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3rd January 2003, 14:03
Just to get the ball rolling on the new board

The new Air Corps book “A View From Above” has one of the color pictures in the middle of the book showing a CASA over flying what it says is the L.E. Eithne. However the ship is defiantly not the Eithne. Its Number is F81 so if anybody knows whose flag it’s under please say so, and the editor of “A View From Above” can now say Doh!

3rd January 2003, 14:42
Thanks kermit, that looks like her, when you see the photo you'll see it can't be the Eithne

3rd January 2003, 14:53
<font Face="tahoma" color="Blue" size="2"><b>Typical Irish Air Corps they don't even recognise their own Ships.</b></font>

Goldie fish
3rd January 2003, 15:23
Since when did you become so cynical?:p
I have seen another Photo of a Casa flying over a Perry class frigate..also Identified as Eithne..and I think this was on one of the semi official books...
That said..the earlies photo I have seen of one of the Dauphins in full livery,it was doing Landing Qualifications on the De Grasse...so maybe they do have an identification problem..

3rd January 2003, 21:01
Yes it is a Perry class frigate. The owners are believe it or not The ****ing Spanish
She is the Santa Maria.
Other point to note that the picture on page152 is not of Helo crew but two of Eithnes crew A/sea Ian fitzpatrick andA/sea Gerry Cousins .photo was taken in 1986 or 1987

4th January 2003, 00:12

5th January 2003, 15:52
gerry was first posted to the eithne in 1986 andwas still there when I left her in june 1988 according to my diaries of the time.his brother Tony served on the Deidre for the same period albeit for a period when he was in a car crash in carrigaline on april 26th 1988.see photos of Gerry cousins posted on the PICs site under the LE Eithne page

Goldie fish
3rd January 2004, 09:47
The First Ever Post in the Naval section...12 months ago today,Fifth thread ever on the current Board. How far we have come. Thanks to all who contributed over the year.:xlol:

Keep it up in 2004.

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6th January 2004, 17:03
If memory serves correctly, Tony Cousins was in that car crash with Mick Quinn? As far as I can recall, the two lads (and someone else, who's name escapes me ) flipped the car on the back road to Carrigaline. One of them went out the back window, and ended up quite a distance from the others!

6th January 2004, 20:32
Mick Quinn and mousey Kirwan....the two were inseprable.....would that be the guy.

I worked with him in boat transport for awhile.....the original OLD Sweat !

Nice to have you back!

7th January 2004, 09:23
Yep...that was the guy...Mousey Kirwan. The smallest guy with the BIGGEST chip on his shoulder! And yep..you're correct...the Original OLD SWEAT!

Happy New Year. Good to be back. Up the walls lately, not much time to even scratch!

Bud Fox
7th January 2004, 10:11
Here's another pic of a CASA...this time the ship looks to be Spanish

7th January 2004, 10:22
You sure that's not Grainne, or Fola? Looks mighty similar (NOT!)

Goldie fish
8th January 2004, 00:34
Originally posted by sba
You sure that's not Grainne, or Fola? Looks mighty similar (NOT!)

No,their helipad was larger:D

Bud Fox
9th January 2004, 12:42
now wonder the Dauphin boys did'nt like spending nights at sea...nobody spoke English on the "Perry Class..Eithne"

16th January 2004, 19:09
Hi Guys,

The picture above is actually a publicity photo taken by CASA / EADS before the handover of the CASA's. If you look at the full size version of the picture (click here (http://www.eads.net/xml/en/gallery/mta/cn235/image0046.jpg)) you will see that IFP is on the tail, directly in front of the the number 253. This stands for "Irish Fisheries Protection".

The vessel in the background is the Spanish Navy Santa Maria (Perry) class frigate "F81 Santa Maria".

Hope this helps.



Goldie fish
17th January 2004, 01:09
Congratulations Frank.

Its taken you a year to Find the naval section to answer this question...
:-patriot: :-patriot: :-patriot: