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11th March 2003, 16:54
Jobs arent too plentiful where I am at the moment, so when I finish my degree in June it looks like Im moving to Dublin for the foreseeable future. Im an infantry corporal for the last 2 years with a decent amount of time done on the ground as well as a good knack for teaching and instruction. (I dont like roaring, its a sure sign Ive lost control and more importantly, respect). Id like to try maybe a cavalry unit or something a bit different where I can share my skills and learn some more.

Here starts the auction :) What unit should I go on attachment to?

11th March 2003, 18:29
dont know about the cav but the 7inf bn are in mc kee i think, check out the military.ie site for contact numbers of various units in dublin they are all there

11th March 2003, 18:34
11cav are in Cathal Brugha in Rathmines, so are 20bn, 11cis, 11medics, 2ad & 6mp.

Everyone else is in McKee: 7far, 7bn, 11coe, 11s&t etc.

11th March 2003, 18:57
<font Face="TahomA" color="#99cc00">Not Many Jobs in Dublin Either...

7bn A&C Coys are In Mckee as are 7FAR, 11 S&T, 11COE and 2MPC, 2 Fd Med Coy are In Bricins Hospital (Beside Mckee) B Coy 7bn are In Swords.


11th March 2003, 20:23
Thanks for the info! Working with the Cav really appeals to me. Ive done the walking over the hills for a while now, so Id like to see what the story is with the big stuff! Would the Cav in Cathal Brugha have space for a blow-in infantry corporal?? If so, any ideas what kind of stuff I could do as training goes?

SC Uilechumachtach
11th March 2003, 23:25
Try Complacht na bhFiann E 20Bn for a change and learn to instruct thru Irish. It would be a change for us too as we never had a Muldoon before.

12th March 2003, 10:12
Im a bloke! :) My views must sound girly lol

As for instructing through Irish, its an idea but not hugely appealing. The Cav is a unit Ive always been interested in. (Family Background).

Stupid question here.. Whats a Muldoon!? Why am I one? :)

Any ideas what way training would go for an infantry Cpl in the Cav? Where would I start!?

12th March 2003, 11:26
A muldoon is anyone from outside Dublin. The strange thing is if I'm not mistaken the poster lives in Muldoon land

12th March 2003, 12:15
Oh so a muldoon is muck-savage, cuchie, mulchie, redneck, banjo-strummer, beetneck, hick, country-bumpkin etc, anyone from outside the pale. Ok then I'll have to add muldoon to the list.

Truck Driver
12th March 2003, 12:24
Can thoroughly recommend 11 Cav Sqn, if u are interested in it - highly professional unit, plenty of courses - driving, gunnery, etc., at least there was when I was over there...

12th March 2003, 14:38
oops sorry about that, i could have swore i read you were female!! :confused: :p must be seeing things

Goldie fish
12th March 2003, 17:01
Originally posted by Bravo20
A muldoon is anyone from outside Dublin. The strange thing is if I'm not mistaken the poster lives in Muldoon land
Better being a muldoon than a west brit..:-patriot:

12th March 2003, 17:06
Sounds good. Ive always wanted a go at an army driving course but never had the time off for an extra camp. Would I get to learn about the Mowag? What other vehices are used for training?

12th March 2003, 17:56
Aagh Delta we're loosing enough people as it is. Anyway you're infantry why do you need to drive anywhere? God gave you legs for a reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12th March 2003, 22:50
theres a course in the aml 90

13th March 2003, 10:05
Poor Fuzzytrooper will miss me. He might not have it so easy if someone replaces me ;)

Well, even though I'm infantry Ive only seen a mowag once and that was by accident!

An AML 90 course would be excellent though.

13th March 2003, 10:34
Delta, good on you for trying something different. I work in Dublin but haven't attached to a unit there. I find it's better to stay put for the moment , if I decided to attach or transfer I'd probably join the Engineers. If you attach you still have the option of returning to your own unit if you want. You'll still have to wear your own beret(no glengarry for you!) and No1's (infantry collar badges, lanyard, 9Bn Flash, DTFC Flash etc.) so you might look a bit out of place, shouldn't make much difference to you though. Use your time wisely and learn new skills, that's my advice

13th March 2003, 12:12
I dont want to transfer totally. Im an infantry soldier and proud of my battalion! :) Ive no idea if I'll end up working in Dublin permanently but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. For now its the best move to make to get a job so Im not gonna leave my uniform back home. I may as well see the big picture in the army so learning some Cav stuff while Im at it is a good idea.

