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mutter nutter (again)
14th October 2004, 22:03
VT Unveils Latest OPV Offering

(Source: VT Shipbuilding; issued Oct. 6, 2004)

The latest development from the VT Shipbuilding family of offshore patrol vessels (OPV) will be formally unveiled at the Defendory 2004 Exhibition in Greece.

The 96m, multi-purpose OPV is a highly capable and versatile design able to undertake various roles throughout Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ). Among tasks well suited to this ship are protection of territorial waters, extended surveillance patrols, deterrent operations, clandestine operations, search and rescue, maritime disaster relief and helicopter operations.

It has good self-defence capability against both surface and air threats and incorporates high levels of redundancy and survivability.

Peter Stirk, VT Shipbuilding Director of Export Sales, said: “The MOPV has a worldwide market and is fully equipped to carry out the full range of EEZ duties while providing crew with high levels of habitability and operational comfort.

“One of the major attributes to the design is flexibility with the platform providing the basis for varying levels of capability tailored to the requirements of the customer. It enables us to offer the latest in OPV technology at a budget affordable to most bluewater navies.”

Particular consideration has been given to both helicopter and small boat operations. The flight deck and hangar have been designed to suit a medium-sized helicopter providing a comprehensive organic capability. The flight deck is also capable of carrying a 12-tonne helicopter.

Main propulsion will be provided by a four engine CODAD arrangement giving speeds of at least 25 knots. High level of redundancy and reliability, with ease of maintenance, are additional features of the propulsion unit. Indeed, ease of maintenance is a feature throughout the ship.

The latest stealth features have been included in the design with defensive capability offered by surveillance radar, ESM and data link. The ship has the deterrent capability to engage surface targets from fast patrol boat size and upwards by utilising weapons including medium calibre guns from 76-30mm, SSM systems and Shorads, supported by a comprehensive weapons management system.

A key element of the design is a high standard of crew accommodation and the MOPV includes an active fin stabilisation system to provide reduced motions, thus enhancing the effectiveness of both the crew and ship systems. In addition, it incorporates a “RAM” bow which delivers improved fuel economy and further enhances seakeeping performance.

Nice vessel maybe for the future:)

14th October 2004, 22:11

Goldie fish
15th October 2004, 03:00
Is this it?
Non postage stamp version,


15th October 2004, 03:24
Just out of interest thats the tail of a Seahawk at the helipad on the stern. Would go well with those 4 Blackhawks:p

Goldie fish
15th October 2004, 03:31
Sorry FTD,I posted the wrong photo(just corrected my error),But it is claimed to be capable of carrying a 12 tonne heli.

I think the similarities to the P50 class are obvious,so I have no doubt when the time comes for replacing P21, VT should be at the front of the que with either this design or the "River" Class EEZ protection vessel.

15th October 2004, 04:08
eh ! its actually a sea lynx....

If memory serves me correctly the P50 class were originally optioned with a flight deck....and no hanger capability.

Goldie fish
15th October 2004, 04:58
Thats my fault murf,the original photo had a seahawk on the helideck. The design on which the P50 is based has both Helideck,and Hangar,but operates an Allouette III heli,in the service of the Coastguard of Mauritius.


15th October 2004, 14:09
It looks warlike, I like it, whats the difference between getting something like this and a Thetis or on a slightly bigger scale LaFayette class?

Goldie fish
16th October 2004, 05:58
I dont have many details on this new type yet,but I imagine this is more suited to our uses and scale of operation. It appears to be designed as an EEZ protection vessel,with a combat capability.

Thetis is now a relatively old design which may be over designed for our uses(do we really need ice strenghtened hulls, and heated foredecks?)

The La Fayette is a big step. Its a Frigate that wants to be a destroyer,rather than a corvette that wants to be a frigate(Which is really what ships like Eithne are)

It would require a mostly redundant level of crewing(164) to operate the weapon and sensor fit that would be largely unused. It is almost twice the size of any current NS vessel. Its a great ship,probably,but too big a step from our current level. Remember that most of the current fleet are being modified to enable them to operate with smaller crews. Eithne,designed with a crew of 85,usually goes to sea with about 50 full time crew.

Goldie fish
20th December 2004, 10:17
Meanwhile,this VT offering will replace the Castle class OPV,which currently acts as the Falklands island patrol.



VT Group plc has commenced negotiations with the Ministry of Defence for the construction of a new 80 metre Offshore Patrol Vessel (Helicopter) for the Royal Navy following the Ministry’s assessment of competitive bids from a number of companies.

The ship will be built to VT’s account, handed over in September 2006 and chartered to the MoD for an initial period until March 2012. It will be manned and operated by the Royal Navy.

The programme is expected to be worth an initial total of around £30 million, under a Public-Private Partnership arrangement, with the potential for this to increase if the charter is extended.

