we could have each unit run a competition at sub-unit level, the winning team from this could represent their respective unit. The final could then be between the three RDF units of DTFC 6FAR,10BN and 9BN. The only problem I foresee is trying to accomidate the amount of personel involved. You would have to limit the final to teams and support staff only but this would leave each team with no people for moral support. Anyway it may be worth looking into

5th March 2003, 17:31
With only 3 RDF units and plenty of accomodation in the Curragh there shouldn't be a problem. The Eastern Bde used to run a military skills competion every year with a lot more units involved.

5th March 2003, 17:46
If I know my unit the venue would almost certainly be the glenn of imall, with only half the accomodation refurbished there still might not be enough room, still we could set up tents.
I heard about the Eastern brigade competition wasn't it the "volkwagen cup" or something like that. Maybe I have my wires crossed about the name but I remember a old friend of mine in the Cav in CB telling me about, come to think about it another old friend of mine in the Engineers mentioned it to me aswell.....

5th March 2003, 18:20
yes The volkwagen , I understood it was posponed due to FOOT & MOUTH not
cancelled. It was to be held quite early in the year.

5th March 2003, 20:02
A Friend of mine in the Belgian reserves once invited me to send a team into a military skills comp in Belgium which was open to all Reserve Armies and well attended by NATO & EU armies. Never got to see it but The idea was tempting for a time. There is also the commando run in Scotland which is open but mostly attended by Brit units. Has been the occasional Danish & other unit there.

The Problem with an RDF military skills comp is that interunit rivalry would lead to serious amounts of "questionable acts"as seen in Last years PP Barry competition and Southern Brig shooting. The other problem that occurs is soldiers being taken out of the system and trained for competition only. Great at military skills competitions but shag all else good at anything else.

5th March 2003, 20:23
Explain: interunit rivalry would lead to serious amounts of "questionable acts"as seen in Last years PP Barry competition and Southern Brig shooting.

I'm very interested

5th March 2003, 20:33
Check out old threads in the old discussion board last october. Basically I am not going to ressurect old wounds and don't particuliarly want a fight at the moment.

5th March 2003, 20:51
As far as i can see, and i do have quite a bit of experience in this field... I can see the point of too much emphasis being place on thses competitions, but in all fairness there is little else for us to take part in at the moment. And from what i see it is the same people that make up the shooting teams, the PP's, orinteering and the training, it's just as well these competitions are held as this is where you will find the most commited people in the RDF. Competition is good in any field of life as you will push yourself.

Fair enough if i had to chose between a good course "if the RDF were given the chance to attend such courses" or a PP or what ever i wouldn't have to think twice about it, but as long as there is nothing else i don't see the problem and every year it shows the huge gap in fitness between the units...

And ye want to talk about intergrating with the PDF. If anything these competions have being lower the physical content of the competitions.

iron arse
6th March 2003, 13:31
thats true, if we want to bring the RDF into line with the PDF then our phisical fitness will have to be at a level equal to that of the army.

i believe that training for compation is a great way of improving the fittness of the reserve. there are 2 types of people in the FCA, sandbags and reserve soldiers.
the RDF is seen by some who are in it as a social club that dosnt require any fittness. :cool:

i have no time for sandbags.

6th March 2003, 15:31
Exactly Iron Arse, what % of the RDF are in good shape, i would throw a guess at 50%, ie. that are capable of real solidering. Now im not the the super fit ARW type but i like to be able to be in a position to be useful should the situation ever arise or even for tactics and competitions.

Lets get real here for a minute, a lot of people do join the RDF for a laugh, cheap beer etc, and lets face it the training is not hard, with little or no physical training on recruit camps. God you need a PDF PT instructor just to bring them for a jog.

And this does not just apply to the Infantry, if members of the infantry get injured i would hope that the medic coming along to help in good shape as well.

How many people in your unit do you know is there that couldn't or wouldn;t be able to do that same job in the PDF ??

6th March 2003, 15:45
I agree with you EagleEye, I'd say around 50%.
Not everyone has the time for fitness training, with RDF and Holding down a full-time job. When I was a student I had plenty of time for keeping fit and for the RDF. When you get a job your priorities change and most of time when you aren't working is spent trainging and trying to have a social life. People in the RDF should be in reasonable shape, there is no point in signing up if you can't do the job. Fitness however is not the only measure of a soldier, skill, stealth, cunning, and experience come in the equation.

6th March 2003, 16:04
Fair point and totally understandable Loque after all alot of us have full time jobs etc as well. But when you see people joining up who are not in a position to carry out their job and probably never will you have to wonder, this is why i am an advocate of having a physical fitness test on joining that would be on par with the PDF after that it would be up to yourself to stay healthy. But light PT workout should be a part of all Camps and training.

6th March 2003, 16:26
Yes, good suggestion, I would definitely be in favour of such a test. I would also think that the light PT work you refer to could be an alternative to the practice of "square bashing just to waste time". On another note, I'm glad to see that the medicals are now more strict, in previous years I have seen people and wondered how the hell did they pass the medical?

6th March 2003, 16:40
There has been many comments over many threads that one of the reasons why people join the RDF is for the cheap beer. Who the hell has ever joined this organisation for the cheap beer, c'mon seriously.

6th March 2003, 16:55
If some people want cheap beer perhaps they should go to an off-licence, anyone moronic enough to sign up with cheap beer in mind doesn't deserve thinking about.:mad:

6th March 2003, 17:03
A 16/17 yr old who wont get served in a bar !!!

6th March 2003, 17:23
Yeah, a 16/17 year old who drinks stonehouse, anvil, and linden village cider!:p !