Ive no intentions of getting a Glengarry yet, but sure if I ended up in Dublin permanently, Im sure the Cav would feel better giving a "muldoon" a glengarry if he's already put in a good year of work with them on attachment and proved he's an asset to the unit. Id feel cheeky turning up and asking for a transfer immediately. Besides, It'll take a lot to break me out of the infantry mould! Whats your battalion Loque?

13th March 2003, 12:28
Delta, your strategy of attaching first then transferring if needs be is a wise decision. You can stay attached for as long a you wish and return to your unit if you find work closer to home. I'm in the 9Bn.

13th March 2003, 13:32
Delta, a mate of mine served with the australian army from many years, he said that when he was in armour that he spent most of his time taking engines apart and covered in grease (even as a crew member, he was not a mechanic),.... so I'm not sure if that's everybodies idea of fun.
But Cav attracted me also a bit.
I'd say the medics would be cool too, if only to get well trained in first aid/ emergency aid. You would then be a major asset if ever you returned to your unit.

13th March 2003, 14:04
Delta, why don't you ask California Tanker, he used to be in the 11 Cav

13th March 2003, 14:06
Someone mentioned military police?

What would the story be there? That could be interesting too.

Thanks to you all for the help by the way!

13th March 2003, 14:09
Thats it, you were fine until you expressed an opinion to join the MPs

13th March 2003, 14:14
lol, Dont worry, Im thinking of all the units!

I still dont enjoy the company of active military police :)

The Cav is kinda the most interesting to me.. I suspect I'll be paying an extended visit there.

13th March 2003, 14:32
Lay off us MP's, we protect you from yourselves ;)

Big Al
13th March 2003, 14:39
medics, smedics! who wants to look at compound fractures as a "hobby"?

13th March 2003, 14:45
Lay off us MP's, we protect you from yourselves

I've never seen an FCA MP do anything except direct traffic.

Big Al
13th March 2003, 14:58
i've never seen a FCA MP do anything, think of it delta you worked hard for those stripes dont join the rent a stripe bridage now!

13th March 2003, 15:04
Yeah but he could get a cool red beret!!!!

13th March 2003, 15:04
(traffic) It's another one of those things that has to be done! Preventing accidents etc. Making sure fire exits are not blocked etc, smooth traffic flows etc.
It's all part of the machine we call the army, each component has it's role to play in ensuring that the machine works smoothly.
Even us humble MP's....

And who is going to look after all those "Fantasians" you guys capture on your next exercise???
Those POW's won't guard themselves!

13th March 2003, 15:44
Well there is another way to sort that out......don't take POWs :D

13th March 2003, 16:46
Rent-a-stripe my arse, it's not that easy to get the stripes, you still have to do all the courses and put in all the time, and it still takes a number of years to get those stripes!! They don't just appear overnight!
The same goes for the cherry-berry, you have to earn it.

It takes us much longer to get a return on our investments (recruits) than it does for the other services.

13th March 2003, 16:52
Well, having to do a provost course aswell as the NCO course is naturally going to take longer. MP's are ok, I had a few in my platoon on saving private ryan and they were fairly sound, they were well able to drink too as I recall.

13th March 2003, 17:02
I have never seen a military police person on an NCO course. Their provost course is the equivalent. Don't listen to their whinging

13th March 2003, 17:24
Im sure theres loads of very good MPs out there who take as much pride in their role as I do in mine. (Note Im licking up to everyone until I find a new unit to call home in Dublin, dont wanna annoy anyone at this stage! lol)

Im still thinkin Cav! I dont want to be a medic. Medics mind me. Its an understanding. I dont want a medic bringing my section on a nasty patrol and likewise I wont be doing any off the cuff open fracture fixing.

Loque do I know ya!? How did you know I was 9th Bn?

13th March 2003, 17:40
Well I could have used my amazing psychic powers!, failing that I could have obseved that FuzzyTrooper's avitar was the 9Bn flash, from you post with FuzzyTrooper it suggested to me that you were in the same unit , voila! ...... and you would have gotten away with if it wasn't for those medelling kids! N:D
Seriously though, I may have met you around, I was on recruit camp last year instructing and was on the sec competition. Out of interest how many of us from 9bn are on this board?

