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26th September 2004, 23:19
Could somebody explain to me the role of a survey ship?

26th September 2004, 23:44
Collection of hydrographic and oceanographic data useful for military purposes such as bottom mapping. Good for helping in mine warfare and discovering whether particular areas are suitable for amphibious landing by sampling bottom sediment. All over making sure there are no unknown factors in the physical make up of the ocean and inshore areas that compromise safety of other military vessels.

27th September 2004, 15:08
The only section of the Royal Navy that actually makes a profit is the hydrographic service, due to the fact that they produce so many highly detailed "droggy type" charts.
The branch has recently been merged with the meteorologist/oceanographer section to produce the HM branch which, it is hoped will be able to survey/stroke record all aspects of the maritime environment.
Charts are produced for both civilian and military users, example, Argentine marines bought charts from the hydrographic service which came in very useful during the invasion of the falklands!

28th September 2004, 10:30
We were supposed to get a survey ship,similar in size to Eithne back in the 80s. The Government at the time cancelled the order. We didnt get the size ship we wanted until a year or so ago,With the arrival of the Celtic Explorer. The Navy do not have any part in its running though,even though hydrography is one of their secondary roles.