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12th March 2003, 06:32
With the military build-up in the Persian Gulf showing no sign of abating the US Navy has unveiled its secret weapon - a crack troupe of sea lions.

The sea lions can carry out repeated dives to great depths without tiring
The specially trained mammals have been deployed to the region to protect US and British warships against attacks from underwater saboteurs and mines.

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14th March 2003, 01:10
How can these animal rights groups say "they probably won't survive" like as if they would know?

14th March 2003, 18:26
In the recent Afghan conflict troops were on alert for attacks by kamikaze camels strapped with explosives, a tactic the mujahideen used against Soviet troops.
............am laughing my ass off

California Tanker
14th March 2003, 21:59
Apparently, as of not many years ago, the Russians still had anti-tank dogs.

I thought they had figured out in WWII that it didn't actually work all that well in practise..