13th March 2003, 18:05
delta check out http://www.11cavalry.com/

Truck Driver
13th March 2003, 18:19

As I already mentioned, I am a former member of 11 Cav Sqn, and
can vouch from personal experience that in my time there, it was as professional a unit as is possible for an RDF unit. The paths u can go on as an NCO are:

1. Recruit/2* -> 3* training
2. Weapons Courses (depends on what' s running at the time)
3. Driving (Nissan, Man 4X2, motorbike - the Cav and MP's are the only
two Corps in the RDF who use motorbikes in their roles)

Can tell u that the driving is done in sequence, i.e; must do Nissan before the Man 4X2, etc. As far as I know, it is also a requirement to
have completed the gunnery before getting to drive the armd car (Panhard AML to the Glengarry folks).

As regards medical training, a serving memeber of the unit is an ambulance medic by profession. I still have vivid memories of all the "blood" running down the gully up in a Cavan forestry, during a medical exercise he devised for us when on Annual Camp, and how realistic a scenario it was at the time...

Dunno how much service time Hawk has in the Sqn, I' m out of there just over 3 years, so don' t know how much it has changed since then.
I do occasionally keep in touch with the oul' sweats, for the craic and gossip

Best of luck with your choice. Never know, u might not WANT to go back to 9 Inf Bn after a while !!!! 9 Inf Bn, that' s the Laois/Kilkenny area, is it

13th March 2003, 18:27
Loque, I admire your spotter abilities. :) I wasnt on camp last year, I missed about 4 training nights all year then couldnt get time off for the camp... losing my grat in the process.

Anyways, the 11th Cav sight looks excellent! The unit seems extremely professional.

Truck Driver, thanks for the info. Id like a go at the basic 4x4 drivers course. The 9th goes from Laois down to Waterford.

Big Al
13th March 2003, 19:41
the flack in cathal brugha arent bad either nor are the 7 arty in mckee

13th March 2003, 21:30
Big Al is right. 2AD in the Brugha are a good bunch.

I have this to add to the MP who said the prevent traffic accidents. The best way for an MP to prevent a traffic accident is to stay hidden so we dont swerve to try and run them down!

"on target!"
13th March 2003, 23:25
Thanks to Big Al & medic for the thumbs up. They are both right of course, we are a good bunch over in the 2AD and you should definately consider us as an interesting addition/alternative to your skills as an infantryman. At the mo we're beginning to work with some new Air Defence equipment which is new for everyone in the Unit so now's a great time to come see us - everyone's starting from the same level, plus we're always keeping our hand in with all the basic skills you're familiar with. Come see us on any of our parade nights (Tue) and we'll give you the tour. :)

13th March 2003, 23:54
Originally posted by Truck Driver

As I already mentioned, I am a former member of 11 Cav Sqn, and
can vouch from personal experience that in my time there,

Is that you Doyler?

14th March 2003, 11:45
I'll remember that medic,..... if thats your real name!!

14th March 2003, 12:13
Now now.. I'll have no MPs arresting lads just because of a post I put up lol

The red beret is designed for cars to AVOID.. not to hit.
Just clearing that up ;)

14th March 2003, 12:16
What is a corporals job within in a cav squadron? In the infantry, Im a section commander with control over 7 privates and a 2i/c (If Im not 2i/c myself).

Where does a corporal fit in with the Cav?
What Im really getting at is, which seat is mine in the AML?! lol

Truck Driver
14th March 2003, 12:37
T.I.M, no I'm not Doyler, whoever that is you're thinking of. And even if I was, do you think I would use names on a chat bd???

Delta, in THEORY the Cpl is the car commander, with a Tpr dvr and a Tpr gunner. This would entail a knowledge of where to place the car tactically, and a grasp of estimating distances to targets when giving fire orders to the gunner, bit like the Arty in that sense.

In practice, you probably would have done the gunnery and driving course on the car first. BUT, as I said, the driving is done in sequence, i.e; AML driving course would probably be one of the LAST driver courses you would do, as a member of an RDF Cav unit, the others being Nissan, Man 4X2 (don' t think the boys are trained up on 4X4's, but the S&T are), and motorbike.

it is true what Ack Ack says, the AD Regt. is updating their equipment, a fella I know in 2 AD told me this, so the effect for RDF AD Btys is retraining in more up to date equipment.

Enjoy your time in 2 E Bde... I know I have....

14th March 2003, 12:43
Cheers Truck Driver,

Basically I'd have a lot of work to do before I could be a car commander right? I'll have to sit on the floor and learn! Ive done an anti tank course which had a bit of tactics for armour and judging distance etc. That should come in handy.

Id say though the site of an infantry beret in the turret of a 90 will make some Cav lads sick lol especially in the car commanders seat!

