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12th March 2003, 10:02
just a question for ye all. where are the slua located is it just dublin and cork? i think if it set up in donegal somewhere like killybegs it would get a good interest, seeing as killybegs is one of the biggest fishing ports in the country, practically everyone who lives there goes to sea at some stage in their lives. i for one am near enough to there and would jump at the chance of joining the slua. any help/suggestions etc... lads/lassies. goldie your bound to know something!!!!

12th March 2003, 10:39
They are in Limerick and Waterford aswell.

Vice Admiral
15th March 2003, 00:25
Dublin had 2 units, these were merged 2 years ago as part of the implementation plan.
Other units are in Waterford, Cork and Limerick.

Having a unit in a fishing port is not a good idea, remember - the INS are the cops as far as many of them are concerned. They can be very hostile.