The 80m ship will replace the RN’s two existing Castle Class offshore patrol vessels and will carry out the role of Falkland Islands Patrol Vessel. VT will also be responsible for providing a full Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) service to maintain the ship so that she is available for sea for more than 300 days a year. By utilising modern automated equipment and commercial maintenance practices, VT will guarantee the availability with a single ship, compared to the two currently needed to provide the same availability.

VT Group Chief Executive Paul Lester commented: “This programme will provide a significant boost to our shipbuilding throughput at Portsmouth, supplementing the work that we are carrying out on the Type 45 destroyer. It also underlines the success of the PPP model that we have introduced on the initial River Class ships.”

The new design will be based on the River Class, which were built by VT and are currently under charter to the MOD. The ‘Batch 2’ River Class will be enhanced with a helicopter deck capable of accepting helicopters up to the size of the new Merlin aircraft, and surveillance radar.

20th December 2004, 18:56
Scuse me ...cancel next years fleet of ministerial limos...we'll have two of these....and two the year after....does the heli come free.

finaly some body ...and it could only be goldie....is dealing in realms of reality....it even looks right for the job...and its got a 25mm gun....no frills no missiles....no torpedoes....no death rays...just pure Patrol Vessel.....

Hello minister have you looked at VT latest offer ....could we sack Monica Leech and buy a couple!

Beautiful....lovely ....Goldie you have made my christmas!

Goldie fish
20th December 2004, 19:26
Did you see the price? Lease.....Ideal for our penny pinchers..

20th December 2004, 23:44
realistic for what you are getting and no impending disasters with our own shower designing the vessel....if it goes wrong ...blame some one else!

VT are very good at this type of thing...i wonder will they seriously have a look at the thing when it comes on stream next year with the RN.......somebody send that nutcase sarsfield a copy...he'll probably reckon he designed it!

Goldie fish
21st December 2004, 00:04
I Think with or without the helipad,the River class is the direction any replacements for Emer should be going.
While the P50 is satisfactory,it has been shown,albeit in extreme conditions,that its seakeeping qualities are not as good as they should be.

I may be wrong,but I seem to remember the VT people were hoping to take over the shipyard where both P50s were built.

21st December 2004, 04:45
While I agree that the P50s don't have quite the same sea legs as the PVs, you are maybe being a little hard on Roisin. Those kind of conditions will test any vessel. Aisling sustained pretty serious damage in a storm in the Med some years back, including the steel flare around the 40mm being buckled by a wave.

That said the P50s will not last as long as the PVs at the present rate of operational tasking vs maintainance.

21st December 2004, 07:20
And thats why we need two now and twi twelve months time...The current fleet was designed to meet EU taskings in the eigthies twenty years on the taskings have increased...the ships have been designed for the taskings ...all we have to do is buy them

21st December 2004, 21:48
thanks sluggie I reember the buckle in the flare on aislings gundeck...and also remember when they were removing it...set fire to the chippys workshop...I was on stand to the same day and was late getting to the firestation and had to run to the oil wharf trying to get me gear on ...fire was out when I got there....but spent an hour boundary cooling as the magazine is below the workshop.......good old aisling was always good for a fire!

Goldie fish
21st December 2004, 23:33
Ah,memories of the days before hot work permits...

24th December 2004, 03:28
Damage done to Aisling's bofor flare is different because the flare is made of Aluminium which is softer then Steel (which the hull is constructed of)

Goldie fish
24th February 2005, 21:56
The UK MOD has begun negotiations with VT for the provision of a new Helicopter capable Offshore Patrol Vessel for the Royal Navy following the Ministrys assessment of competitive bids from a number of companies. The new Ship will replace the RN's two existing Castle class offshore patrol vessels taking on such roles as the Falkland Islands Patrol Vessel.
As with the first batch of River class ships, the OPV(H) will be built and owned by VT for charter back to the MOD under a Public-Private Partnership programme worth £30million. By utilizing modern automated equipment and commercial maintenance practices,VT will guarantee the same availability of the two current vessels with a single ship. The 80m Vessel will be based on the River class althought the 'Batch 2' ship will feature a Long range surveillance radar and a flight deck capable of accepting helicopters up to sthe size of the new Merlin. Delivery is scheduled for September 2006,with the initial charter until March 2012.

From Ships Monthly, March 2005

25th February 2005, 14:27
sounds familiar....didn't we try that once upon a time.........! :biggrin:

25th February 2005, 14:34
I may as well ask because I know somebody will eventually. Any chance of us gatting one of them

Goldie fish
25th February 2005, 21:02
Yeah there is a chance. In fact there are two chances.....

I would so love to be proved wrong.

Goldie fish
24th June 2005, 06:18
The New,Upgraded river class,which will act primaraly as a Falklands islands Patrol vessel is to be named HMS Clyde.