14th March 2003, 16:11
You could argue that they (CIS) should keep pigeons also.....
(Hope some bean counter does not read that and take it seriously...);)

California Tanker
14th March 2003, 16:14
It's been a while since I was in as well, but when I went for my Nissan license, some of the lads were doing both Nissan and MAN at the same time, and took it at the same time. Can't offhand recall why I didn't do that, but hey, the Nissan's fun as it is! Of course, check with some of the more current troopers.

As stated before, you want to at least have done the gunnery course on the AMLs before moving to a TC's course. In my case, they'd have had to skip the driver's course. I'm 6'5, and whilst I was able to squeeze into the driver's seat (after two minutes), my foot was hard down on the pedal and my knee jammed against armour plate: We weren't going anywhere!

Given there are so few AMLs (Last I checked), I don't know if as an assignee you'll be given the opportunity to train in on the Panzers..


14th March 2003, 18:23
Good luck to all this monday (well those participating), hopefully we'll do our units proud!!

15th March 2003, 16:41
It looks like the Nissan driving would be the logical starting point for my Cav attachment? It'll take a while to familiarise with the AML 90s. Are there many available to the squadron to train on normally?

If I was asked, Id have no problem giving a few classes on infantry stuff to if anyone was interested. Gotta try give something back to the unit if they're gonna offer me a new home!

15th March 2003, 17:01
Delta, It might be worth your while seeing if the cav will take you on attachment first. The courses they run generally cost money (fuel costs ect) and they may not be too keen to give you the courses on the basis that you'll be gone again (possibly) in a year or two.
The only reason I say this to you is that in the PDF it's nearly impossible to get attached to the cav unless you are coming from another cav unit.
If the situ is different in the RDF please let me know

15th March 2003, 17:07
You mean Id have to transfer immediately?
Id prefer not to do that in case I end up moving somewhere else after a while.. Cork or Galway or wherever the jobs are. Id have no trouble going on attachment and just watching and sitting in on classes etc. That wouldnt cost anything, and then If Im ready to transfer I will. If they'll have me at all that is! :)

15th March 2003, 17:11
I'm not sure whether you'd have to transfer immediatly. i'm not as familiar with the RDF system as I am with the PDF system.
I just think it may be worth your while checking it out because from reading your posts on this subject you seem fairly keen on the cav and it wouldn't be nice to find out at the last moment they won't take you

15th March 2003, 17:17
Good Point..

Anyone think I should give them a ring some day to check if Id be allowed in on attachment?

15th March 2003, 17:20
Best of luck with it anyway. Hope it works out for you
Be aware thought that there are plenty of units in Dublin. You will definatley find something to interest you if you make a few phone calls

Big Al
15th March 2003, 19:40
Ring them and see, remmeber the cav are like any other unit, they are all screaming out for bodies

15th March 2003, 21:42
Is recruitment to the RDF low at the moment?

Truck Driver
18th March 2003, 10:54
Can only speak for my present unit, and at the mo', there are 40 odd in recruit training. Dunno how many will stay for the long haul, but the parade looks impressive on training nights when all ranks are present. Delta, you' ll get Cathal Brugha Bks' phone number in the book, the switch will put you through to 11 Cav orderly room, I don' t want to print the phone number here, as I dunno whether it's in breach of the discussion bd rules....

Alternatively, drop up to them on a Thursday evening.

Kermit, the motorbike MAY theoretically be on the strength of a CIS coy, but I' ve never seen the E Bde boys using them.

Medic is correct, there is plenty of choice as regards Corps units in Dublin, it's a matter of picking the one that appeals to ya most. He is also correct on the attachment thing, my old unit did not want me going on attachment to my present unit, as it would have meant me tying down a rank which could have been awarded to a parading member.


Truck Driver

19th March 2003, 13:36
By moving to a unit in Dublin, am I automatically giving up any chance of being promoted??

If I go , I wont get the courses in my own unit, and the Dublin units couldnt give me the courses until I transferred, so Id automatically go to the end of the queue then again anyway.

Any thoughts? Am I a corporal for life? :)

19th March 2003, 14:33
It would help if you have already done a standard course. Your unit might be less inclined to promote you if you attach to another unit as a precursor to transferring(they will then think they are going to lose you and won't bother promoting you). Futhermore if you are promoted and transfer you may take a vacancy on someone who has been waiting to be promoted, not the best way to start off in a new unit .
You could also arrange to train with a Dublin unit during the week and go home at the weekend for training with your own unit. I've heard of people in a similiar situation as yourself doing this.

19th March 2003, 14:40
If you are in line for a course this summer then don't tell them you are going to transfer, until after the course has been completed