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6th March 2003, 22:23
look guys ive really enjoyed talking and getting to know most of you some what however it has come to my attention that by using this site i could be jeopardising the DF. our cpo called out a list of rules and one was talking about the slua and details outside! i questioned this and the existence of this site to be told that it was not advisaable to use! please let me know!

good luck and tanx for all your advice! if you wish to contact me ever email me at donutgeezer@hotmail.com!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cheers guys and good luck, if the country had more people like you we would have an even greater nation (if that was ever possible)!!!!!!!!!!!

7th March 2003, 00:05
take no notice .don't leave we'll miss you little guy!

ah well there we go censor ship in action!

Goldie fish
7th March 2003, 03:51
Typical of the repression inherant in the system! If everyone paid attention to whet the powers that be told us about the internet(something which they fear ,and rarely use themselves,except to look at child porn),nobody on this board would post anything.

Trust me Newby,If you post anything here that could damage your potential career or disclose inappropriate information about your military service,it will be deleted. You can count on that. In the meantime..post away..
Where else do you think youll hear about the new bits of Kit/ships etc? Do you think the authorities will tell you?
No! Youll hear it first HERE!:-patriot:

7th March 2003, 09:17
Just to follow up, you are not doing anything illegal when posting to this site UNLESS it is in breech of the OSA, i.e. troop movements, equipment numbers etc in otherwords information that you come across in the course of your job. At the moment despite working in a Government Dept I can post any Defence Related information (within reason!) and not be in breech of the OSA since I did not acquire the information in the course of my job. The same goes for any member of the DF.

If your Officers etc have a problem with that, remind them of one thing

Your Right to Freedom of Speech (again within reason)


9th March 2003, 22:58
Any body who wishes to censor free speech on the board will have to deal with me!
even within the DF free speech is allowed altough we do have to listen to the dinosaurs who will try to repress it at every opertunity.the only reason that they don'tpost is because the can't.Illiteracy is a crime ...help stamp it out POST>>>>>>

10th March 2003, 00:54
Ah now I get what HPT meant elsewhere, just post away mate...no need to advertise it to your CPO

Little Legionnare
14th March 2003, 04:51
I could imagine what a country with o bunch of 15 year olds would bee, yeah it would be great all right...