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28th December 2004, 07:23
Hey Chiefy-sir are you still cruising these waters??

If this gets through to you I think I could probably use you help .... yet again.

I am currently in the late stages to getting a US Navy enlistment. But the recruiters want my discharge stuff. And here in lies the snag, I dont recall ever getting anything.
The last thing I remember seen is a scrappy piece of paper about a "non-effective discharge" and that was sent out to me after I had left the country, which is a mystery in and of itself because my contract should have expired about 6 months before the sent me that.

All in all I now cant find even that, I have been moveing around so much over here That it is gone in a mix of papers somewhere.

I am planing to have the recruiter call the admin guys over there and see what they can work out, Any ideas about who I should have him speak to??? And I amsume the best time to call is still Tuesdays 2000hr -2200hrs right?

Anyways if this gets to you let me know how all the guys are doing, Damn chiefy getting out was a bad decision for me, I should have known I was a born lifer :tri: Would be back there in a freakin heartbeat if I didnt have so many ties here now.

Well enough rambling will hopefully catch up with you soon
- IT

29th December 2004, 07:32
Poseidon was last online 29 04 04.

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I suggest you try direct contact with your former unit. Good luck.

Goldie fish
29th December 2004, 18:50
Perhaps some of the other NSR people could pass this message on to the man in question?

29th December 2004, 23:04
If your were an adaministerative discahrge ...your discahrge papers were

(a) delivered to you in person and you signed for them

(b) sent to you by registered post.....by which means some body will have to have signed for them at your given adress.

If they were returned to your unit unclaimed they will be sent to areaecords in Limerick where all records for the south are held including the NSR and the NS.

If they have not been returned are not at your home adress they will not be reissued and neither will copies of them.

Issues such as this will not be dealt with on the phone and all cotact will have to made by formal letter..preferably registered post.

You might have been better off to say nothing of your service in the NSR if you were unable to provide the paers to prove that your discharge was official.

I've dealt with a discahrge of this nature in the recent past and am well aware of the mine field you have just walked yourself into!

30th December 2004, 00:04
You might have been better off to say nothing of your service in the NSR if you were unable to provide the paers to prove that your discharge was official.

I can't begin to imagine the headache that this could cause later on if it were found out. Read Nick's diaries to see that, yes even though it is a pain, it is worth it in the end.


30th December 2004, 03:13
Thanks for all the input guys.
I pretty much KNOW that I have my non effective discharge notice here "somewhere" If I get real lucky I might just be able to find it, will just have to tear the house apart I guess and hope my ex is willing to comply and do the same on her end. I know I have seen in in the past 6 months or so.

In the mean time I will try to get a hold of someone in the Unit, I have paperwork that proves I was once in, Even if I can get sombody that can tell the recruiter that my discharge was anything other then dishonorable I should be good to go.

I had considered not saying anything about former service, but Yooklid is right, if I cant get by the recruiter right now after discloseing it, it just means I wont get in, thats a crappy deal but I can live with it. If a say nothing and it was found out later I would already be under the UCMJ which would mean courtmartial and a whole host of nastieness
My enlistment option has me going to the fleet diver programe after "A" school and then most likely EOD or CSAR type careers later on, it is highly probable that it would eventually come up in the security clearance checks.

Thanks again to everybody, sorry to plug up your boards with this
- I.T

Goldie fish
30th December 2004, 04:04
Not at all, Its always nice to hear how former df/rdf people are getting on overseas.

30th December 2004, 04:16
sorry to be the bearer of such news.....

30th December 2004, 05:03
And keep us up to date on how you get on. A basic diary ala Nicks from the Great Lakes might be interesting and I am willing to be the intermediary. PM me if you like.

Goldie fish
30th December 2004, 05:50
I for one would be very interested in this.

1st January 2005, 03:33
Thanks again to everyone, it looks I managed to solve the paperwork problem, I will post an update in a seperate thread.
To those of you that P.M'ed me thank you for overing to help me out. I am short on time today but I will be sure to respond to the P.M's soon